But It’s Their Reality…

This has been an observation I’ve had for a long time now observing my Leftist friends, classmates and coworkers: Apparently, we DON’T attend the same school, work at the same job, nor live in the same society even! Yes, we see each other on a regular basis in the same settings, but our perceptions of our reality couldn’t be more black and white! As if somehow I have a completely alien experience compared to everyone else! Why? To be honest, I’m not quite sure…

Let’s start with my most startling observation… My college experience. When I was in college, I thought I picked an amazing school. A beautiful campus. Nice housing. Great food. Warm and welcoming people who welcome you with open arms into the school community and reach out to make everyone feel welcome. An administration that cares about its students, good security, faculty who are excellent in their fields and deliver a high caliber education. What more can you ask for? However, all I heard from many of my peers was “This school has nothing to offer academically”, “The campus police are incompetent and ignore real issues”, “The administration keeps secrets and isn’t transparent enough in addressing student concerns”, and even more shockingly:

There are too many white students and they’re rude and racist toward students of color…

Women are afraid to even go out of their dorms in broad daylight going to class because of men harassing and cat calling them and that there are “several known rapists on campus!”

Now I know for a fact both statements were false when I went to school. All I’ve ever known was a warm, welcoming, inclusive community who opened their arms to all students.  I never once say any white students being openly rude to a student of color, refusing to be near them, to be friends, much less being blatantly racist! Not once have I ever seen outright bullying, or even as much as a “microaggression”. As for the allegations of harassment, I also have never experienced anything even remotely close to the sort as a woman myself. Not even walking back from a late night dance at 12:00 am! Much less in broad daylight going to a class on a random Tuesday for example, walking to a class nor were there ever hoards of  predatory men just waiting to harass women. Yet some of my fellow female classmates said they were harassed daily simply going to lunch by men whereas I was never even spoken to by a guy unless it was to say “hi” or “excuse me” to get past me. Now, I’m not saying there were never instances of racism or sexism on campus that I simply wasn’t privy to, of course there are always isolated incidents. But as a pattern and a campus culture as a whole? Nope! I lived on campus as much as they did yet never once witnessed a blatant act of racism or harassment, or even a remotely rude one… My experience at college was amazing at a great school with great support for those who are serious about studying and not just goofing off. They wouldn’t tolerate such antics and issues such as blatant harassment.

So where on Earth was all of this coming from? I really don’t know for sure, but my best guess is that they are simply looking for something to virtue signal over and be a group. The people in question making such allegations were all far Left, and in that light, perhaps it’s not too surprising they seemed to have an alternate reality! See, if they can whine collectively about something in their reality, they feel much more satisfied. In their reality, they lived in a racist cesspit of “white privilege” for four years of college. In their reality, they were harassed by men on a day to day basis and knew several rapists prowling around campus. But keep in mind, in the Left’s reality, EVERYTHING is either racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic etc…etc…

Of course, this is not confined to whiny entitled college kids who learn far Left. Leftists in general seem to have a separate reality in society at large! A country of opportunity, freedom and some of the best standards of living in their perception is one of inescapable poverty, racism, sexism, intolerance, xenophobia, one devoid of opportunities except for the top 1% to name a few! The party who deems itself the most accepting and tolerant, to everyone else, cannot tolerate anyone who thinks differently without labeling them as a bad person. The party of anti-racism only sees racist perspectives in regards to white people scapegoating them for everyone else’s issues. A party that thinks women are 3rd class in America where women in 3rd world countries are treated like dirt and even killed outright. The party who thinks the West is the worst culture on Earth despite higher standards of living and technology as well as progressive social values such as democracy and equality.

A party that lets in illegals in record numbers saying they aren’t a threat despite thousands on welfare, in jails and hiking up the violent crime rates. A party that sees legal gun owners as the enemy while criminals with no regard for gun laws are free to shoot as they please unhindered by law abiding citizens. A party that sees Trump as a fascist, racist tyrant akin to Adolph Hitler when we now have a better economy, trade deals, healthcare and a president who puts America first. A party that purports to stand for social “justice” creates ideologies that uphold double standards, inequalities and injustice. To the Left, they ARE the answer for society, but to everyone else, are creating more inequality, divisiveness and seem to be living on a different planet! Then again, it’s their reality!

No matter what you can never please them either! You do one thing to be more inclusive, it’s not inclusive enough to the next group! Or it’s too inclusive and one group wants another excluded from their little clique. Take for example the “Vagina Monologues” written to “empower” radical feminist women. Once lauded, now are deemed not inclusive enough because and I quote, “not all women have vaginas!” One progressive idea this week becomes un PC the next week. The Left’s problems in addition to being formed from an entirely different perception of the world, also cannot be solved in a reasonable way now either as what is “woke” today is forbidden tomorrow!

Well guess what Lefties? I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again! Your reality is not THE reality! In the absence of actual observations, evidence, statistics, etc… then most likely, your assertions that in an attentive warm and friendly school there are swarms of racists and predators, illegals are harmless when countless people have been murdered by them, legally owned guns the the issue when criminals use theirs without the law, women are treated like dirt in America when women in the 3rd world are killed, maimed and abused by men who see them as nothing, America is a land of tyranny when other countries like Venezuela are on the brink of a coup by starving citizens, and our current president is Adolph Hitler when he has made far more progress than 8 years of the previous guy, society is racist when they elected a president of color for 2 terms in a row etc…etc… Maybe, just maybe, you might want to reassess “your reality”…

Image result for branco political cartoon left

(Oh, and  P.S. , please stop moving the goal posts whenever you’ve been out-debated by more reasoned logic than your own. But that’s for a whole other post 😉 )


  1. Your article is one of the best, well-written pieces I’ve read. Thank you for describing your experiences and analyses so lucidly. The Left creates a new reality every hour and demands everyone fall in lock-step. Those who don’t, are vilified, especially our amazing President.

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      the GOP controlled government

      “We need bailouts & socialism”

      1929- to fix the GOP Great Depression

      1989- to fix the GOP Saving & Loan scandal

      2008- to fix the GOP Great Recession

      2019- to fix the GOP trade war

      2020- to fix the GOP corona fiasco
      The GOP wanted a small government so weak it could never challenge, or even tax the billionaires who

      own the Republican party. That’s what we have…a government too weak and too stupid to do anything.

      Republican agenda: “Small government”

      1990- GOP refuses to regulate Savings & Loan fiasco, taxpayers pay $300 billion bailout

      2005- GOP admin watches as Hurricane Katrina kills 1800 Americans

      2006- GOP Congress & President refuse to regulate trillions in Swaps, causing Great Recession

      2018- GOP admin dismantles pandemic response team leaving USA defenseless


  2. I have one kid in the public school system and one that has graduated. My kids have had mostly positive experiences, but I can accept that other families may have not, up to the point they decided to withdraw their children out of our local public school system.

    My son will be a senior in high school next year. He will be taking an English class at a local university for free and for college credit. If he had topped out of the math curriculum he could be taking math classes at a local university for free and for college credit. But he’s just taking high school calculus, so not eligible. He’s read novels like Don Quixote in the original Spanish. Obviously not every kid will have had these same opportunities.

    I think we bring our own personal biases into the mix. Many homeschoolers would declare that my son(and daughter) will receive a subpar education through the public school system. They are certain of it even though they have no children in the public school system. But yet many of these same homeschoolers won’t ensure their children take chemistry, physics, a foreign language or an adequate amount of math.

    When I attended college and there was no internet it was easy to create a narrative that everything was perfect. It was not, but there were only mostly whispers to carry the notion that was not. Sometimes police wouldn’t even investigate a rape. There were actual rapists walking around on campus. No institution/university is without flaws.

    I attended Catholic schools for 12 years. I was told they were superior institutions. I learned a lot in my years attending Catholic schools. I was naive when I was young. As time went on I learned that the Catholic Church and sometimes the Catholic school system was flawed.


    • I am a 37-year-old conservative Black woman on the west side of Chicago who was raised by a Republican father. I just want to thank you, Kate, for your comment; it was very well-said, thoughtful, intelligent, and more importantly, represented a level of maturity and critical thought I do not see from either side. I wish you and your children the best!


  3. It must be truly difficult to write an opinion piece with fully explained reasoning only to be replied to by Leftists with little more than “You’re a racist/sexist/whateverist!” SJW’s apparently don’t even believe their own accusations because they never seem to have any sort of evidence to back them up. It literally requires ZERO THOUGHT to scream out epithets and I presume these people have had their educations “dumbed down” to the point that they literally can’t string together a simple, cogent argument to disprove your thesis. I believe about 3/4ths of your detractors are actually from Bot Farms, hence the lack of intelligent exchange of ideas. A bot, or a Leftist who resembles a thoughtless bot, will throw out “You’re a RACIST!” and then run away and you’ll never hear from them again because they know they have nothing to back up their rant, or aren’t being paid enough to do more than name calling. It’s easy to make an ad hominem attack and run away, and too hard to expect them to stay and open up a logical discourse on the topic. They are either these bots, or can’t be bothered to actually look up information that might counter your argument. These people I would dismiss and would even delete their ad hominem attacks simply because they do not add anything to the conversation other than weak SJW epithets.

    It must be very hard for these last few dupes to admit they’ve been lied to and misled, and because they refuse to accept facts over their feelings, they will never seek the knowledge they need to formulate a cogent reply to a well-thought out and researched essay. They will instead claim their desired “Victim” title and call you more derogatory epithets when you counter them.

    They know nothing and contribute nothing. Erase them and move on to the replies that DO add to the open discussion. Bots and bot-like people are beneath contempt.

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  4. What you consider “reality” in your rant about YOUR (and I can’t capitalize that enough) college experience, CAN and most likely IS different from someone else’s college experience, even in the same environment. You can deny other people’s experience of racism all you like based on your own anecdotal “evidence” and state “facts” based on, again, anecdotes of how you had a great time on your campus, but saying it was the same experience for everyone is short minded at best. I live in a large diverse city, and as much as I wanted to deny “privilege” (and I still hate the word), the ‘liberal’ meaning of the word does hold some sense of truth. They did a survey on drug use in the city and guess which high school had the highest drug problem? The Episcopal High School (no not the falling apart ethnic minority high school in 3rd ward). Caucasian students had the same posession and use rate as the “diverse” kids, yet guess which race was getting in trouble for it? The diverse kids. 😄 I’m a lighter skinned hispanic immigrant (my condolences to the true born American in the trailer park who’s job I will be taking away after I finish my thesis for my MSN, currently BSN) and I’d be incredibly ignorant to say my experience was the same a black person’s experience or even a white person’s experience because unfortunately, yes our skin color and background still opens us up to preconceived notions and judgements. Especially from the ‘conservative side’ of the spectrum which is what stops me from identifying as one even though I align with many ideals (border control, work to recieve federal assistance, none of that ‘LGBT’ stuff in politics etc). I have 3 foster children I care for and the government provides food stamps and other aid when taking care of these kids because they are still considered wards of the state and I’m merely the caretaker. Heck, my experience in the check out line at the grocery store is different than yours unless you look exactly like me and have 3 children from all different dads. Picture me, a lone frazzled hispanic woman with 2 african American children and 1 hispanic/aa child that’s holding up the line because the WIC card didn’t pay for the kids’ cereal so I had to use the SNAP card. You can bet the people behind me (and I’ve noticed it’s the middle aged white people more so, still no one under age 30 yet) are here giving me looks, glaring at my form of payment thinking I’m a dirty illegal leaching off their tax dollars to feed my bastard anchor babies from different dads (hint: I’ve actually had this said to me on more than one occasion). Ironically most of said people being angry at me might consider themselves ‘pro life’. My experience is NOT the same as another white mother with 2 children that look like her. And just because she goes into the store and has the loveliest time, with courteous customer service doesn’t mean that her experience is a “fact”.


    • I can picture everything you went thru and more, I grew up in and lived in NYC most of my life. I’ve experienced racism directed towards ME more than I ever exhibited it, which was, uh, like never unless it was perceived as such simply because my reaction to a white person acting out in a bad way or a person of color acting out in a bad way would be the same.
      You however are actually proving Lady of Reason’s point in her post by being angry at everyone else and venting on everything else because you have frustrations, (which we all do), at your own struggles as if nobody else did.
      You think white people never get “funny looks” from their own kind or from anyone else for that matter for whatever stupid reasons those kinds of people of ANY culture, color, and creed feel compelled to make at the rest of us simply just because they’re mean-spirited?!
      Mean spirits have no color, culture, or creed; they just have a whole lotta ugly on the inside. I’ve lived in the city, country, and shore and there’s a whole lotta mean n crazy out there.

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      • And here you proving my point. I’ve pointed out that just because 1 perosn has a 4 star experience, does not mean others (especially of different groups) have the same. But you, with so much certainty, apparently know EXACTLY my experience and “have had worse” JUST by reading 1 comment on the internet. What I want to know id what makes your “statement” of “I know exactly what your life and experience is like and I’ve had worse” so certain and concrete? It’s my honest question because I have no anger or resentment toward anyone of any race, of any political party, no matter what preposterous thing they’ve said to me based on the one visual scenario they see without ANY deeper knowledge of my actual life and experience. It’s okay to acknowledge that your experience may not be the same as someone else’s, especially when yoi have zero feet to stand on to prove your claim that you know exactly what they experience from their eyes and that you’ve allegedly had it worse. A lady of reason gets to rant and whine with exclamation points and yet my comment (on an opinion post that has a comment section) is anger and outlash? Goodness if I was angered by anyone that’s been racist -um, I mean “mean spirited” toward me (I forgot racism does not exist within these circles) I’d be bitter towards many people (especially those of a certain age and political party, cough cough). But luckily I look past their “mean spiritness” when I’m called an illegal mooching off of government aid. I look last the “mean spiritedness” when my kids have been called “n*gras”, and I’ve had to look past people telling me my experience and my foster kids experience pales in comparison to their because they evide know EXACTLY what it’s like to be me, of my race, of my sex, and even have some sort of magical objective way to measure life experiences.


    • Very good rebut, Adriana! We live in a “them vs us” socio-political diversity that still essentially amounts to white folks feeling like foreigners are taking over and a way of white-life is quickly evolving away (I am white, btw). The “I had a great time there!” does not mean everyone had a great time there.
      An interesting exploration into American social dynamics has been and will continue to be the grocery line. It’s the one point in our hurried day where we are forced to pause because of the person in front of us.. or in front of them. If we are in a hurry yet being held up in the express line we immediately point the finger, and pass judgement, on a person ahead of us with too many items for the express line (we long for someone who is a check-out nazi).. the little old lady having to finger her hand down into her purse looking for the exact change.. or write a check… or everyone in line forms a judgement on the person with the declined credit card… and we all have to wait while the person tries to make a public excuse as to why it was turned down… “I just checked with the bank and there was enough money!” If we are not in a hurry, we take the time to stereotype people by the things they purchase, or how friendly they try to get with the check-out girl… on MY time. If they pull out the WIC or welfare debit card to pay we immediately check out what they are buying to somehow “justify” it meets our criteria of what my tax dollars are paying for “Oh.. you get name brand while I have to buy generic?”. If the person in line in front of you is obese we glance down at the conveyor to see what kind of food they are buying and judge them accordingly.
      On the other hand, sometimes grocery line delays force others to communicate, forge quick alliances against the person causing the delay, and actually end up talking to each other. My particular peeve (other than change-diving, checking writing little old ladies) is when mom’s have to brag about their little one(s) antics to the checkout lady, who herself completely understands what she is going through, and they have to compare notes.. on MY time.
      Although recently here in good old levy-yet-another-tax-to-impede-on-my-freedoms California.. we have to pay for our grocery bags. Now I get to stand in line and appreciate the extra time waiting in order to figure out how many goddamn bags I am going to need by time the check-out girl asks me, as if I am supposed to know with the conveyor piled high. “UM.. I’m a guy. I don’t know how many bags I will need, nor do I really care. I didn’t do my prep work in line counting, dividing, multiplying the items in my cart. I’m afraid of being wrong… and everything will be in a nice bag except a single box of cereal or the green beans from the produce department and I will be forced to carry them to my car separately… crossing the parking lot looking like I am shoplifting.”

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  5. Good points and I agree with you. The notion of having one’s own reality is just another name for hogwash. If a person runs out of a building shouting “fire!” and the fire department arrives and finds no sign of fire, it isn’t a matter of two different realities. The person falsely shouting “fire!’ was just plain wrong, either mistaken or mendacious. There is an objective standard for fire and one’s own “reality” is irrelevant. The same applies to claims of harassment or the assertion that “there are several known rapists on campus…” Either someone behaved in a manner that, under objective criteria generally recognized by society constitutes harassment or they did not. Either there are police complaints of rape supported by investigation and evidence or there is not. People might differ in their views and perceptions and they might have a variety of reasons for making claims but facts are objective and they are our only guide to what is real. When someone asserts that it’s “their reality” in order to excuse the lack of supporting facts for their claim, it’s no different than saying “a dog ate my homework.” If a dog ate your facts then you haven’t got an argument. Proof by petulant demand doesn’t cut it.

    As Daniel Patrick Moynihan put it, you’re entitled to your own opinion but not to your own facts.

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  6. How is the left sure they understand reality. Their ideas come from overpaid mainly white people, that work on insulated environments that have hardly any interaction with the average person.

    From there they preach the leftist proclamation of the day about reality and who they perceive to be of need and protected and who can have their rights trampled.

    If the left was honest every day ocj white person would give up their position and let the minorities and groups take their jobs and proclaim the left reality.

    But it isn’t about change it is about making a need for all those useless professors in the arts faculties.

    Most real changes were made in society so they have to manufacture a need to keep them in high paying an powerful jobs

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  7. I’ve been seeing a lot of what you have, in other circles, too. I used to be pretty (small L) liberal; in fact, my views fit right into Classical Liberalism. But the last few years in particular, I find the social and political left just keeps careening farther and father to the extreme. It’s why so many #walkaway The left aren’t “left” anymore. They have become extremists, but can’t even see it. Of course, they just accuse the “right” of being extremists, because in their alternate reality, anything that doesn’t conform completely to their views is “alt-right”, “right wing”, “hard right”, “extreme right” and so on. Which mean, when genuinely liberal Liberals object to the extremist position, or disagree on any one point, leftists turn on them and eat their own.

    Over the past few years, I’ve watched women (and in my experience, it’s almost only women who do this) I knew to be reasonable, informed and intelligent, become increasingly detached with reality. Reason, logic, evidence… all of that got thrown out the window in favour of emotionalism, and the more extreme they got, the more they projected their faults onto their favourite boogey-man, “the right.” Their world became filled with monsters (men, white people, “alt-right”, etc) only they could see, but since they surrounded themselves with those who were flying down the slippery slope along with them, those perceptions only got reinforced.

    To use one of your points as an example:

    ” In their reality, they were harassed by men on a day to day basis and knew several rapists prowling around campus. But keep in mind, in the Left’s reality, EVERYTHING is either racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic etc…etc…”

    When #metoo was in its heyday, the few leftists that hadn’t unfriended me yet were sharing all kinds of crap on Facebook, saying things like, all women have experienced this, and continue to experience this, every day of their lives, painting a most bizarre world where a woman gets sexually harassed or assaulted from the moment she steps out her door. When I told them that I have never, ever, in my half century of life, experienced sexual harassment, the response I got was a condescending, well that’s nice, but you are an exception. The more they talked, however, the more it became clear that they were interpreting normal social interactions as sexual harassment. It seems that all it takes is for a man to look at a woman, and that’s sexual harassment. Heaven help the man who compliments a woman on her appearance! Mere disagreement with a woman by a man was sexism at play.

    The more they tried to explain themselves, the more it became clear they had become completely detached from the real world. It got to the point I just flat out asked them, what alternate universe are they living in? I also stopped playing along with their goalpost moving, gaslighting and argumentation and logical fallacies, and started pointing out them out, instead. That just lead to more emotionalism and ad hom attacks against me. And more argumentative fallacies. (I see you get your share of that in your comments, too! *L*) It has been a sad thing to watch happening over the years, but lately, it’s becoming downright alarming.

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  8. I couldn’t agree more. There are days that I live in a fog because of the things that some of my friends or coworkers. IT’s like are we hear/seeing the same thing? What I see as good they see as bad and vice-versa. For example, I hear the economy is booming and they hear hell is break loose. It’s a lose lose for both sides.

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  9. This is a good and important post as it speaks to a real rot going on in our society. It starts at the top of the Leftist hierarchy who preaches the belief that the Western world is built on systemic racism, sexism, predatory men, etc…as if it’s gospel. Whether they actually believe their own nonsense or if they do it just as a purposeful way of dismantling traditional society I’m not sure, but the effects are disastrous.

    College kids, particularly young women from upper middle class homes are particularly vulnerable to this way of thought and it becomes built into their belief system and thus the victimhood mentality takes root. Once that becomes the filter through which you live your life, everything else becomes tainted by it and mental and spiritual growth becomes extremely limited. Not to mention it wreaks havoc on the rest of society to continually be called out as being a racist or a misogynist for not towing the lefty line.

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  10. Seems in one way or the other, the replies thus far are pointing to the perspective that everything you’ve stated as Liberal “faults” also exist on the Right. For someone who has gone to college you sound like you should have taken a few more classes in the humanities to understand human diversity a little better. The questions you should be asking is more about the “why” it seems the Left believes the way they do. What’s the motivation… the life experiences that make the Left.. the Left. Conversely the same questions should be asked of the Conservative Right. There will be no easy answers simply because us humans are complex creatures. I think you might also find that those holding Leftist perceptions are many times also judging Conservatives based primarily on everything Trump because Conservatives by and large support Trump beyond just his policies. I’m traditionally Conservative but I certainly don’t want Trump being MY spokesperson as he represents nothing of traditional Republicanism. So you might want to ask the question.. how much of what Leftists think are the faults of Conservatives is not from the abhorrent behavior of Trump, the person. His policies can certainly be debated as we do the policies of any president. That’s not the issue. It’s how he pushes and presses his policies, his caustic and totally unpredictable behavior, and incompetence to the job. Now.. Conservatives might think that’s what makes Trump so effective. Leftists should ask themselves, why are seemingly level-headed and educated Conservatives thinking that way.. and Conservatives not just dismissing Leftist ideologies as some “clinical” personality fault that makes for funny political cartoons. That’s way too easy, solves nothing, does nothing toward fostering some level of understanding the TRUE motivations of “the other side”, and just feeds the divide.


  11. I have to agree with RaPaR. I do not involve myself in the political debate. Even though I love you dearly as a fellow human, you have the potential as a strong woman to operate outside the fray. It’s both sides that are blind. The socialist and the capitalist are fighting over beliefs. That is the trick. The greatest deficit of human cognition is to believe and feel the need to take a side. The right is absolutely as guilty as the left, but until then, we fight.
    The debate will never be won and it’s designed that way.

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    • The difference between the left and right sides is simple. The left seeks control over others, thus the accumulation of money and power. The right seeks to allow others the freedom and liberty to reach their own potential via their own efforts in the the pursuit of happiness. Believing something does not make it so. Having facts and evidence does make it real. The way of the left has been proven to be harmful and deadly to many throughout time. The way of the right has proven to be empowering to the individual and societies have flourished because of its tenets. Historical facts.
      The socialist sees a darkness about most anything and wants to tell everyone else how to see it. The true capitalist lets the individual to see what they will and make the most of it. Or not. Personal choice as to the perspective versus telling them what to see in a situation.
      Is the glass half full or half empty? Perspective and attitude make the difference on how one sees it. The choice is personal.

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      • Are you sure you’re seeing this right? The right has its own power-play trying to force its beliefs on everyone, everywhere. Legislating Jesus and the Bible, restricting women, homosexuals, and others to operate as they wish. Everything and everywhere —except in the economic world? Laughable. Play to pay, and pay and pay. A distasteful and stressful way to live. Is there room for anyone not driven by greed and money and accumulation of stuff? A trillion dollars a year just to play your medical fraud game. Seriously as flawed as the left.

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      • ” Legislating Jesus and the Bible, restricting women, homosexuals, and others to operate as they wish.”


        Oh, Jim. You just illustrated LoR’s post beautifully! Well done!

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  12. The greatest irony here is that YOU have the very same perspective as your so-called “leftist” friends. (Not sure how many of your “friends” would enjoy being referred to by that moniker?) Your’s is slanted hard right, that the only difference. You should go back and re-read your post. It soundalike you went to school in Utopia which, I’m pretty sure, you did not. Your views are as extreme as theirs (presumably) but, of course, you don’t realize it. “They” seem to be wrong about everything, while “you” seem to be right about everything.

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    • Perhaps, just perhaps, the college experience as viewed by “Lady of Reason” was not so much colored by perspective, but by the reality of what she was there for. To learn. Not to protest, nor complain, nor find fault with everything she came across on campus…just to learn and enjoy her college years as best she could.
      What makes the difference between what she perceived and her friends of a darker outlook? Attitude is the answer. Attitude determines how one perceives most any situation they experience. One’s attitude can turn a positive experience into a negative one just by looking for all the perceived faults.
      The left seems to find fault with just about everyhing if it does not agree with their view. And so it is with some posters on blog sites.
      You, “RaPar”, seem to like the lemons without thinking about turning them into something enjoyable.
      “Lady of Reason” had a positive experience in her college years. Mine was similarily enjoyable.
      Attitude, “RaPar”, makes all the difference in just about everything in life. Eventually, life will adjust everyone’s attitude. One way or another.

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      • Great, another shallow euphemism, how insightful. Yes, attitude is important but attitude should not be maligning your perception of reality. My point, Guidvce4, is that Lady of Reason speaks in superlatives; the so-called “left” is always in possession of extremest views, positions, actions, etc. whereas the “right” always seems to possess all the virtues of of a Utopian life. It is exactly these myopic views that result in our inability to make any progress as a society, as a country, as a people. So conservatives aren’t just as critical of anyone that doesn’t see things their way as liberals are? Do you really think that is true?


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