The Left’s Social (Ir)responsibility…

Social responsibility: The idea that while we enjoy many individual freedoms, we cannot do just whatever we please to the detriment to our community.

I think we all embrace this concept to varying degrees despite debating the more subtle nuances. For example, many agree that your freedom to drink and drive ends when another person’s safety begins, or as some may argue, albeit far more contentiously, that vaccinating yourselves and your kids is a social responsibility toward herd immunity against disease for those who cannot get vaccinated for various reasons. Even minor daily things like basic manners and consideration of others could fall under a sort of micro version social responsibility. While we all agree we should be considerate of those around us, the problem starts when our personal freedoms get smaller and smaller all in the name of “social responsibility”. It’s a delicate balance between our right to personal choices, and others’ rights in a collective society that may affect the choices we as individuals can make for ourselves without thinking of everyone else’s needs too. In this “land of the free”, freedom should be paramount, but to live in a cohesive society, we all need to take into account the needs of the group, not just each individual.

Personally, I’m for the idea that we must do everything we can to preserve the maximum amount of freedom of personal choice as possible and some of our personal choices can ethically outweigh the needs of the group. However, I cannot go so far to say we owe nothing to contributing to a smooth and cohesive society as a whole either, such as in the case of being “free” to endanger others by driving drunk for instance. Never the less, attempts to restrict individual freedom in the name of “social responsibility” can lead down a dangerous slippery slope when the powers that be use it as an excuse to slowly take away our freedoms. This argument however, is often used by the Left against conservatives. Whatever social agenda they wish to push, they always pull out the collective responsibility card to further restrict our freedoms or demand more entitlements such as your tax money for welfare, forced indoctrination of your children, and social agendas that feel good rather than do good.

The ironic, but perhaps not surprising thing anymore is, like most of the Left’s hypocrisy, they ought to look in the mirror when speaking of social responsibility! The Left wants and demands to be given the choice to feel entitled to have hook up culture, enable welfare cradle to grave, force their agendas on the next generation and control everything they think, take away our means of defense, demand someone’s personal choice outweighs the interests of society and such. Here are some prime examples:

A person’s own personal choice to be transgender is lauded by the Left, and now demands that the rules of biology, evidence based science, and all of society must be turned on its head for those who want to redefine the norm so they can feel normal. They say that it’s a personal choice that harms no one, and that all the hoopla over the issue is a right-wing conspiracy and sexist. After all, who does it hurt if a man wants to live and identify  as a woman? Why should we care if a dude wears a dress and renames himself Susie? Why can’t there be more than a gender binary view of human nature? However, it’s not that simple.

Living as a woman with the expectation that you, a biological male, are entitled to enter women’s private spaces, compete with masculine strength on women’s sports teams, and such has consequences beyond just your own personal lifestyle choices. If it were simply about one’s personal choices, I’d have no issue at all, but that’s not the case. Women have been endangered before when perverts assaulted them in bathrooms and changing rooms pretending to be transgender. Biological male athletes on women’s teams have significantly out competed their fellow women in endurance and strength. On the flip side, trans men who are biological women do not have the requisite strength and endurance in male dominated fields such as the armed forces. Not to mention simply the idea of one feeling entitled to redefine the norm and what is factual based on their own personal feelings! So no, transgender people’s personal decisions do affect others around them yet the Left cries “personal choice” when confronted with that reality while ignoring the detriments to society. If you want to argue that communal welfare outweighs personal choices, then why not in this case?

Or consider the example of the Left’s promotion of promiscuity to young women to “get ahead” and be “empowered”. Treating sex as a handshake, a mere commodity instead of a milestone for a young woman has real and lasting detriments. It’s not, as many perceive the issue, about nosy prudes sticking their noses in everyone’s business! There are reasons why sex on a whim and confusing promiscuity with empowerment is detrimental beyond arbitrary edicts, attitudes and cultural taboos. The Left says sexual freedom must be paramount for women to be equal to men, but they forget: with freedom comes responsibility!

Yes, your personal choices regarding your sexual activity do matter for society. They matter for all the unwanted oops babies born to parents with nothing to offer them and no resources to care for them, adding a drain on services to feed, clothe, educate and provide healthcare for these children. Speaking of healthcare, isn’t it a drain on the system to be flooded with patients needing treatment for their STD’s, prenatal care and yes, abortion? What about all the misunderstandings that can arise out of murky situations regarding consent and willingness the police and courts have to deal with? All the criminal cases when she hooks up with the wrong guy? Or conversely, the young men now at risk for a false allegation that will destroy his life? What about all the young women being brainwashed into the idea that sex is a handshake and mistake exploitation for empowerment? It’s not just between you and your partner anymore when you bring 1000+ liabilities to the bedroom whenever you choose to hook up? Society did not “consent” to clean up the mess you made when you had your little slip up last night!

My last but certainly not the final example of the Left’s hypocrisy regarding social responsibility is the welfare system. They say we owe our fellow society members in need a helping hand. And if everyone were motivated to give it and pass it forward too that’s fine. The issue is though, many take clear advantage of the welfare system despite families in need who need it legitimately. The welfare system is now really the welfare state, one where families are enables to live cradle to grave off welfare with no thoughts of further career choices. Instead of using food stamps for food to feed their wife and children, they exchange them for drugs. Instead of wanting an honest job, they are content to collect our tax dollars then raise their kids to do likewise. Instead of coming to America to work, they come for our handouts while homemaking widows, starving children, wounded veterans and their families, that family who just needs this month’s rent to secure that job interview and get back to self sufficiency, etc… are denied what welfare is REALLY supposed to be for! One must ask: What about their responsibility to society to be self sufficient and earn their living rather than leech off of everyone else’s hard work?

All in all, the Left likes to cry “social responsibilities” when we ask for personal freedoms, yet ignores how they hurt society by letting people feel entitled to do what the want regardless of the consequences for society to bear. Society is NOT here to clean up and subsidize your poor choices! We, society, are not here to clean up the mess you made by:

Your unwanted pregnancies

Your STD’s

Your nasty divorce and custody battle requiring extensive therapy for your traumatized kids

Your addiction you pass off as an involuntary disease

Your choice to live as a woman then demand access to women’s spaces endangering REAL women

Living off welfare cradle to grave on OUR tax dollars

The laws that stops law abiding gun owners from defending society

Teaching a generation that what feels good matters more than what does good

And many others!

See? The best thing about embracing personal choice over societal obligations is personal choices get personal consequences 😉 You make the choice: You own it. Society should not be obligated in any way to clean up one’s own personal mess!

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  1. To be honest, Jesus was a socialist in that He preached to put others, particularly those in need, before ourselves. The bible also says, if a man doesn’t work, he doesn’t eat. What lacks much on both ends of the far-left-al-right winged spectrums is common sense. Again, Jesus impressed upon us to help those in NEED, which does not translate to enable; unless they’re completely unable, or disabled There are also laws in the bible about conduct, and laws of science that are obvious by nature of their repetitive consistency, which cannot simply be magically altered by the muttering of “make it so.”
    Personal accountability is also a serious problem in these modern times, instant gratification without thought of consequences in individuals WELL past the age of accountability.
    There is no more such a thing as anything evil, or anyone lazy..everything is blamed on mental illness and happenchance.
    Thank God for these “welfare moms” who don’t abort. However, to use their children as a source of income so they don’t have to work? What will they do when their wombs drop off and out and menopause strikes? Good question! I guess they can always trump the mental illness card then as a disability and collect that way.
    We need a better support system that will enforce able-bodied persons to work in SUSTAINABLE jobs because many work and still need supplemental help anyway.
    As for enforcing our beliefs on one another; free-will is a gift from God, and laid out in the constitution in particular freedoms as rights as a citizen of this great nation.

    The First Amendment to the Constitution protects five basic freedoms:
    freedom of religion
    freedom of speech,
    freedom of the press
    freedom of assembly
    freedom to petition the government
    These civil liberties are the cornerstone of our democracy.

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    • Jesus was NOT a socialist! That is a ludicrous twisting of what He taught! Jesus taught it was OUR responsibility to care for the poor and those in need. NOT abdicating that responsibility to the government. If we are having the government do it, then we are doing the exact opposite of what Jesus told us to do.

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  2. I agree that the issue is where personal freedom must give way to the needs of a functioning society. Ordered liberty in a society is an important concept. That is the idea that the constraints that we place on individuals should be there only to preserve the liberty of all of us. For example, traffic signals do not prevent one from driving through an intersection. They only establish an orderly way of doing so allowing each to proceed to their chosen destination with a minimum of interference from the government in the form of traffic signals and from other drivers.

    The problem comes from those who try to pervert ordered liberty to impose their own ideas on others. Socialism and modern political correctness are the most flagrant current examples of this. There is a general consensus that neutral rules such as traffic signals that apply to everyone alike and impose only that order necessary to allow everyone to proceed to their destination safely. On the other hand one person’s notion of utopia is someone else’s notion of intolerable oppression and that causes political discord. There are no winners or losers with traffic signal type rules but when you choose to have the government compel people to serve the bidding of others by special rules or taxes designed to benefit certain groups of people, you get winners and losers with subsequent discord.

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  3. People tend to forget that we live in a society and like all societies we have rules. These rules should guide us on how to act but not on how to live. In the United States of America we have the freedom to live how ever we like but our rules tell us that our choices should not get in the way of our neighbors and we should not be so wrapped up in our own lives not to help out our neighbors.

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  4. Regarding the welfare system, yeah… it’s not a hand up anymore, but a hand out. My parents had a tenant was 3rd generation welfare. As long as she had a pre-school child, she was not expected to find a job, so she would have another baby every few years.

    I woman I know used to live in a small apartment building. She was the only person in the building with a job, and they would literally laugh at her when she came home, tired from a long day’s work, while they sat at home, with their wide screen tvs, air conditioning and little backyard pools. Eventually, the province bought out the building and converted it to low income housing for people on social assistance. She got evicted. No one else had to leave.

    One of the more common accusations made against Christians in particular when they object to welfare is that, if you’re a “real” Christian, then you should support poor people (leftist “Christians” are just as quick to say this as anti-theists). Then various out of context verses would be flung at them to “prove” they are somehow bad Christians. The things it, as Christians, we are told to help the poor *ourselves* – not abdicate the responsibility to the government. Forced charity is no charity at all, and neither is government handouts. Once someone gets on welfare, it can be very difficult to get out. The system often penalizes people as they try to advance themselves. It becomes a trap.

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  5. Many years ago – long before trans became the new thing – it made the news about a trans woman taking a group to court. He said they fired him due to discrimination. Who was he suing? An organization that supported women who had been sexually assaulted, with a crisis line and women’s shelter. He was working the crisis line. Women had complained; having just endured the trauma of rape, calling the crisis line and having a man answer the phone was traumatizing them even more. If I remember correctly, the court ruled in his favour. Who cares about rape victims; a man who thinks he’s a woman must have the job he wants, no matter how many women he traumatized in the process.

    When the public washroom debate was at its highest, the usual “arguments” were made to support men claiming to be women to use women’s washrooms; mainly, if you disagree, you hate trans people. If you pointed out that this endangered women because sexual predators taking advantage of the law could simply claim to be a woman and walk in, you were accused of claiming all trans people were sexual predators (and that’s without even going into the statistics that show a higher percentage of them are). One point I tried to make never got any real answer. In situations like bars, where women can sometimes find themselves in uncomfortable positions due to aggressive and unwanted attention from me, the public washroom was her “safe space” that she could escape to. This “safe space” was now taken from her. The most common response I got was that trans women were endangered by being forced to use men’s washrooms, where they are uncomfortable and sometimes get sexually assaulted. Which is true, but how does that justify putting all women at risk?

    Then you got the weird stories where a woman was prevented from using a public washroom by a security guard who decided she was actually a man. She wasn’t pretending to be anything she wasn’t; she just didn’t have a very “feminine” face – which is hardly unusual. Basically, she wasn’t all prettied up and a security guard took it upon himself to be an a$$ about it.

    This problem is partly architectural. Public washrooms in NA are often large, open rooms with many stalls that are open on the top and bottom. They’re practically designed for creepers. However, when trans people are told they can use the private family washrooms, it’s still not good enough. They *must* be allowed to use women’s washrooms, and any woman who is uncomfortable with that is a hater.

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  6. I actually thought your first three or four paragraphs were spot on. But, you know, it doesn’t seem to make much sense assigning all social ill’s on “those Leftists”. You seem to be assigning transgenderism as simply a facade for males to assault women in their private places. Then you go on about Lefties wanting welfare, cradle-to-grave… Lefties promoting sexual promiscuity among young women (really? In this #MeToo environment??)…
    The hypocrisy doesn’t exist with one political side or another any more or less differently. Those apparent masses that seem to require some social assistance for screwing up their lives are also Right wing Conservatives. These “Lefty” social programs also include what you might call “bailing someone out” to messed up Conservatives as well. What the Lefties are trying to suggest are ways to solve HUMAN problems and indeed assist people because it IS human to make screwed up decisions from time to time.. and it’s also life in general that people can many times experience the messed up ramifications of what life tosses their way, in spite of making sound choices. What’s the alternative? Well, as you suggest… if one screws up their life, or life screws you up, sorry charlie, all that’s on you. Have a nice day. Then these folks can simply add to the other wealth of social maladies such as increased homelessness, desperation toward crime to survive, untreated medical issues and incubators of disease, increased mental health problems, etc.
    Or… assume a social, and Christian, responsibility to assist folks in their times of need. Is there abuse of these social programs? Of course! Is this abuse of the system due to loopholes and falling-thru-the-cracks or from lack of enforcement? That’s certainly not the responsibility of the user of the system. Numbers should determine the need for greater controls.. not emotional assumptions because you know a few people who are playing the system.

    Freedom of choice is NOT a right guaranteed by the Constitution. Freedom of choice exists as a result of imposing our other freedoms that are in the Constitution. I’ve also said this before…. as population increases so will the moderating forces to “control” our freedoms. Why? Because as we try to adjust our personal lives with the masses of the lives around us.. even the simple choices we make in life will have some extended impact on others. We are heading there very quickly.
    Your generalized presumptions of assigning a political side to social ills just feeds this divide and makes little sense given our social problems are mostly human problems… not Leftie problems.


    • Doug,

      “Lefties promoting sexual promiscuity among young women (really? In this #MeToo environment??)…”

      I am going to agree with you but only a little. I think it is not the “Left”, but instead feminists and non-Christians who are the primary promoters of sexual promiscuity among all women, not just the young. But I think feminists and non-Christians are far more likely to be politically liberal (or, as they likely prefer to be called, progressive). As a result, there the groups of the “Left” and feminists and non-Christians are not nearly as distinct as you might suppose.

      Your reference to #MeToo is surprising, because rather than causing women to be more careful about their sexual activity, I think it has resulted in women feeling even more empowered to engage in casual sex. I think they suppose they are now more protected from harm.

      “Your generalized presumptions of assigning a political side to social ills just feeds this divide and makes little sense given our social problems are mostly human problems… not Leftie problems.”

      I disagree, considering that some of the social ills, for example, abortion, are indeed human problems, but are certainly strongly supported by the political left but not by the right.

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      • I would dispute your idea that abortion is a social ill… in the same vein as maybe our mental health problem, crazy diseases popping up here and there, etc. It is absolutely a social issue, but whether it is an ill is a matter of perspective. That alone doesn’t threaten the existence of mankind or suggest an overall ramification in the loss of our democracy, rights, as population increases, etc. Don’t get me wrong here… abortion is a volatile and important issue within society.. but it does not threaten the existence of our way of life… or our political system.


      • “I would dispute your idea that abortion is a social ill…”

        You can dispute whether or not something is a “social ill” all you want. That doesn’t change the simple fact that abortion ends an innocent life primarily because it is inconvenient. (We can just skip the usual “but what about rape, incest, health of the mother” distractions right here; 97% of abortions have nothing to do with any of those, and none of them justify abortion, anyhow). If “social ills” were to be the argument made to justify killing unborn children, then there is no reason for us to have a problem with euthanizing the ill, disabled and elderly (which people are, once again, fighting for). Heck, it could even be used just justify any murder. “Well you see, you’re honor, I did kill my next door neighbour, but he disagreed with me on certain hot-topic issues, making him a nazi, bigot, white supremicist, Trump supporter, therefore it was for the betterment of society that I killed him.”

        I wish I was being facetious, but I’ve actually seen this attitude aimed at prolifers, Trump supporters, Christians, Jews and white males.

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  7. And yet another hit on the proverbial nail head! I can only dream that I could express my opinions as you do but you certainly have captured my thoughts. Definitely sharing this one 🙂

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