A PSA to The Left: You Don’t Have to Like Trump, Just Don’t Go Nuts…

Dear Liberals,

It’s me again… Another conservative out of many in this country. I’ve seen the way you’ve handled losing the 2016 election: With uncontrollable outrage and vitriol that hasn’t died down since the second you found out he got in. I’m impressed, honestly! I thought your tantrum would be old news and you would have simmered down within a month or so, but no! Two years and counting and coming up on the next election and all I can hear is “Racist!”, “Sexist!”, “Fascist!” etc… and of course, your favorite new slogan, “Impeach!!!” 

Now you say Trump deserves it, Trump is special, he’s done so much harm… And in light of any substantial evidence, I too want my president and other authority figures held accountable for their actions. However, I fail to see any substantial evidence he has done something gravely wrong enough to impeach him for! Some locker room talk? You better shun every male friend and relative if you hold to the idea that no decent man ever bantered some off color comments with the boys in private! His ex wives and personal flings? Oh, yeah, because Trump is the first politician or rich celebrity to ever think of not being the perfect little angel! Shall we bring up the laundry list of politicians on the Left who have done wrong in their personal lives? Bill anyone? 😉 More importantly, how does that affect him carrying out his duties at President of The United States? We can argue Trump and other politicians too aren’t the greatest family men. Not 100% moral blemish free. Yes, some things can make me lose some measure of respect for people in their personal lives over flings and affairs. However, what really matters to me, what will affect me and the rest of the country is if the person in office honors his role in office and carries out all their duties they swore to do.

I know some of the more intricate political controversies over Trump have been extensively covered, and thus won’t go in to too much depth over what would require its own separate post! However, I will say that in light of the recent news about Muller’s report being released, the whole Russian collusion allegation concluded predictably 😉 Not much to see here, folks! In addition, countless other allegations have been brought up, then when proven false, silently gone out in the news cycle by Left leaning media, to be replaced with others, in what appears to be an attempt at grasping at straws.

If you were to ask me personally, and probably other conservatives too why they voted Trump, reasons given would be one, he’s making real change for the better. Our country was not in good shape, a bad economy, cheated in foreign policies, terrorism running rampant among others. The way we’ve been going under the past 8 years before hasn’t been working out… Nothing was being changed. We needed a new strategy, new ideas, and Trump had them. Knowing business from his past career, he knows how to negotiate, how to compromise, and also when to hold firm, like in his recent summit with North Korea. He knows the economy, and has improve it greatly. My family, as a few are self employed or commissioned, have not seen as much job opportunities in years until Trump got in. Just recently, he pushed back ISIS and about wiped them out. He made better deals with other nations to ensure we be treated fairly. He’s standing up for our national security and protecting our borders and our resources. He’s given people a second chance even as part of the so called “tough on crime” party… Is Trump the most diplomatic? Not really… I will admit many of his tweets can be quite frank and pointed! But sometimes, the smooth talker isn’t always the best leader despite that polished appearance. Sometimes, you need to call a spade a spade even if it’s not flattering and hard to hear. I challenge you to find one conservative who’s not “alt-right” in some fringe extremist group, to say they voted Trump because they want to subjugate women and set back race relations 100 years… As for the assertions Trump is sexist or racist, I only ask, have you known him for being such things before he ran for office?

However, all this said, wait for it…. You have the right not to like Trump. Yes, I am accepting of others forming their own opinions on Trump or any other candidate. I don’t feel like people must be required to drool over Trump’s feet more than any other politician. Trump should be open to fair criticism and intense scrutiny as any other president should be. Not all of Trump’s ideas will fall through to the fullest extent. He can’t do it all more than any other man. But then again, name one president who fulfilled 100% of his campaign promises! If you feel Trump isn’t up to your standards, fine. Fine by me. The entire country doesn’t have to like whatever current president is in office or else there wouldn’t be a need to vote! 😉 If you feel the evidence is not sufficient enough to vote Trump in 2020, that’s your right in a democracy.

Here’s my problem though: Going absolutely insane over not liking Trump! See, not voting for Trump and threatening those who do are in two radically different ball parks! Saying Trump should be treated like a man, not a demi-god above the law is fair. What isn’t fair is spewing vitriolic allegations without actual proof, and doctoring “evidence” to suit your conclusions! Calling a man a “rapist”, a “racist”, a “fascist” demands heavy proof as those are very ugly accusations not to take lightly. Investigating voting fraud and cheating such as collusion with foreign powers if suspected is one thing, but keeping up the charade for two years going no where with any proof to actually impeach reflects far more on you than him. Coming up with wild conspiracy theories and failing to accept that maybe, just maybe, it was possible the nation voted him in like any other president in US history… Why is it so hard to just accept you didn’t get your way for once? How is he so radically different from any other past president you didn’t vote for? Other conservative presidents?

Know what I think? Your insane vitriol over Trump has actually drove me to like him more and has convinced me to vote him in in 2020. Believe it or not, in 2016 I wasn’t sure of Trump either. I voted for a 3rd party. I had reservations about his ability to lead this country and saw him more as the superficial celebrity. However, seeing what he accomplished in office proved himself to me. See? I can change my mind based on actual evidence! The other major factor too as mentioned, was seeing the absolute meltdown over him where he and anyone who did vote for him were branded “deplorable” and immoral people… Threats, violence, ostracism, etc…etc… all from the Left to try to drive us into silence over our current president has only further convinced me not to vote for your party! Before politics became a bigger part of my identity overall, if people reacted with such vitriol towards Obama, there is a good chance I might have voted for him in 2012! Not because I was a huge Obama fan at all, (I’m certainly not now!) but because any party who would react with such insanity and utter immaturity is not one I respect nor would take seriously to run my country. What pushed me away from the Left, other than strictly policy-wise, is indeed this outlandish behavior and lack of decorum!

By all means don’t vote for Trump if you feel he’s not up for the job. Just don’t go into a paroxysm of late stage TDS and foam at the mouth at the mere mention of Trump. Criticize Trump just like any other politician, but be big enough to admit when he does something right. Hold Trump accountable for his actions, but also defend him when he is being unfairly accused. Realize he will make mistakes, he won’t be able to fulfill all his campaign promises, but also realize that no other president was mistake free or achieved 100% of his goals. Donald Trump is human too, and he deserves to be allowed an honest mistake or an un-reached goal like any other president and human being. I’d love to talk more in detail over why the Left believes as it does about Trump, but thus far, I cant find any who are willing to talk in a clear headed rational manner without throwing ad-hominems at Trump supporters like me, or Trump…

So in summary, you don’t have to like Trump to make me listen to you. You don’t have to be in love with how he handles his presidency. I wasn’t with Obama the past 8 years he was in office. However, I never spewed vitriol, threatened, harassed and ostracized those who did like Obama. Nor did I believe every unsubstantiated conspiracy theory people brought up, blinded by my hatred. I can admit it if Obama did anything good for the country as well as see his flaws. I never screamed “Impeach!!!” just because I didn’t get my way for a few years. Put it in perspective: Trump is not dictator for life! You will get your way eventually, and we will again too. That’s just how a fair democracy works. No one gets their way all the time! I learned that in preschool. So Dear Liberals, you didn’t lose my vote or my respect because you don’t like Trump. You lost it when you lost your decorum, civility and outright moral conduct over not getting your way…

(PS. I know my tone is harsh in this letter, but consider how harsh you sound if you imagine all you say about us and Trump, only replacing us with you, and Trump with your candidate! I also note that if you want to be addressed in a more gentle manner, please extend the courtesy to us also in the future 😉 …)

— A Lady of Reason

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  1. Ultimately, the only thing that should ever matter is whether or not the president uphold his oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.

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  2. I am a Canadian so not as committed to a president of the US either way. But I have never had that high of an opinion of most politicians and really about their personal life I could care less what they do, how nice they are. I only care about them passing the least policy possible that takes away my rights and that of other citizens.

    People act like there aren’t elections in a few years another vote comes and he has a maximum of eight years. Many in Canada wish we could be certain our pm would never rule for more that eight years at max because we have no term limits

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    • You’re the one laying out expectations waiting on some superior being to reveal themselves that in reality no one going to be able to live up to such expectations past, present, AND future! So what does it even matter?
      Well, maybe the anti-Christ when he comes and he WILL deceive many.
      ALL of us have done good and bad. What matters is eventually walking the line and towing the line and never looking back!
      Only ONE flawless Man walked this earth, and He’ll not Walk here again until He Returns.

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  3. (Speaking as a Canadian conservative who lives in Arizona during the winter). I think the best thing that has happened in the past two years is that the media has been called out for blatant bias, misrepresentation, and outright lies. What would the public think of any politician if all news reports could be said to represent the truth, the whole truth and noting but the truth.

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    • Alleged fake news didn’t exist until Trump took up residence in the White House. Past Presidents (a term I use very loosely with Trump) too the negative comments with dignity and grace. President GW Bush even went on “Saturday Night Live” to good naturedly make fun of Dana Carvey making fun of himself. Trump is just too insecure to handle it.


      • History suggests fake news was the norm long before President Trump. As for dignity and grace, your negative comments suggest you don’t practice what you praise in Leaders like President Bush.

        “Fake news is not a new phenomenon. It has been around since news became a concept 500 years ago with the invention of print—a lot longer, in fact, than verified, “objective” news, which emerged in force a little more than a century ago. From the start, fake news has tended to be sensationalist and extreme, designed to inflame passions and prejudices.”

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      • Here’s the paradox.. in a world that can’t decide on what is truth.. how is it so easy to determine what is fake?


      • There’s nothing dignified and graceful with the behavior of CNN, MSNBC, Saturday Night Live, etc..It’s gone farther out in left-field and most foul literally than ever before. These loonz on the left have taken the fun out of funny and turned satire and comedy into something sinister and dark. It’s literally sickening and just looking at them makes me sick to my stomach. As sick to THEIR stomachs as Trump makes them.
        However, you’re entitled to your opinion, as much as anyone else is.

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      • Guess you weren’t around for the first Gulf “war”. Or any of the previous 100+ years of so-called “journalism”.

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  4. ” I’d love to talk more in detail over why the Left believes as it does about Trump, but thus far, I cant find any who are willing to talk in a clear headed rational manner without throwing ad-hominems at Trump supporters like me, or Trump…”

    Oh, my, yes.

    I’ve tried, for years, and for a while, I could. As I’ve commented before, the divide started to get really bad during the Obama years, then exploded when Trump was elected. There were people on my friends list on Facebook that I’d known for many years through online homeschool support groups. Back when it was an email group, every now and then, things would explode into flame wars over certain topics, and the moderators would step in. The egroup was supposed to be non-partisan and welcoming to all, regardless of ethnicity, religious beliefs, etc., with no personal attacks or proselytizing allowed. In reality, the very leftist, anti-Christian moderator allow attacks on people who were conservative or Christian, would allow all sorts of talk about religion (since our belief systems are as much a part of our education as anything else), but as soon as a Christian said anything about their own beliefs, they would be shut down for proselytizing. I watched this for almost 2 decades, as the group moved from emails to Facebook.

    Over the years, most of them – all leftists – unfriended me for not agreeing with their political or social views. A few just unfollowed me and would “check” on my posts every now and then, to see if I was still posting this stuff (they would also talk about me in comment threads I was part of, so I’d see this. I suspect they thought it would bother me, but it just made me laugh at them).

    Every now and then, one would post some ridiculous meme or share some blatantly false story. We’re talking on the level of those health text graphics where they would say things like, don’t drink cold water after eating because it’ll harden the fat against your intestines, preventing you from absorbing nutrients, level of stupid, except political. So I would comment, and they would loose their s**t because I dared not only to disagree with them, but provided links to back up my claims (because, from experience, I knew the first thing they’d say was “where is your evidence?”). That, of course, got worse after Trump was elected, but never as bad as during the Kavanaugh hearings. That whole, innocent until proven guilty thing went out the window, and it was absolutely insane. But, *I* was the bad guy for pointing this out, which made me unreasonable, while they were all about peace and love and kindness, and that’s why they wanted this man, his wife, his kids, his career, his friends, utterly destroyed because some women claimed, without proof or credibility, that he raped or tried to rape them.

    I had several of them (two of whom were US ex-pats with dual citizenship, because they still wanted to vote in the US, but hated the US and never wanted to live there again) comment on how I used to be able to discuss this stuff “reasonably”, and how I was basically a nicer person back in the day. My response was 1) yeah, I’m no longer the doormat I used to be and 2) after all these years of their insanity, which had only gotten worse, against all logic, reason and evidence, I no longer had any patience for their BS.

    It amazed me how they could hold these positions, and still think that they were the peaceful, kind, loving ones. The cognitive dissonance had to be painful.

    I feel sorry for their kids. These were all home schoolers.

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    • The ultimate cognitive dissonance…. Many can’t seem to differentiate a dislike of Trump as a politician they choose not to vote for nor support, and complete and utter derangement over Trump, demonizing all who support him, and can never see any good in him whatsoever or be big enough to admit when he does something positive… Believe it or not, there IS a difference between disliking someone, and being blinded by hatred and rage…

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      • Yup. It was weird finding myself defending Trump; I didn’t particularly like him, didn’t like some of what he was doing, and felt there were other, far better, candidates. For all his faults, though, he was light years better than Hillary (but apparently, I should have wanted her to win, because she was a woman and so am I).

        I have to admit, though, he’s grown on me. He plays the left, masterfully. This is a man playing grand master level chess, and they’re playing checkers.

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      • Trump proved himself to me within the first year of his presidency… The more I saw of what he is doing, the more I like him and his “no nonsense” style. We need someone who doesn’t kowtow to political correctness and acts based on the cold hard truth, no matter how uncomfortable that might be to acknowledge…

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      • Exactly. As much as I would have loved to see a President Carson, Trump is the president the US needed.

        We Canadians had a non-nonsense PM; Harper was an economist, and while the rest of the world suffered under a global recession, he guided us through it so that it barely affected Canada – with the Opposition parties, fighting him every step of the way. Then, like idiots, we elected an Obama wannabe, who stated that budgets balance themselves.

        Oh, how I hope we get him out of office when the election happens in October! He should have resigned after it came out that he and his minions tried to obstruct justice (then shut down the committee investigating him. !!!). We need our own Trump, but at this point, we just need to get a Conservative government in again. I fear, however, that he’s rigged the election already, with money and fast tracking the “immigrant” and “refugee” vote.

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      • I blocked the all first! lol! Well, after one snarky comment. They shoulda known better! These were “conservative” home-schooling types?! My, how far they’ve fallen!

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    • Actually.. all that depends on the mindset by which you engage. I have an anti-Trump blog but I in no way get into diatribe posts to call Trump and his minions names. Unlike many Conservative blogs who make sure only like-minded responders are allowed to post., I don’t moderate beyond the first post (WordPress thing). I don’t even encourage like-minded visitors, and I seldom go to other blogs with the same opinions as myself. I am usually trying to seek more human answers to the way people act and think. I am curious about Trump supporters.. and I seek them out with the idea to try and stay civil on their blogs. When I make a post on my blog I am more attentive to the person who doesn’t agree with me.. and could care less about the “regulars’ who always agree with me. But generally speaking, I’m not looking to change people’s minds.. yet, I appreciate a measure of people’s thought processes and I can sometimes takeway some knowledge from it.
      But you also have to understand that exchanging thought processes and reasons for opinions can reach a level where both parties have reached a basic end simply because they are “talked out”.. and no one is likely to change their opinions one bit. If you form a friendship, then fine.
      Now.. if one wants to engage with me with the idea that they have all the answers and the world is wrong unless it goes their way… well, we ain’t gonna be talking long and you will just end up hating me and assigning me a label.
      I wound up in this blog because Lady of Reason seemed to have a more sincere idea to understand.. rather than sit back and chastise every alt opinion. I’d love a one-on-one with her. So far I seem to be the only naysayer in here and she has been patient enough with me.

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      • I agree and your points were why I allow you and others here who disagree. My principles of non censorship and ideological diversity transcend partisanship… Now, if someone merely wants to troll and spew insults rather than contribute an idea, that’s a different story…

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      • Very fair of you. Have to say most leftists aren’t like you. And, you may disagree with Trump for other reasons.

        However, from what I have been able to gather, the vast majority of those who oppose Trump have little to no comprehension of the Constitution, the Christian heritage of America, and are often badly indoctrinated by Google and Youtube algorithms, the schools and the media.

        After having conversed with 10,000 liberals, at least, my experience has been that 90% of them have never read 5 of the 204 biographies of the Founders, and 90% have never read 8 conservative news sites for 2 months of their entire lives (National Review, Townhall, Washington Examiner, Washington Times, American Thinker, Whatfinger.com, BarbWire, WND). 90% of Conservatives can name all the liberal fake news sites. Huffington Post, CNN, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, NBC, PBS, NPR, the Washington Post, the NY Times, and the rest of the liberal media.

        So, the disconnect appears to be liberals are overwhelmingly not aware of THOROUGH OVERVIEWS OF HISTORY, or both sides of the news. They are often lazy thinkers, who are far too emotional, though you appear to be an exception, to think things through. Critical thinking requires objective facts, and the left has all kinds of subjective logical fallacies to support the myths they believe in, from climate change, to police brutality, to systemic racism, to voter suppression, to the Founders all had slaves and stole the Indians land.

        Facts don’t care about feelings, and so the left has to learn that this entitlement attitude they’ve been taught, along with the Sophism, has to go. Sophism claims, as you kind of harmonize with that ‘man is the measure of all things’. Well, man is not the measure of all things. Man is deeply flawed, and those of us who know our errors the most see the clearest.

        Of course, it’s a very rare liberal man who does not use pornography and/or drugs, and so when they come to talk to conservative women, because they are tired of the screeching women on the left, most aren’t looking to learn much more than human geography. LOL, sorry, not trying to cast aspersions on you.

        Most of us conservative men are pretty fact based, and we aren’t overly compassionate or empathetic, because we realize the truth will still be the truth, no matter how many temper tantrums the left throws, and we aren’t about to worship the God of the left, namely themselves.

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      • Well… not to disparage your stats or perceptions of the blight called Liberals… there are far more of “them” than Conservatives for a reason. Yet in the end they are still fellow Americans. Obviously from the number of Dem candidates not all Liberals have the same opinions on things.
        I can understand your frustration in this great divide. But I prefer the greater picture here (no to be confused with “the higher road”)… nothing is going to get solved unless there is some meeting in the middle. Make America great again? What does that even mean? What time period are the Trumpian Conservatives wanting to return to? Why is the desire to “go back” when America traditionally moves forward?


  5. “You have the right not to like Trump. Trump should be open to fair criticism and intense scrutiny as any other president should be.

    Criticize Trump just like any other politician, but be big enough to admit when he does something right. ”

    Wise words that often fall on deaf ears.

    But keep up the great work, and important fight!

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  6. You are one of the rare women in America who can see through the mist of the lies of the left. Trump is not the problem. Their weapons of mass distraction, the media and schools are the problem.

    Like you, I was hesitant to support Trump, but I voted for him, and am happy I did. Will never vote for another Democrat ever again in my life.

    This recent collusion nonsense was the biggest political scandal in American history. The left’s media, tech companies, and Democrats shamelessly conspired to circumvent the will of the American people. This is wicked and evil, and they must be punished. Awesome overview of SPYGATE, on Whatfinger.com from an excerpt from EpochTimes. https://www.theepochtimes.com/spygate-the-inside-story-behind-the-alleged-plot-to-take-down-trump_2833074.html

    Hope you enjoy! Great writing!

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  7. I couldn’t agree more. I have had arguments with a coworker who says that President Trump is a racist and when I ask her to name one thing that Trump has done that is racist she says, ” It doesn’t matter if he has done or said things that are racist it is my opinion that he is one”. Like, NO! You can’t simply call someone a racist with out backing it up with something. If you think Trump is a racist with out proof then you must think I am a racist for sure.

    You don’t have to like the guy but don’t say things that don’t make sense or that are fabricated.

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      • Don’t we all? How do you know what reality is? After reading your piece here, it doesn’t seem as though you’re paying much attention to it either. Trump is not a racist? Really? Tell me why? Because he hired a black person once? His dear ole Dad, Freddie, was arrested on 1928 at a KKK meeting in Brooklyn NY. Freddie’s a well know racist and was sued by the City of New York for discriminating against blacks and Hispanics in their housing/rental transactions. Conrad Trump was also involved, back in the 70’s. Look it up, it’s in the public record. Much more to come……stay tuned!


      • I could care less if Trump’s racist or simply a disconnected old white guy who just carries with him verbal racial rhetoric from a previous generation or two that cared little for political correctness. But if it matter so much… here’s a link to the New York Times that lists Trump’s racial-ness…

        I personally don’t think he’s overtly or intentionally racist but rather the latter from above… an old guy with old perceptions mixed with a behavioral lack of social self-discipline.


      • Here’s the problem with that idea.. you see, it’s easy to say, “Well, Hillary had her damn emails, Comey not prosecuting her, Benghazi, Whitewater, the alleged shady (to Conservatives) Russian uranium deal, some nonsense about the dossier, Hubby Bill teasing the Conservatives with a tamac visit to visit AG Lynch on her plane that was for not other reason that to form secret plans and secret handshakes to take away more Constitutional rights… yada, yada. Point being, the average person (you don’t even have to be an educated elite!) can pretty much rattle of why they hate Hillary. Ask someone why they hate Trump… well, there you have an entirely different story. After two years it’s almost as if “Where do I start? How do I count the ways?”. So the fact that a person or persons have a tough time explaining whatever their feelings are against Trump so some Conservative can shoot it all down because each Conservative knows exactly what Trump means (which is not usually what he says)… well, you can see the dilemma. Fortunately in my case I easily recognized Trump’s behavioral nature-vs-nurture, run amok mentality, before Jan. 20, 2017, hence I wanted the guy out right off the bat for that alone. That’s MY justification. To which Conservatives will ask me, “Are you a psych professional and did you meet with him to evaluate him to reach your conclusion?”.
        From that I will reply with a shrug, “Nope, and nope. Does it matter?.”


    • @RaPaR,

      There is zero objective evidence that suggests Trump is a racist. Virtually no one in America thought of him as a racist before he announced he was running for President, but since the Democrats get 90% of the black vote, and couldn’t afford to lose any, they had to pull their usual disinformation tactic, and throw Trump under the bus as a bona fide KKK Grand Dragon. LOL.

      It doesn’t matter who it is, any white person who runs as a Republican, will be tarred as a ‘RAcissss’ by the liberal media. Meanwhile, they hide the massive flaws of their own candidates. Bet you don’t know who Larry Sinclair, Mia Pope, and Donald Young are? That’s because the liberal media doesn’t tell you. If you knew who they were, you’d never dream of supporting Hussein Obama. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zdB26nlKOUI. Of course, the leftist identity politics toolbox calls everyone who disagrees a ‘racist, xenophobe, sexist, homophobe, etc’. And, with Google, you can look up all kinds of disinformation to refute the truth. By using Google and Youtube, (if you don’t know both sides, which I doubt you can name 7 conservative websites you’ve read for 2 months of your life), you’ll be down a liberal rabbit hole, and will be impervious to the truth, which is the problem with nearly half of Americans currently.

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  8. One of the best written analyses of what’s happening that I have read. Totally on board a/ comments, though I also blame MSM for misleading many who hate Trump because they do not report on cable or written news ANY objective data about our President & his accomplishments.

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  9. As usual, I agree with you. The left’s opposition to Trump is more childish tantrum than reasoned debate based on principles. The two dissenting comments posted thus far are examples of that. The left condemns Trump for his locker room talk when it unabashedly gave Bill Clinton and Ted Kennedy a pass. Even after Muller’s report indicates that he found no case that Trump colluded with the Russians, the left perseverates on the claim. At the same time, we heard nothing from the left about Russian and other countries’ payments to Bill Clinton and the Clinton Foundation while Hillary was Secretary of State. A principle holds regardless of whether it helps your side or not. The left’s track record tells me that their positions are based on political expedience rather than principle.

    Whenever I have a political discussion with someone on the left, I find myself more convinced in my opposition. All I hear from the left is emotional, ad hominium invective and that tells me that they have no substantive arguments to offer. In addition, the insistence on baseless, clearly fabricated charges against their opposition, for example the Clinton funded dossier that we now see was the source for the collusion charge or the obviously false accusations against then supreme court nominee Kavanaugh, tell me that the left will do anything to get their way. The left appears unconcerned about what appears to have been blatant abuse of the FISA process to spy on the Trump presidential campaign. Because it involved the courts, the FBI and other government agencies, that seems to surpass anything that happened during the Nixon administration. I fear that the more power they get, the more ruthless the left will become.

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    • Most Republicans don’t support Trump, per se. We understand the Constitution stands for small government, virtue (http://www.liberty1.org/virtue.htm), low regulations, low taxes, and opposes nearly everything the Democrat party platform stands for. We understand Trump has flaws, but that he is one million times better than any Democrat in America. We tend to dismiss his flaws because we see the dysfunctional values and attacks on the First and Second Amendment the Democrat party is continually launching.

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      • Ok.. so you like Trump for what he apparently represents to you. Has the country been improved in the last two years toward any of your visions you support?


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