An Open Letter to The Every Day Liberal…

*The original term used to address the Left wasn’t as neutral as I wanted it to be for the tone of my letter, so I changed it. Thanks Doug in the comments and a few fellow conservative followers for pointing that out. (Yes, I will admit to and fix what I believe to be my mistakes…) In the spirit of what I’m trying to say, I hope this edit helps a bit. Mea culpa 😉 If you are reading it for the first time, never mind…

Dear every day Liberal,

Yes you. The average Joe or Jane on the street. My fellow classmates, co-workers, professors, friends, family members. The ones I eat lunch with, work with on projects, hang out after work with, are at my dinner table during the holidays, at my birthday party, who taught me new things in class and who I shared ideas with outside of class. This isn’t addressed to the corrupt hypocritical Lefty politicians in Washington, or Soros, or the multitude of the insane Lefties on the news every night. This isn’t addressed to you, Obama, or Clinton, or Warren, or Cortez or any of the other nutcases! This is addressed to the average guy and girl I see everyday on the street, and are a part of my life:

You’re quite a paradox in my mind. The Left is the party of much intolerance and hypocrisy. Black and white thinking, doing what feels good over what is good, living in “your reality” versus the reality. Crying #MeToo wearing pussy hats, or climbing statues in protest. Hating the guns or the walls which protect us, and the country and culture that made us so great, and the dream of the world. Denying the reality of a generation of broken homes, or applauding promiscuity while denigrating marriage. Attacking a man who provides and protects the weak, calling it “toxic” while saying you’re against sexism while telling women they have to be like men to be worth anything as a human being. Demanding the world owes you handouts for victimization done generations ago, to dictating what words we can use in case we offend someone. And so on and so on…

That said, many of my Liberal peers and professors have been truly kind and accepting people in real life. Far from the raging protester at the rallies on the news, they’ve been the ones to say “hi” to me and let me hang out with them. You’re the one who sat with me at lunch that day in high school when you saw me alone and built a friendship with me. You’re the one who comforted me when I went through some personal troubles. You’re the one who lets me take pictures with you and your friend group at events. You’re the one I could talk to after class on a multitude of academic topics, and appreciated my insights in the classroom. You’re the one that “got” that reference I hinted at in a joke because like me, you know the science or history I was referring to. You’re the one who listened at least partially with an open mind to my challenge of your view in class. You’re the one at the table during the holidays, or the one who spends time with me, as your niece, cousin, grandchild, and such, and loves me unconditionally as family. You’re genuinely a kind, loving person who can make an awesome loyal friend, wonderful teacher or devoted family member.

However, you still believe, at least moderately, in the #MeToo movement, social justice, reparations for victimhood, the idea that white privilege is a thing, guns are bad, walls are bad, our president is a racist, sexist, and should be impeached, illegals are our responsibility to look after, “acceptance” means no criticism or critique of any group (unless of course, they’re conservative), manhood is “toxic”, and to believe in “your truth”. So, how can what seemingly sounds like a Jekyll and Hyde situation be compatible in one person? Seemingly intolerant and radical on one hand, yet a good friend, kind person, good professor or loving family member on the other? I think I found one possible answer:

You are on the Left because of your kindness… Now, with all the before mentioned, how on Earth is that possible, when the Left so far has been far from kind! Thing is, I think you see your Left leaning views as an extension of your kindness. I know you to be a kind, genuinely accepting person. Someone who wants to treat everyone according to the Golden Rule. Who doesn’t want to be an exclusionary bully. Make people feel bad. Turn people in need away. Who is selfless and gives yourself to others at every opportunity. And most importantly, have been taught for years the Left is the party of kindness, tolerance, acceptance and open mindedness. To you, the Left is the way forward out of the dark days of racism, sexism and discrimination. You’re not the politicians in Washington who know they’re gaming the system and are being selfish, or the true radicalized Lefty with a genuine hatred for anyone except people like you. You earnestly feel most likely, that the Left’s politicians are making true change for the better. You’re just an average person, trying to do the right thing, and the Left has told you if you’re a kind accepting person, they’re the party for you!

Trouble is, despite this, I’m still afraid if you knew I was conservative you’d shun me. No, you don’t know my politics in real life. I deliberately stay away from talking about it openly in fear of ostracism and discrimination. Now, I know my readers are thinking, “Well some friends! They’re not so tolerant after all!” But hold on a moment! Consider why some might react so strongly. It may not be due to their conscious desire to discriminate, but because they were taught from day 1 conservatives stand for everything that they don’t like and are the bullies, and who wants to be friends with a nasty old bully? Certainly not me! No one wants to be friends with someone they feel is bigoted, intolerant, closed minded and makes others feel bad! I sure wouldn’t if I thought that about someone. In fact, most kind people would shun that person out of their values of kindness!

Thing is, I and other conservatives are not the “bullies” the Left programmed you to believe! Like you, the average conservative is just a plain old person, who is as kind as you are. We want equality for all too, just not special treatment. We want to solve society’s issues and fight for what’s fair and just, but we want to follow the facts, even if unflattering or undesirable. We are proud of our country and our culture, but not deluded by it. We want to give you the voice that was once stolen from you, but also keep ours too without being accused of silencing you yet again. We treat everyone who comes in our doors and in our country with the respect and dignity entitled to human beings. We will fight by your side for any denied rights, but we don’t want to take responsibility for justices we never personally committed against you either. We value both men and women, but understand equal does not have to mean identical. We joke around, sometimes off color jokes too, and don’t say “PC” words, but that doesn’t mean we truly believe in hurtful messages and would feel awful if we truly hurt someone we cared about. We want to help others less fortunate with our kindness, but we also want to determine who is worthy of such kindness, and our limited resources. Yes, some people do mistake kindness for weakness and will take advantage! If you give kindness, you should also get kindness back.

We too will be your friends, co-workers, teachers, loving family members, and include you too. Think of it: If I were so “intolerant” as you might think if you were to know my true political opinions, why would I still hang out with you? Be your friend? Or enjoy your knowledge and what you can teach me in class instead of dismissing you as a “snowflake” with nothing to offer me academically? Or why would I be open to bonding with you when you come to visit during family gatherings if I truly were the “bully” the Left brainwashed you to believe!

Instead of only seeing our political affiliations when we hang out the next time, why don’t we see each other as multi dimensional people and our politics only one side of our many sides? Let’s talk about our goals and dreams. Maybe even our ideas about the world and society with open minds to our differences as well as our agreements. Maybe one day, we can have a hearty debate then shake hands after 🙂 I hope one day I can come out of my own “conservative closet” and you’d give me the same open mindedness and acceptance you give others. One day, I hope you see me as the nuanced multidimensional person I am, just as I am trying harder to see you as too. We have our politics, but they don’t define all we are as people. I don’t want to be a puppet on a string, or a sheeple for some higher ups pushing an agenda telling me to revile those who think differently than I, do you? So dear every day Liberals, let’s forget the labels and just be friends.


—A Lady of Reason, and fellow human being…

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  1. Another big difference is that a liberal tends to believe almost all people are really good and only a small number of people are looking to harm others

    A conservative is more likely to believe that truly evil people exist and to watch out for them.

    So in the difference in many policies a Conservative sees open borders slow for human trafficking, allows an unnatural growth rate to a society. . Ore people can enter than we have homes and infrastructure to support. Also financially the US that represents less than ten percent of the world population can’t just feed the world with imaginary food and money.

    A liberal will see any attempt to say we need to screen the border as an attempt to say we can’t help the world and that is bad to not want to help

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  2. I’ve thought this too. They just want to be nice but don’t see how the other side is trying to be nice but from a different viewpoint. It makes me sad. Because I have lost friends and family because they can’t get passed the labels they claim to hate for themselves!

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  3. I’ve said many of these things to Liberals before, pointing out that when it came down to it, we all agreed on the basics, we just disagreed on how to approach them. But we can’t reach the BEST conclusion without a give-and-take collaboration between both sides to assure the results are both logical AND caring. Shutting off that collaboration doesn’t teach anyone a lesson, it just further divides America. Dems like to blame us and the President for the division between the parties, but the day after the 2016 election, they unfriended so many of their Conservative friends to punish them for not voting Democrat!! As though treating their friend like a pariah was going to influence that person to change their mind. Basically, the ones crying about division the most took that divide and made it as wide as the Grand Canyon!!! I wish they could step outside themselves and just try to view their actions with an unprejudiced eye – I think they’d see that their “caring” rings quite hollow in light of their actions if they’re rioting and carrying on like a bunch of toddlers in need of a good smack on the bottom and a nap.

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      • That’s exactly most of the problem – it’s hard to work with people who scream labels at you any time you disagree with them. Until they stop shrieking like four year olds, it’s going to be hard to get anything done with them. They’re so attuned to picking up on even the slightest of perceived insults and blowing them out of proportion. They doxx and harass and basically show themselves to be the bullies they accuse us of being. Their ability to project is simply mind-boggling!!! We can only hope they will grow up in the next ten years and learn how to get on in life without throwing fits every five minutes.

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    • I like your remarks as they tend to be more along the encouraging lines I have been pushing. BUT… understanding our differences also includes going back to try and piece together how the divisiveness originated. From your vantage point you observed immediately following the 2016 results liberals allegedly split from their previous position of cooperation. Now… not to necessarily defend liberals… but can you give a guess as to why they (the liberals) ending up shunning their conservative “friends”? Three guesses come to mind.. and there could be more theories as well. But consider these three…

      1. The complete shock & awe that Trump won. The win was legitimate, but the win was not reflective of the popular vote..hence it ended up being a quirk in the electoral system. But still was a legitimate win.. and a complete shock given Trump’s totally non-traditional campaign and his totally amazing behavioral anomalies and immoral behavior. While his base was whooping it up in victory, 55% of the country was in a stiff shock.. and Trump supporters absolutely did not care… and to this day they are numb to this. Trumpsters like to assign liberals having sour grapes over Hillary loosing. It wasn’t that so much as it was Trump winning. If you notice.. no Dems are clamoring for a Hillary comeback in 2020.

      2. Hillary didn’t win and while conservatives literally hated her, there were a significant number of liberals that assumed, her credentials far exceeded anything Trump could conjure up.. plus, by comparison, her morals were intact. She won the popular vote but that’s just a near miss and only counts in future election strategy.

      3. This is the critical reason… Trump’s notorious persona, outlandish rhetoric, childish behavior, ill-experience, ignorant of facts, and racial innuendos meant that anyone who contributed to putting this guy in office is as guilty as this guy of encouraging and contributing to all the above. Whether this is true or not, it likely was in the minds of those liberals who thought they had conservative friends who loved their country. Of course Trump supporters love their country… but in the presence of the shock & awe of loosing.. and everything that has transpired in the last two years, it’s not difficult for a liberal (and non-liberals like myself) to wonder exactly what their conservative friends were hoping to accomplish.

      Again.. likely not a total list.. but when you want to understand the here and now of our divisiveness you gotta go back to the day it started.. in order to determine where we go from here.


      • As you were kind enough to enumerate your reply, I will follow suit with the problems I have with your statements:

        1. You ask: “can you give a guess as to why they (the liberals) ending up shunning their conservative ‘friends’?” Those quotation marks create the supposition that, because someone didn’t vote exactly as you wanted, they weren’t really your friend. That is a sad and very immature attitude to have, demanding all your “friends” be basically Non-Playable Characters that regurgitate everything you say and do everything you do. I feel very sorry for you because you are living in an Echo Chamber and denying yourself a variation of friends who will make you a more well-rounded Playable Character. Again, that’s very sad.
        2. So, it was okay when Obama won his first term, and your side went completely ape shouting “IT’S CHANGE!!” (See the South Park episode “About Last Night” if you need a refresher on your behaviour), but Conservatives are meant to sit on their hands and play the quiet game so you could pout and mourn in silence??? SERIOUSLY??? You point out how unlikely he was to win, then damn us for celebrating the biggest surprise election in modern history??? How selfish can you possibly be? How out of touch to expect people who have waited eight years to elect a real president to not celebrate because you’re mourning that your candidate was a LOSER. And another thing, we are a REPUBLIC. That means that the popular vote doesn’t mean jack, so get over it. You’d be all for the Electoral College if the situation had been reversed and you know it. Time to get over it and move on.
        3. “plus, by comparison, her morals were intact.” SERIOUSLY??? Are you TRYING to make me laugh??? Hillary Clinton has more immorality in her little finger than Trump has in his entire body!! Where do you want to start? White Water? Shaming Bill’s rape victims?Benghazi? Destroying emails?Classified info on unsecured bathroom servers? URANIUM ONE??? All the people connected to her that were murdered or just up and decided to commit suicide, interrupting their packing for a trip to do so in one case?? THE FAKE DOSSIER for which she COLLUDED WITH RUSSIA????? You seriously need to stop listening to CNN because you obviously aren’t getting the truth about this hag. You have been fed a load of horse manure and you never even stopped to ask what you were eating!! Research her for yourself and see what all you find. Morals intact, my Aunt Fannie!! 🙄
        4. What did we accomplish by electing Donald Trump?? Here’s a compiled list: Basically, Trump has done in two years what very few presidents can accomplish in eight. He’s brought peace to Korea and is nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. People in Europe call for a leader like him to fight off the Socialist globalization movement. The Q Movement has spawned Anons across the globe and our numbers grow everyday. We’re getting exactly what we voted for, and if you’d stop crying that the sky is falling long enough to look around, you might see that everything is just fine. Stop being such a thin-skinned sore loser and allow us to have our celebration without thinking it’s at your expense because I promise you, NOT ONE OF YOU crossed our minds when we celebrated. It was only at your expense because you paid into it that it was, when it had NOTHING to do with you personally. Again, you have a very immature view of yourself and the world if you think a winning side shouldn’t celebrate when they win because you’re in mommy’s basement crying into your pink pussyhat. Seriously, are you a toddler???
        5. How many times do you need to repeat everything you find wrong with the President? And do you have any examples of these epithets you hang on him? Do you know how much he’s done for the Black Community before and now? Do you not see that, just because he won’t kiss the asses of 10,000 tiny minority groups, that he hasn’t taken any rights away from them? That’s the problem with you Liberals – you say we Conservatives shouldn’t see colour or gender, yet you divide yourselves up into tiny microcosms of race or with like-minded people and then divide women and men into 10,000 categories of gender and throw tantrums if we misgender you when you look like a dude but feel “pretty” on the inside. And the bigotry against us, not to mention the racism against whites and the attacks on religion that seethes under your false masks of inclusion. You’re all lying to yourselves and lying to the world that you’re “inclusive” when you actively harass, doxx, abuse and commit hoaxes to lay on Conservatives. I’ve seen such racism, bigotry, weaponization of homosexuality, etc. coming from your side and ya’ll NEVER, EVER apologize when you’re wrong. You just erase your tweets and move on to the next outrage without apologizing to people you’ve wrongly maligned. You all act like children and it’s appalling. The hypocrisy could choke a horse!!!

        In conclusion, you are terribly childish to expect the world to kiss your butt and follow your every move. You have duped yourself into thinking you’re super important and you demand attention. You are all extremely offensive people who are filled with Trump Derangement and your entire essay is a tribute to its exacerbation. Whatever will you do until 2024?? I suggest you suck it up, grow the eff up, get a REAL life – not a virtual one – and open yourself up to new people and experiences because we are NOT the evil ones that are committing crimes and hoaxes against us and yourselves – that’s YOU.

        Welcome to the Democratic Party!!

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      • Exactly, the Democratic Party is the source and you feed into it by buying their 🐮💩 hook, line and sinker. Wake up and #WalkAway. Seriously, stop watching the networks for news – look it up for yourself and decide for yourself what YOU think, and know that you’re thinking for yourself and no one controls you but YOU!! Then you’ll see that Republicans aren’t as “evil” as you’ve been told. Look, I can see you have a big heart, and that’s awesome, but you have to one day come to terms with the fact that you can’t save the world when your own country is floundering. The US is achieving so much that Obama and Hillary swore would never happen. You’re wrong about him and you’re very wrong about the rest of us. We didn’t drop our Democrat friends for voting for Obama, btw.

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      • You took what I originally said way out of context and just fed back to me the usual conservative vitriolic same-old. I thought we might dialog on trying to fix the divide. Your approach is condescending and you are very judgmental. Since we both have attitudes toward each other it might be best we not use up thread space in embarrassing ourselves more than we have in here.
        BTW.. I’m a card carrying Republican.. even a member of the NRA. No sense presuming to think you might know me.


  4. I could relate to this so much all of my CoWorker are left-leaning but I don’t hate them and they don’t hate me for my right-leaning thoughts. Then only time we disagree is when we talk about Trump and one of them who thinks Obama is their god but other than that we are like family.

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  5. I would focus more on my distrust of government and their policies. Where I live in Canada the further left you go the more control they take in your life.

    And if people are in need I will easily explain that yes we can have government give about ten cents in the dollar collected to help those in need after taking admin costs. Or I can say I want it give money to good well run charities that get 80 to 90 cents on the dollar to those in need.

    The politicians promise to fix so many things but the only thing they are effective at is increasing wealth of themselves and their friends.

    Given the choice I will pick the devil that is cheaper and takes away less of my rights

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    • Well.. I can’t even dare to presume I know a thing about Canadian politics and I am not overly sure the definitions of liberal and conservative as we define it down here is similar or not. You might be in a better position given Americans are usually self-consumed and know very little of the outside world (we’re apparently in wall-building mode these days, in a lot more ways than just keeping out other human beings)


    • As a Canadian, I share your observations. What I found the strangest is, among people I knew (past tense for a reason!) that were the most defiantly leftist where US ex-pats. They openly hated the US (but kept their dual citizenship, so they could still vote in US – a country they never wanted to live in again), and anything remotely conservative in Canada. They couldn’t fathom how a Canadian like myself didn’t agree with their socialist views, and over time, they’ve all cut ties with me.

      I found it so perplexing. In some cases, when talking to liberal friends and family – some of whom are the kindest, most generous people I know – it becomes clear that they are missing a lot of information. So I can see why they believe the way they do. The more leftist they are, however, the more “lack of information” applies. They have the information, but it seems the more of it they get that runs counter to their “liberal” views, the more the reject it and the further extreme they become. People that, a few years back, I knew to be rational, intelligent and logical somehow evolved into pussy hat wearing, screaming in the streets, hateful, racist bigots who, while not necessarily violent themselves, condone and justify violence, so long as it’s aimed at “the enemy”.

      The problem with that is, I and others like me are now “the enemy.”

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      • As I suggested in another reply in this threat, perhaps we need to define extreme right and extreme left because one’s extremes is another’s moderation. In fact, what exactly constitutes liberal or conservatives views, because I’m telling you from experience.. the traditional poles are shifting.. at least here in the U.S., traditional republicanism from this new stuff that has traditional Dem concepts.. We might also want to include in that who or what constitutes the “enemy”.


      • Therein lies part of the problem; the definitions of “left” and “right” don’t mean anything anymore, so there is no way to properly define “extreme” of either.

        From my observations:
        to people who self identify as being “left”, anything short of Marx, Stalin or Mao is “alt-right”, “right wing” or “extreme right.” And this is true from what I’m seeing in both Canada and the US, and it seems to be increasingly true throughout Europe as well.

        To people who self-identify as “right”, my observations show a great deal of frustration at automatically being branded “far right”, “extremist”, “alt-right”, as well as the usual labels of racist, sexist, homophobe, islamophobe, etc., merely for existing, never mind daring to question leftist ideology (and, as Prager U put it well, leftism is an emotion, not a political view).

        Personally, I am finding it more difficult to debate with people who insist they are being “equal” or “neutral”, when they very clearly are not, no matter how much tangible, verifiable evidence was presented to show that one side was provably wrong. I find this used a lot to 1) refuse to admit they made a mistake in the first place and/or 2) try to make it look like they are morally superior by “taking the higher ground”, when they are provably doing the opposite. I don’t see that from people who self-identify as “right.”

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      • One diffence in Canada is any province could legally hold a vote to renegotiate their deal with Canada or even to leave the country and it is backed as a right by the supreme Court.

        So a government has a limit to how far it pushes around other parts of the country. The traditional eastern view made worse by a Quebec pm that has an even lower view of western Canada is to cause western separation to increase as a topic.

        As a Canadian from the West I see many US problems would be helped by giving more powers to states. If one state wants to be more conservative or liberal let them and you don’t need a government far removed from you saying what works best for your society or your economy.

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      • One of the primary concerns, reasons, idiosyncrasies, whatever, with states being more “independent” (for lack of a better word at the moment) is the mobility of our population. We rather enjoy carrying a particular way we expect local/state government to act or react when we travel to reside from state to state. Job changes, family mobility, educational opportunities, all kinds of things force our population mobility across state lines… sometimes many times in our lives. Uniform laws tend to favor an easier transition… and once we move to a new state we might want to support laws we experienced in another state. No question there are differences between states and even regions, but by and large those differences are adaptable and sometimes dismissed as curiosities for living there. More often laws based on certain moral affiliation tend to cause the most objections… like abortion, death penalty, firearm ownership requirements, education, etc. The civil rights struggle for equality in the Southern states during the 1960’s was just such a moral dilemma… the federal government intervening to enforce federal law over state law. Much of our current differences between states in their laws has to do with the Supreme Court deferring legal challenges back to the state level.
        My weak understanding of Canadian politics is that the Provincial structure is a bit different than a state function here. You mentioned the struggle with the “French” east trying to influence the Western provinces, seems to have been going on since I was in elementary school. I think Quebec has been trying to secede for decades. I had a friend working in the federal government up there.. a department similar to our Dept. of the Interior… and he complained when some requirement came down that all government employees (or was it elected officials?) had to learn French, regardless of their national posting.


      • I certainly can’t answer for any Americans but myself… but I submit that our politics is far less about some difference between liberalism and conservatism… it’s entirely about Trump and his blurring the traditional distinctions between the two and jumping on some nationalism bandwagon.

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      • Oh, hogwash. This shift was happening long before Trump. The most divisive president of all was Obama, working on an identity politics foundation that was already there, and the Dems are working hard to crack the divide even wider. The idea that Trump is responsible for this is laughable. It is very obvious during the last several campaigns, with the Dems using this divide as a weapon to destroy several good men. This time, they are doubling down after the election, because they still can’t accept losing to Trump. All his win did was get them to drop their masks of civility.

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      • You know, probably the most laughable thing of all from anti-Trumpers is this sudden demand for “civility.” Seriously? The Reps tried civil. Remember Cain? West? Carson? They got eaten alive. The Dems went after them on a personal level and tore them to shreds. Leftists like to demand “civility” from everyone but themselves. So along comes Trump, who won’t take their BS, and suddenly they’re clutching their pearls and swooning due to his lack of “civility.” It is a complete joke.

        No wonder so many liberals are walking away from the Dems and the current permutation of the “left.” They have no credibility.

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      • Uh.. Trump won’t take their BS because he’s a pro at handing out his own… constantly and with reckless abandon. It’s catching up with him… his day of reckoning is soon. All the king’s men have gotten indicted, imprisoned, investigated… and the trail is leading to him.

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      • Ahahahahaha!

        Oh, my goodness. You are so funny! Like, living in total opposite world. All evidence has been pointing *away* from him, in spite of witch hunt after witch hunt, desperately sifting through anything they can think off. These would be the same people who completely ignored and even defended blatantly illegal actions by the Dems and Obama for years. Oh, and that trail? Keeps leading back to Obama and Clinton!

        How is it that I, in Canada, am able to be more on top of this than someone in the US? (Rhetorical question, of course. I don’t expect a rational answer, at this point. *L*)

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      • I see you spend a lot of time in the blogosphere debating this kind of thing… the defiant defensiveness is apparent. I’m not a liberal… and I don’t even play at being one on the internet. My own blog represents my feelings regarding Trump himself as a person and his imposition of what’s being recognized as some bastardized Trumpian Republicanism spinoff… which does NOT represent traditional Republican values. And I am most certainly not some nationalist.. or even an evangelical. So if you need to get rhetorically assertive and defensive with Conservative values by dissing liberals and liberalism.. kinda wasted on me since I am not liberal. Trump may be Conservative but he’s no Republican… and he certainly is not qualified for the office which he holds.


      • You “see” that, do you? Really? Where? LOL You’re doing it again, though! Projecting things onto me. You really need to stop that. You’re making a fool of yourself.

        And all these other odd things you’re throwing in. Nationalism? Evangelical? Do you even know what those words mean? I mean, the actual dictionary definitions, not the new Google or leftist versions.

        I also never called you a liberal; I know you claim to be a conservative. From the looks of it, you have come up with all new definitions for the terms to suit your interests, and then expect the rest of the world to readjust itself to suit your world view. Too funny! For someone who claims to be a conservative, you’ve got the leftist NPC script down pat! Congratulations! LOL

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      • Well, shucks.. I’m glad you are able to judge the degree of which I may be making a fool of myself… and you’ve been so kind to point it out to me to avoid my personal embarrassment, lest I be unfairly held up to public scorn and ridicule.
        BTW.. your “nervous” LOL’s to somehow enhance your own importance in what you say while at the same time trying to diminish my own opinion… is certainly working on me very well, although I can’t answer for any other readers. You enjoy the “fight” more than the substance of what’s being said. Engaging in banter just to show whomever is bothering to read all this drivel that you can project your own importance into what to say… this is what blogging is all about. You got that down pat.


      • Dare I ask: Are you genuinely interested in my perspectives, or are you just here to whine about Trump without hearing why people genuinely support him? I have a few followers who are critical of Trump as well, and do disagree on some issues I write about as well, but they don’t come off as aggressive about it as you can…


      • I believe my earlier replies in here to you specifically have been fairly “unchallenging”.. please refer back and convey to me otherwise. Don’t confuse my replies to Re-Farmer as being reflective of my replies to you. She’s on her own agenda in laughing and belittling opinion because that’s her enjoyment in blogging. I first came in here as I do on other blogs to try and gain some perspective on Conservative thinking. I ask questions and present opinion to engage.. not to convince anyone of anything or impose my will. No one in here is going to change their opinion about anything. Now.. if you prefer a kumbaya blog of like-minded folks then let me know.


  6. The first King of Israel, King Saul, was punished horribly for misplaced Rachamim (kindness). His desire to show mercy at the wrong time caused millennium of suffering for the Jewish people and ultimately, the world.

    Thank you, Lady, for expressing the thought so well.

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  7. I think, ALR, your post mostly reflects the conflict within families with opposing political opinions.. on a small scale similar to the divisiveness of the Civil War.. except without the destructive cannon fire and rebel yell. 🙂 In know what you mean. Even in public settings, the current political climate is so conflicting it always seems to be the unmentioned elephant in the room.. just seething under the surface of weather talk or sports talk. And every once in a while when someone does give a hint of their opinion, left or right, liberal or conservative, Dem or Republican, and a slight bit of pressure gets released… I always accept the human part of that.. and I will laugh with them whichever side they are reflecting… not to patronize to avoid conflict but for nothing else than I totally understand why they said it.. at that point in time.. and to a total stranger of which they have no idea how I feel. It’s a complete gamble on their part but for the most part they are not asking for political affirmation.. but rather expressing the need to be human with another human being and expressing politics these days is a common frustration.

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  8. “To you, the Left is the way forward out of the dark days of racism, sexism and discrimination.” That’s their first mistake. Those are behind us, and for some reason their way forward is to “bring out the dead.” The way forward is about inclusion, not the exclusion of imaginary oppressors dancing around in their heads! They’ve become blind, deaf, and dumbed down to the fact they’ve turned into the very “oppressors” they despise!
    They’re THAT close to becoming as bad as cult leaders if they’re not already there!

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  9. Your open letter to the left points out one of the basics of conflict and propaganda, the idea that conflict requires demonization of the other side. That allows people treat others in ways that they would never otherwise consider decent. The skillful propagandist seeks to dehumanize the opposition with such terms as Fascist, racist etc, to get people to discount other points of view and view dissenters as the enemy. That just provokes a similar reaction by the other side and deepens the divide.

    I agree with you that those such as Obama, Clinton and Warren, who make a living by propaganda are beyond reasoning with. You could no more convince them to objectively consider a different point of view than you could talk a hungry dog away from a feeding bowl. The conflict is their living and they will never abandon it. The average person who just wants to live decently and be a good neighbor is the type of person who can be amenable to reason. The first step is to recognize that holding a different point of view does not make your neighbor an evil person. Most people want to be good to others and if they hold differing opinions on how to do that, perhaps they have different perceptions and underlying assumptions that cause them to form different opinions.

    That requires people to reason individually rather than follow the crowd’s group think. As you point out in your letter, people tend to be far more decent as individuals than they are in crowds. When people rely on the crowd’s hysteria to override their individual sense of decency they do things that they would never condone as individuals. Individuals can reason, crowds cannot.

    Reasoned debate on an issue benefits all sides. Unless you understand both sides of an argument you really don’t understand the issue. That doesn’t mean unquestioning acceptance of the other side’s position but a rational, fact based logical assessment of that position. That’s hard to do when you are shouting at each other. The propagandists won’t like that because they depend on emotionalism to foster the conflict on which they feed.

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    • It seems there’s this echo on this thread that Conservatives are simply real average folks and you want to be recognized for having an opinion without all the vitriol divisiveness.. then in the same breath you diss and bash lefties.. liberals, whatever for be propagandists. Even the nick you’ve chosen does NOTHING toward universal understanding.
      Your remark could be summed up with what you wrote…
      “Unless you understand both sides of an argument you really don’t understand the issue.” No one thus far in this thread has exhibited ANY sign of understanding a thing about the other side. Consider this for a moment… why would an anti-Trumper (but no liberal), want to engage in this obviously conservative blog? To me the waste of time is not joining some blog where everyone agrees and each post is a kumbayah. I am here to try and keep current in the why’s and wherefor’s of pro-Trump opinion. Let’s be honest here… nothing I say or do or post is going to change a person’s opinion.. nor is anyone in here likely to change mine. Yet I take the time to challenge when I feel something needs a challenge.. and I measure the response for my own personal perceptions. This doesn’t make me any better than the next guy… but I’m not going around protected by internet anonymity and raising hell just to push a personal agenda. You see, we are all Americans here and we have a divisive President who loves conflict. Our “enemy” is not each other… it’s the ignorance displayed in the a White House that is unable to unify the nation because he simply doesn’t want to.


      • But the reasonable people on the left are harmed by the minority far left. A far left as crazy as the neo Nazis and as racist in how they want to keep society into unbreakable races and people unable to move in life becaue of sins of the past.

        The left needs to push back on their own extreme left and not allow the story of all Conservatives being Nazis and racists to be told, because it isn’t true.

        Most on the left are fine and reasonable but many in control of power are far far left and non tolerant of other views. The left needs to take back the left from something more dangerous.

        The racist Nazis hold little political power on the right but the racist left has a lot of power

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      • Maybe we need to define the extremes. Seems in a lot of cases, one person’s “extreme” is another person’s “normal”. ALR’s post here kinda illustrates this idea that while we all want our children.. our descendants, to have our own definition of a wonderful world that we favor in the here-and-now that can be carried forward into some future for them, that our own children and descendants very possibly may not have our same views in what that world should be. Your grandkids can look back and completely disagree with the world you helped create for them. We all do that now when we look back on the views of our own ancestors. Like Einstein suggested, it’s all dependent on where you are positioned that gives you the perspective.


  10. Starting from your first line.. “Dear Everyday Lefty…” you set the tone of your “letter”. Two thirds of this thing was bashing those “lefties” that offend you… and all this leads to you wanting to bury the hatchet and ask for moderation toward YOUR political views? Consider this.. replace every reference to “lefties” and substitute “conservatives” and you have the entire essence of our national divide. I’ll be using your “letter” here as a subject of a post on my own blog.


  11. Love this and hope you’d have the same amount of friends after coming out, but the intolerance of the left is so one-sided that unfortunately your (our) friends would be the real loser.

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