Equally Treated : Equally Criticized

Criticism: Everyone gives it, everyone gets it! This has been known to all who have ever had an opinion about anything! Even more benign topics than politics or morality, such as pineapple on pizza, is it gross or tasty? Chocolate or vanilla? Dog lover or cat lover? The list goes on and on in our everyday lives we don’t even think of, nor truly care about if someone happens to have a different idea of what they like. Of course though, when the stakes are a little higher than “what’s for lunch?” disagreements get more heated! From gay rights, to religion, to racial issues, gender issues, foreign policy, etc…etc… issues that will affect countless people other than yourself, disputes on how to handle them provoke far more conflict.

Issues that both sides of the aisle can agree needed change, such as blatant racism, segregation, the oppression of women, intolerance for different lifestyles, religions, etc… that led to violence, threats and out and out bigotry, have been addressed and still are. I think we can all agree it was a good thing to stop segregation, lynch mobs, slavery etc… or stop treating wives and children as property, or letting women reap the rights and duties as citizens of this country too. Or to be more open minded to a changing society and learning about those who are different from ourselves. We’ve come along way from a century ago and many things I’ll admit I’m glad we can leave behind in the history books.

However, there comes a new issue with this newfound freedom many groups now enjoy alongside us: The pendulum swinging too far the other way! See, I don’t mean that in the sense they are too equal and should be put back in a state of disadvantage and inequality again, but in their right and just equality with the traditional “majority”, they feel in order to be our equal, they must become our superior! How is this?

Well, take the issue of criticism. It is true many minority groups feel that if a member of the majority group criticizes any aspect about them, this must mean that the criticizer wants to revoke their equality in this country and set them back a century! Now, in a way, I can get an understanding of why some may feel this way. If you genuinely feel that the group who gave you your equality is bitter and resentful and wants any excuse to find a way to revoke it, then yeah, I can understand that. Or if historically, that group had a voice and you didn’t, you might feel that when today, your former “oppressors” speak up and critique something, it can bring flash backs of that earlier time where you didn’t have a voice to respond.

Trouble is of course, just because you feel a certain way, doesn’t make it true! Just because something “feels” like past oppression, doesn’t mean it is. For one example, a brutally honest critique of a minority group doesn’t always mean that the person making the criticism does it out of hatred or bigotry for that race. It may sound very harsh and uncharitable to hear, but that person may have a valid point. If one says that for example, the Black community is disproportionately affected by crime and has a 75% illegitimacy rate, and this should change to build better communities and families, unless these assertions came out of thin air and are false, it is a valid criticism that needs to be addressed. Just because, say, the person noting this was White, doesn’t mean they say this out of ill will, bigotry and hatred for the black community, anymore than when fellow Black leaders such as Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell say it. No more “racist” than when someone in the Black community wishes to offer a criticism of White people and ask them to address something that they feel needs fixing, such as racial bias…

Or look at Native Americans. Reservations often have similar issues with crime and gangs. Child abuse and alcoholism are rife. So is poverty, and no, it’s not solely “the white man’s fault!”. Does bringing this up beyond blaming white people mean that person hates Indians? Not necessarily! You don’t need to be Native American to see the devastation alcoholism and poverty had affected many of their communities! Perhaps maybe, just maybe, the outsider who raised the issue genuinely wants to help and to do so, must bring it out into the open?

Every society has things that are good, and things that need to be looked at with a critical eye and addressed. Hiding one’s need for change behind labels such as “racist” and making excuses that only your group can ever critique your society when the issues at hand are plain for all to see, lets a blind eye be turned to pressing issues as of course no one likes being criticized and told they need change! If the only people who can criticize you are you, then how honest will you really be with yourself??? Outside 3rd parties help eliminate some internal bias or even just shortsightedness for things an insider may take for granted. An obvious fabrication and lie told about a group is not the same as a proven fact that happens to be unflattering being called out in the open by others. A criticism is not the same as slander!

A slightly different circumstance but related to the idea of being immune from any outside criticism is happening to the gay community. It’s now the law of the land gays have the same civil rights, including a legal marriage here in the United States. In fact, being gay is becoming more and more accepted and less stigmatized. I know plenty of gay people, who are just like you and me, have jobs, go to school, like the same things, and are probably among your friends, classmates, coworkers, your favorite celebrity, etc…  From even a few decades ago, the LGBT community has made immense strides in being socially accepted and are being represented exponentially in the media and in society.

However, this apparently is not enough. Despite all the acceptance as well as gaining the clear legal right they wanted to see happen nationwide, they now demand that no one can ever criticize or disagree with their lifestyle. Look, some people have religious objections to the gay lifestyle. Some find it distasteful in their personal opinion. There is still opposition to gay marriage. And yes, instances of threats and violence and bullying have affected the gay community. Thing is though, there is a vast difference between those who do actual violence and threats towards gay people, and those who in their private opinion, don’t embrace the idea of being gay for religious reasons or otherwise. Many of these people would never threaten a gay family, or do violence against them. Those that do are a very small minority who we can all agree are in the wrong regardless of their opinions!

No one is entitled to force people to like and embrace your choices in life. You have the right under federal law to be gay and to be free from threats and violence as much as any other citizen in this country. What you don’t have the right to however, is to make everyone embrace your choices or else be labeled a “bigot!” and demonized. I personally don’t mind gay people and nor does my family who would love me just as much if I were gay myself. What I do mind though, is the idea that any valid criticism of the gay community, or someone’s personal distaste for the gay lifestyle must be stamped out and compelled to agree with it in the name of “acceptance”. No, not everyone has to “accept” your choices in their personal opinions!

Still don’t understand? Take my own personal example. I’m an atheist, and a “minority” within the conservative community. Some of my fellow religious conservative peers say things about atheism and non-believers I can find too harsh and un-nuanced, such as the idea that my non-belief means I don’t have any real moral code based in anything real. Or that my life is unfulfilled and I must be angry and bitter. Now, I will argue against these assertions about my non-belief, but I will never demand religious people stop criticizing atheists to spare my “delicate feelings”! They have just as much right to their own opinion and criticisms about my lifestyle choice to be an atheist as a fellow atheist. Many religious people may find atheism distasteful, and that’s okay. The beauty of this country is we can all have our own opinions! Now, it crosses a line if they were to threaten me or openly discriminate against me, but again, criticism alone does NOT equal discrimination! I can be a non-believer in this country just as you can be gay, and we both have the legal right to be what we are. What more should we demand??? Anything beyond that to me smacks of entitlement!

To sum all this up in general for everyone, no one is immune from criticism, nor is entitled to be! As a conservative as well, don’t I and many of my fellow patriots know it! 😉 We don’t demand the Left never criticize us. Just don’t threaten us and our families, bar us from jobs, and ostracize us from society. Nor do we seek to stifle the voices of minorities, women, gays, etc… as in the past. We just want to still let our voices be heard alongside yours now. We do want equality for all in this country. But equality means we all can be equally criticized as well as equally heard! And don’t forget of course, of you want to be free from criticism, then don’t feel entitled to hurl it at others, like straight, white cisgendered males for instance! 🙂

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47 thoughts on “Equally Treated : Equally Criticized

  1. For some interesting and strange reason, in my childhood, I was not taught how to accept a correct critique of my actions and opinions. Anyone who criticized me was met with more force than was really necessary to the issue. My parents divorced when I was young and my sister and I went back and forth between our parents, about every 6 months. As an adult, with some counseling, I have learned that most of my childhood was spent in “survivor” mode. I would propose that being in “survivor” mode is a good reason that other people can not hear a valid critique of their actions and opinions. Fear is running rampant in USA and I feel that fear is being stoked on purpose.

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  2. Excellent post as usual! I believe Voltaire once said that if you want to know who rules you look to whom you are not allowed to criticize. To me, that indicates the left’s attempt to immunize certain groups from criticism is a power grab and an attempt to disenfranchise anyone who disagrees with the left.
    In addition, I think that you made an important point that it is a mistake to look at every criticism as an attack. If someone points out real faults, the question should be whether the criticism is accurate rather than what is the critic’s race, religion etc. Ad hominium dismissal of critics is just an excuse for not dealing with the facts. Unless we take a hard look at the facts, we can’t make intelligent decisions. On the surface living in a dream world of entitlement and dependency might seem attractive but in the long run hard facts are stubborn things and cannot be ignored.

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  3. God-Given-Free-Will and Blessed to live in a free country but mere men and women would take those freedoms away from us, rob us of our very freedoms of thought? Whether it’s the dogma of political trend, pop-culture,or organized religion; our minds were ignited to make choices that result in consequences both good, bad, or thirdly, indifferent.
    I wish we could give back some lands, and I thought that we did, altho, the reservations are hardly a life-style worthy of these great peoples. I wish things had turned out better for them, as well as for other races who have struggled. Some brought here against their will, some everything was taken from them, some just trying to make a better life in a better place only to be mocked and prejudiced and turn it back around on us.
    If we all don’t agree that sometimes we disagree I fear we shall disintegrate.

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  4. God-Given Free-Will in a free country; and there are some who want to take our freedoms of thought away?! We ARE blessed to be living in America but yet our very own citizens hate America, and those who break borders to get here hate it too?! Go figure?

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  5. Excellent points!! It’s seems the left not only don’t want to be criticized but they want to destroy anyone who does or thinks anything that they find intolerable. Unfortunately the left has become the very thing they have always said they hated, intolerant fascist bigots!

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  6. Hi Lady, long time no see. I see what you say, but I want to say some things.

    Regarding the Native Americans, you know the bad history between them and the US, so finding a path of embetterment will not be easy.

    Also, I would like to address your atheism and morality issue. While I agree that some religious believers should be more nuanced on the whole atheism and morality issue, there is a crucial philosophical issue. Now, I’m not saying non-believers cannot be good people or not know morality. Rather the issue boils down to this: Where do you ontologically ground objective morality in an atheistic worldview? Where does one ground “oughtness”?

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    • I could equally ask why one must have their morality dictated to them without independent thought as to any inherent reason why something is moral beyond someone in authority said so?

      As for Native Americans, they’re about like any other minority today. Past oppression does not excuse issues such as alcoholism, as the White man can hardly shove it down their throats! Or using slavery or Jim Crow as an excuse for run down neighborhoods filled with crime and a 75% illegitimacy rate within some of the black community as another example. At some point, you need to overcome your past, not let it define your legacy forever.

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      • On your first point, could you rephrase the question? I’m trying to figure out what you are saying. Please and thank you.

        Well yeah, some left liberal minority groups blame the “White man” for all their problems. Also, what do you think about the issue of the Native Americans and their respective lands? (i.e should they have their lands back?)

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      • I addressed the Native American claim to past lands in a previous post called “No, Actually, The World Doesn’t Owe You”… And to be more clear my question was why do people need to have someone such as God dictate what’s moral or not instead of thinking for oneself why something is moral in of itself? Is rather think over what my values are than blindly the someone else’s word for it…

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      • “why do people need to have someone such as God dictate what’s moral or not instead of thinking for oneself why something is moral in of itself? Is rather think over what my values are than blindly the someone else’s word for it…”

        Going back to our discussion, so far I agree. We can figure out what’s right or wrong without religious scripture or a religious moral authority (i.e Buddha). I think Aristotle formulated his virtue ethics theory in the Nichomachean Ethics without religion. However, that’s not what I’m touching upon.

        Now, I’m sure we agree that some things are wrong no matter what (i.e slavery, rape, torture, murder). The question is where is such “wrongness” grounded? (The universe? Human nature? A Platonic world? Some eternal law? etc.)It’s a question of existence.

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  7. “If the only people who can criticize you are you, then how honest will you really be with yourself??? Outside 3rd parties help eliminate some internal bias or even just shortsightedness for things an insider may take for granted.”

    Totally agree. We need to be more accepting of external criticism — which is often the most objective.

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  8. This touches on a few areas that have increasingly become part of leftism.

    Forcing equality of outcome, rather than accepting equality of persons.

    Forcing validation of their choices, actions and demands, with no tolerance for questioning or criticism. More recently, it isn’t even enough to just ignore them. These choices, actions and demands must be openly celebrated and promoted, no matter what.

    Questioning or criticism, disagreement and unwillingness to validate or celebrate their behaviours equals hatred and bigotry.

    They, however, can spout the most vile things, threaten and even engage in violence, but that is somehow NOT hatred, bigotry or intolerance. Only “the bad guys” are any of those things, and they are the “good guys”, so anything they do is justified, in the name a love, peace and tolerance.

    I am increasingly convinced leftism has become some sort of mass hysteria. I’ve watched otherwise intelligent, rational people lose it completely. They still *think* they are being logical and “loving”, yet have become utterly detached from reality, completely rejecting evidence and reason in favour of emotionalism and identity politics.

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    • Why is it a “we”/”they” thing? I’m a traditional Conservative but I in no way align myself with this Trumpian nonsense Conservatism.. and it seems this “leftist mass hysteria” is very valid. In my view, the right wing as being promoted by Trump falls into a similar category; for every leftist tale of insensitivity I can relate the same about right wingers.
      “They, however, can spout the most vile things, threaten and even engage in violence…” I thought you were referencing the Right. In the end, so what? But this pissing match between sides has got to reach some accommodation or we are going nowhere… and the big guy in the Oval Office is not a uniter by any stretch.
      (Are you Canadian? Spotted the telltale spelling of “favour/behaviour”.)

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      • It’s not the “right” that created this we-they, thing – and certainly not Trump. This nonsense really started to come out into the open during the Obama years.

        ” I thought you were referencing the Right.” Are you sure you’re conservative? *L*

        My views are actually “classical liberal”; something which is now views as “right” or “conservative”.

        Yes, I am Canadian, and what has been happening in the US spills over into Canada. I’ve been watching this lurch of liberals into leftism (I don’t even like using the terms left and right, as they have become pretty meaningless) in both countries for decades. One of the things I have noticed is how, the more violent and vile the “left” gets, the more they try to say that it’s actually the “right” that is violent. It’s the same mentality that condemned Tea Party demonstrations as being violent and racist, despite there never being any violence, there were people all shades involved (the protestor demographic actually matched the US population demographic very closely), and they would leave the areas they protested in cleaner than when they got there, but when leftists would riot, smash windows, burn cars, etc., they STILL tried to say it was the “right” that was violent, not the leftists doing the actual violence. It’s like they took lessons from Orwell’s 1984.

        The only reason the “big guy” you guys are fortunate enough to have as president right now is not a “uniter”, is because he is being fought every step of the way, even when he’s saying and doing things his enemies once said themselves, and supported. Like cracking down on illegal border crossings and building a wall. Leftism seems to rely on people having very short memories.

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      • Hey.. t’were it up to me I’d most happily present you our Big Guy, wrapped and bowed for your holiday pleasure.
        May I ask.. you male or female?


      • So that I might communicate appropriately should I use certain colloquialisms or gender identity frames of reference that could be appropriately illustrate cause and effect. We already communicate in a one dimensional medium in here which on any normal day someone’s thought gets misconstrued to another meaning. I’d rather try to reduce such false misconceptions as best as I can at the start rather than either embarrass or get embarrassed down the line. If you prefer to be gender-anonymous that’s certainly your call if somehow that gives you some elevated vantage point by which you can swoop down each time some unwary male makes a remark you want to #MeToo all over the place.
        Think of it this way.. if we met at a bus stop or on an elevator and before I even say any accommodating word I would already know your identity simply by looking at you… and it becomes a bias filter in what I say.. or even what you might say to me. Why should chatting online be any different? My question to you is… why does it matter… if it matters?


      • Please cite your references for the allegations of “violence” and “insensitivity” from the right. Other than someone’s feelings got hurt for words uttered which did not agree with the left’s philosophy.
        Actually, the big guy in the oval office is far more a uniter than the previous administration. Give thought to the results of the policies since his inauguration. Just one, unemployment figures levels the playing field across all demographics. There are more jobs out there now, if you willing to work. Employers are going hungry for more workers to fill all the empty jobs.
        That you are a traditional Conservative could mean anything, but strikes me as you may have blinders on due to Trump’s unconventional style. Which I appreciate. Better than the stuffy style of the past presidents.
        Maybe its just me.

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      • The alleged “blinders” would seem to fit all sides, friend.

        Yet, Mr. guidvce4 (I assume you are a mister)… I am curious (and trust me when I say I’m not about to jump on you about anything)… I ask because of exactly that I am indeed curious. Three questions actually…

        1. Your affinity for Trump.. is that because you have a wish to return the country back to what once was… and at what time would that be, and have you suffered personally that contributes to your favoring the President?

        2. What has Trump done so far, or that you expect him to do, to make you want to support him?

        3. If by some chance he gets impeached and removed from office… or he looses the 2020 election, what’s your feeling at that point, because either way things are looking a little dicey for him?

        Again, I’m not baiting you into a debate… I am not going to try and push my opinion on you. I’m sincerely interested because I prefer to learn.


      • Oh, Doug. You do like to project your perceptions onto others! I don’t care about remaining “gender-anonymous”. I asked because, to me, the gender of a person does not change how I speak to them, any more than the colour of their skin, or hair or shoe size changes how I speak to them. So I wanted to know what purpose was behind your question. Your response verifies what I suspected; you adjust your responses based on a person’s gender – or the “identity” you claim to be able to discern just by looking at some stranger at a bus stop. In other words, you admit to projecting your preconceived notions onto people, based on their gender and/or appearance, and treating them differently based on those notions. I am female, btw, but if that changes how you’re going to speak to me, don’t bother.

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      • Actually.. I intentionally went to your blog when I saw the link that you had one. I did that because I was interested in who I was talking to. My original question to you was motivated by the fact that you “sounded” female from your very first posted remark, and my question was meant to verify. I took notice because while your views don’t run parallel to mine.. I did find your presentation of them in a relatively non-confrontational, and reasonably thought out, way.
        This business that I “enjoy” projecting myself according the the gender I am relating to… yeah, that’s what humans do. You seem to have this chip of challenging male gender inequality toward women.. and if that’s your torch to carry in life far be it by me to threaten your opinion. I’ve not walked a mile in your shoes enough to challenge your perspectives. In the same vein, you don’t know me at all either. In my case… I am a humanist and I have an affinity to learn about people and how they perceive themselves and the same world in which I live.
        Did you make any attempt at all to go to my own blog and try to understand where I might be coming from… beyond just dismissing any of the posts I wrote as liberal dribble? Of course not… and that doesn’t really matter because this medium doesn’t promote depth; it tantalizes emotion.

        When I went to your blog.. and actually read a few posts… and the About Me that few people ever read in a blog… I find you are a naturalist with some depth.. an amazing nature photography with very good “depth of field” (meant in both the abstract and in your photos; loved the bird pics!).. and a good storyteller in telling your own story of life and the trials that made you who you are today. Now.. I could have just blown off your remarks in this blog as the usual misguided pontificates of yet another right winger… but I am in this blog… because I am interested well beyond just looking past my own apparently misguided left wing, or rather liberal conservatism.
        You need to make this all about gender equality.. that’s your thing, not mine.


      • Doug. Still no credible references to back up your claims of violence or insensitivity from the right?
        The policies of this administration are doing more good for this nation than the last 8 years of the previous one. That is the basis of my “affinity” for President Trump. Pure and simple.
        Oh, and I am not blind to the efforts of the left to discourage the supporters of Trump from staying with him. Its not working.
        Anyway, let me know when you can come up with those references.

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      • No, sorry.. I’m not getting into a pissing match in trying to convince you of the person that Trump is and has been for the last two years when you already know it. You can feel free to thump your chest with the “See.. you can’t think of one thing!” if that makes you feel good. We both know we aren’t convincing a soul to abandon their opinion. I asked you three questions and told you I would not be judgmental because I truly want to understand this right wing obsession toward this guy. You’re so intense to ram through your justification for supporting Trump is because of some hatred of liberals past, present, and future.. and I am asking how you have personally been affected which has caused this point of view. It’s EXACTLY this uncompromising, immovable vehement conviction you reflect that makes me wonder if those Trump supporters with kindred spirit to yourself will simply just walk away should a) Trump be impeached or b) Trump looses 2020.
        My fear is not the nonsense Trump dreams up to use fear to get his way.. my fear is regarding the reaction of his obsessive supporters when Trump destroys himself completely.

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      • Well, thank you for taking the time to visit my blog, and your kind words about my photos. My blog, however, is somewhere that I deliberately try to stay away from politics and many other subjects that interest me. It has a focal point that I try not to deviate from. By visiting my blog, you are only going to see a very small part of me. While I am more willing to communicate my views on other subjects in comments, if I want to go beyond that, I will start another blog, and keep that one topically focused as well.

        As for visiting your blog, real world needs keeps me away from visiting all the blogs I would like, but I’m home and settled now, and will be doing so, soon. Having said that, when I respond to a person, I respond to what they actually say. And based on what you have said, it once again appears to me that you are projecting onto me. For example:

        “You seem to have this chip of challenging male gender inequality toward women.. and if that’s your torch to carry in life far be it by me to threaten your opinion.”

        I honestly don’t know what you are trying to say here. Where on earth are you extrapolating this from? I honestly don’t care what gender someone is. I will respond to what they have said the same way, regardless. I carry no torch, and I certainly don’t feel threatened by your opinion. I don’t even assume I know a commenter’s gender based on their user name; this is the internet. People can and do cover their identities for any number or reasons and, to be honest, I often don’t even notice the user name right away. I’m interested in people’s comments, not their user names.

        “You need to make this all about gender equality.. that’s your thing, not mine.”

        Again, I seriously have no idea where you are getting the idea that I “need to make this all about gender equality”, or that it’s my “thing.” I responded to what you wrote. Nothing more. You were the one who made it about gender. Your own responses have been filled with straw men and red herrings, with a touch of gaslighting and goalpost moving, along with several other argumentative fallacies, including the aforementioned projection.

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      • Let’s make this easy… where did “all this” come from? You said, “Why does it matter what my gender is?”…. knowing full well you would be free to challenge anything I might suggest as it gives you a moral high ground to assign any genderizing on my part. I explained my reasoning… and apparently that wasn’t enough.. and so be it.

        As for your claim that I am “projecting” something on you… I can only do that if you allow what I say to be a threat to what you believe. I checked out your blog because I want more from a person than what I see when they simply splat words in a random reply. That’s just me.. my own proclivities to understand people. You don’t need to visit my blog or anyone else’s unless you have a desire to do so. I was simply presenting my own process, and everyone of us has their own way of doing things. I don’t happen to care if you talk politics on your blog or not; I enjoyed the reads I did engage in… and the photos. I didn’t go there to offend or just post out-of-place political opinion.


      • Wow. Dude. You got all that because I asked you a question in response to something YOU said??

        And my pointing out that you are projecting things onto me somehow must mean I find your views threatening?

        This is just… bizarre.

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      • Bizarre? Maybe, given this all started from a simple question I put to you to clarify your gender. So..Then let’s agree to let it rest as some communication impasse rather than taking up so much thread space for posturing which goes nowhere.


    • There is a vid on YouTube which covers that topic. Lays it all out why the left is so…illogical, for starters.
      The title is “New democratic party ad campaign” or something like that. My computer skills are sadly lacking which keeps me from referencing the exact vid.

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    • I don’t see it as just the minor criticism alone as an issue. But even worse is when you can’t st te if a criminal was of a specific protected group.

      Or in the UK police are afraid to shut down forced sex rings against white minor females because the ones forcing them are in a protected group.

      It starts with small bits of you can’t correct a small error in a group because they need time to heal. And turns into a tyranny as oppressive as what they hated

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  9. Made a comment. Got the message that it could not be posted. There ya go, intolerance by WP, or something.
    Oh well, more evidence of the “tolerance” shown by the whatever controls the content of the posts via WP.

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