My #WalkAway Story Series: Verna

My #WalkAway Story Series is a bigger and more long term project for A Lady of Reason, and it’s all about YOU! This is your big chance at getting your voice heard and your own story out there! For many closeted conservatives, afraid for our livelihood, social networks, family connections, even physical safety now, being stuck in the closet can be extremely isolating and it’s easy to feel like it’s you against the world sometimes! I certainly feel that way! By sharing our stories collectively, I hope to give a voice to you, my dear readers and followers here on WordPress and Social Media, to show each other camaraderie and that in fact, we’re NOT alone, just in the shadows. Well folks, it’s time to come out of the shadows and into the light! The “silent majority” is at least half of our nation, so you’re not truly alone. Come and hear others, and add your own voice, your own story to the mix, of what it’s like being a conservative in an increasingly Leftist country! Send me an e-mail at or direct message me at @aladyofreason1 on Twitter to add YOUR story!!! 🙂 I’ll send you the standard question list, or you can just write it free form as a narrative…

Tell me about yourself briefly:

I am 52 and married. I am disabled and worked in the insurance industry as an accountant. My husband is a Army vet, who is also disabled. I grew up military, my father was career Army until his forced “disabled retirement” I had 1 sibling who committed suicide at a young age, Drugs got him☹ My mother was 100% Aztec Indian, her mother legally immigrated to the U.S. from Mexico, Mexico City to be exact. My grandfather was White and worked in the Railroads until his retirement. My father was white, and from Kansas city Missouri. None of my grandparents on either side are living and both of my parents have passed, both at the age of 59 😦 . I love my Cats and am your typical “cat lady” I love to crochet, draw, make crafts of all kinds. I love reading and puzzles. I love all animals but I am just partial to cats. I have no other type of animals. I live in rural Texas, east Texas. I do have 2 step daughters that we hardly ever hear from.

When did you become conservative? If you were ever liberal, what made you walk away?

I have always been conservative, but voted Democrat 1 time in the 80’s by mistake. I thought I was voting Republican and didn’t realize I had voted democrat until it was to late 🙂 I think I was brought up conservative, but wasn’t forced to think that way. I don’t even think my parents voted. I loved politics since high school.

Do you feel at all afraid to be openly conservative? If so, how do you cope with being closeted?

I don’t feel I have to hide that I am conservative because of where I live, but we don’t bring attention to ourselves, because some people have homes, cars etc. vandalized

What advice to you have for other conservatives afraid to speak out?

Advice I have for others is to be “true to one’s self” don’t fear who you are… 🙂

Thanks so much Verna! It was great to hear your story, and as always, you’re welcome to write for my blog anytime! We need voices like yours to speak out so the silent majority is no longer silent 😉

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6 thoughts on “My #WalkAway Story Series: Verna

      • Up in your introduction it says:

        Come and hear others, and add your own voice, your own story to the mix, of what it’s like being a conservative in an increasingly Leftist country!

        I was inferring then that the #WalkAway Story Series was for those attributes and characterizations in people, which do not define me — at least not in how I see myself and my very diverse circle of friends see me. 🙂 Also, I was being a little silly too LoR, whimsical. Hadn’t visited in awhile; thought it was time to come say Hi. ❤

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  1. Wonderful read Verna! Happy to meet you! I can relate as both my spouse and I are disabled and I think I am turning “crazy cat lady!” lol! We have two cats, a dog, and a bird. I look after about 4-6 ferals outside and provide shelter in inclement weather.
    Having grown up in NYC, I leaned left of center, now I am right of center. The need for social services of various kinds are necessary in both rural and urban environments; but should always be the exception and not the rule. The necessity for these services should not need to be translated into the need that the democrats stand upon to turn the country socialist.
    What Liberal meant years ago is not what it presents itself as today. I was a liberal who more often than not voted republican because I was aware of a lack of morals and ethics on the left; but would’ve liked to see my republican reps provide more necessary services for those who needed them. Bush Jr. and Giuliani had maintained a decent balance but in the more rural places government leaders floundered within the realms of extremes. I voted democrat for Pennsylvania governor the first time governor Wolf came on the scene because of the opiate crisis and the incumbent was dragging his feet for resolution. The second run for PA governor I voted republican both times because for all the good Wolf did he just HAD to show up on the campaign trail in a pink abortion escort vest at an abortion center. smh. We knew he was pro-choice; but do NOT promote a culture of death! Save the drug-addicts but slaughter the pre-born? The choice we had for governor fell so short the end result was obvious anyway; but I voted conservative. The guy I wanted for the primary was too radical for the stick in the muds that smatter this state…still…we needed someone fresh and on the ball, he deserved a chance that no one would give him. smh.
    But, like you said, in order to find peace on the pillow; ” be “true to one’s self” don’t fear who you are.”

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  2. “I don’t feel I have to hide that I am conservative because of where I live, but we don’t bring attention to ourselves, because some people have homes, cars etc. vandalized”

    I experience the same in my neighborhood. I’m sure many, many Americans do too.

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