Yes, We Need Strong Men!

In light of recent events with Gillette’s anti-traditional man commercial, people are speaking out and speaking up for the traditional man! I wanted to cover this topic before, but now seems like the prime time to do so. See, the idea of the traditional man, like the traditional woman, is under attack. The gender neutral movement of radical feminism is not truly about making things fair for women, but an attempt to eliminate any natural differences between men and women in society! They say gender is a social construct, which implies it is theirs to manipulate, and engineer in whatever Leftist direction they choose.

This has created a monster: One where little boys are now forbidden to play soldier, roughhouse, or pursue a mate later in life. All gender roles are now un PC, and boys must be taught to play with dolls, wear pink, and mothers encourage their sons to “let out their feelings” and be “vulnerable”. A boy’s natural energy is pathologized in schools as a special ed issue or a video game a gateway to being the next shooter. A little boy hugging a teacher is an assault, or pursing a playground crush if she says “eew!”. Boys creating harmless mischief and antics, or a no girls allowed tree house or club is not “sexist”. A man who wants his wife to raise his children, and vows to protect her, or puts women first in his life is now “patronizing”. A father who guards his daughter’s heart is accused of treating her like a slave. A military that wants strong men, not weaker women is now “discriminatory”… And so on and so on.

Now, the Left says gender roles are too restrictive, and enforce a “patriarchy”, but did they ever think why those roles were there in the first place? Like it or not, men are women are different. Different physically, and yes, in aptitude and emotionally as well. Humans are a sexually dimorphic species after all, if you just look down below 😉 Our traditional evolved roles suited our unique traits, thus, men being the protector and provider and doing more physical labor, while women doing the child rearing, and keeping the home, foraging, making materials needed back at camp, while the men went out to hunt and such. Many un-industrialized cultures still do this. However, as the Left points out, we’re in the 21st century, not the stone age! Our roles can become more fluid than man hunt, woman gather! And to an extent, I agree. Women and men can overlap more in today’s society in roles such as work and childcare. However, some things have not changed…

We still need our men to protect and provide for society. The cold hard truth is, women are weaker physically than men. Think of why it’s so appalling for a man to hit a woman. It’s appalling to be violent towards anyone, but the key here, as many would agree, is the woman is at an unfair disadvantage, just like it would be unfair to pair wrestlers of vastly different weight classes together for a match! Women are still more vulnerable to violence and assault, due to their weaker physicality. Men have more ways to fight back than women. Why are more women raped than men? Assaulted? It’s not the “patriarchy”, as men are also raped, but at a far less number. Now, one could argue male temperaments towards sexual aggression are higher, but doesn’t that, Lefties, imply that men and women are innately different??? Part of it, a large part I think is women simply are often too weak to fight a man pinning them down versus another guy. Try that on a guy, and take your life in your hands! Point is, women still need protection.

So does society at large. Think of who made up soldiers and armies throughout history. Only recently were women allowed in combat roles! Another sad state of affairs in gender neutral lunacy… Who defended the campsite from the rival tribe, or the predator? Who is there to defend the country in times of war? Who is strong enough to fight hand to hand with an enemy, or kick in a door or take down a thief? Who will defend a woman’s or a child’s life in times of need? Who was it helping women get out during mass shootings across the country? Who shielded their girlfriends in the movie theater and sacrificed their lives for the women they loved? Do we want all that to go away in the name of gender neutrality? Is this what toxic masculinity is about? Why do you think the marines’ tests of endurance wind the majority of women, and even men?! Do you honestly think that women in intense combat roles is just as good for our defense as the strongest men?

What’s so wrong with men being the leader and provider either? The feminists say women can look after themselves, and have the same providing role as men, but then who’s looking after the next generation? Just as men for eons have been the protectors and providers, women have been the child rearers and nurturers in the home. There is something about a mother’s love and care a father cannot replicate. Nor vice versa. “Mr. mom” will never replace REAL mom as much as the radical feminists wish to delude themselves. Mommy’s work is not more important than being there for the children, who need her at home the most, no matter what is deemed “empowering” to women at the expense of the next generation. Nor will a single mom replace the guidance and leadership a father can give his sons as future men, or his daughter in matters of the heart. As told before, the war on fatherhood is real, with dads being told to step down in their role as their children’s leader, especially in the lives of daughters. Now, it’s “toxic” to screen a daughter’s boyfriends, or tell her to wait and be chaste until the time is right. A man can’t show his daughter the men he chooses to trust her with without accusations of treating her like chattel! A woman can’t entrust her heart to her father anymore, or be given away at the altar without the Left whining about it! A man who is the rock of his family, the leader and provider is not outdated, just deemed “toxic” by the Left.

Toxic masculinity is NOT about saying “boys will be boys”, letting boys roughhouse, young men talking crudely in a private locker room, or a young man pursuing a date. It’s not the husband who will be the rock of his family, provide, honor and protect his wife. It’s not the man who feels women should be treated like ladies, let in first, given a seat, holding a door for them, paying for their date night. Nor is it the father who guards his daughter’s heart until marriage, or encourages her to know her worth and makes sure any suitor knows it too 😉 Or the brother who protects his sister’s honor when the bully called her a slut. Or the good Samaritan who stood up for a woman in need. Or the man who answers the call to defend his country or his community as a solider or policeman.

Boys talking crudely is NOT about justifying raping women! A man who provides for his wife is not controlling her finances. A father who guards the heart of his daughter is not treating her like his personal property, but his personal responsibility. A young man in pursuit of a girl is not forcing himself on her, nor forcing her to date him. A man who believes “women and children first” or that violence against women is a special type of evil is not being patronizing, but honoring the fact his strength was meant to serve the weaker and more vulnerable among us. No! REAL toxic masculinity is the wife beater. The abuser. The drunkard who won’t provide. The cheating husband. The rapist. The pedophile. The criminal. The enemy. The terrorist. The harasser that won’t stop. The bully who calls your sister that vile name.

I’m so grateful I was raised by a strong man. A man who can be sentimental, but never carried away in emotion and hysteria! A man who is the rock in his family, whom his wife and children are his priority. Who always wants to provide and jumps at every opportunity to do so. Who guards my heart until I find the right man to take his place one day once he is gone. Who shows me what a real man is, what he does and what he expects of a lady in return. Who would lay down his life for my mother and I. Who believes that every woman deserves to be protected and honored by men in society. Who can laugh with the guys over a lewd joke or “locker room talk” yet views a real rapist or assaulter of women as more vile than a murderer! And can be tough without being a bully. Who can like guy things like monster trucks, sports cars, guns, etc… yet also appreciate the beauty of art and color, or music. Who can appreciate a good looking woman, without ever one thought of being unfaithful to his wife.

He believes in gender equality, and always treated the women in his life accordingly, yet also recognized that equal does not have to mean identical and that women have strengths where men don’t and men have strengths where women don’t. Nor in guarding my heart, views me as his personal property that he is entitled to do as he sees fit. In fact, he often tells me “It’s your decision” 😉 He wants me to have my own mind, my own path in life, my own career, but also, to open my heart to a man like himself. A protector and provider who will honor, protect, cherish, and lead me. He has real feelings, but is not weak. Is tough but not a bully. Appreciates a good looking woman, but not a slime bag. Can banter with the boys but never once mistreated a woman. Knows the worth of women in his life, but is not afraid to assert his own worth as a traditional masculine man!

Toxic masculinity is NOT the idea of the traditional man as provider, protector and leader of his family and his community! The man who can put up a good wresting match, or holds his emotions back to be there when his family needs him in times of crisis. The man who likes monster trucks and guns instead of soap operas, and knitting sweaters! The man who would rather avoid pink in his wardrobe. The man who tells his wife “I’ll provide for you and our children” or his daughter “he’s not good for you”. The man who answers the call of duty here and abroad. And it’s certainly not men who are man enough to have to shave each morning 😉

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29 thoughts on “Yes, We Need Strong Men!

  1. I think women had better get themselves together and do something about the 3rd wave leftist feminists. It’s too dangerous for men to do so. We’ve found a new way of relating to women that’s not as good as the old way, but it’s far less dangerous for us. It may also be dangerous for you, but then maybe this isn’t fixable.

    Maybe it’s OK if a man holds doors for and protects women he doesn’t know. But men don’t do it any more, and it’s not because we’re waiting for permission. It’s a service we’ve withdrawn. We did it when I was young, now we don’t, generally speaking. To the extent that’s what the author finds pitiful these days (it wasn’t clear to me from the comment), she’s entitled to her opinion.

    I don’t know how to fix it, but I’ve also withdrawn from any feeling of responsibility for fixing the world’s problems. I have my family including a wife that would agree with what you’ve written in the article. I’ll try to protect them. These days if a woman wants male protection, my observation is that she’d better pair up with a man in a committed relationship.

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  2. Humans are a sexually dimorphic species after all, if you just look down below 😉

    Since “dimorphic” is a similar word to “binary,” and is usually defined as occurring in two distinct forms or combining qualities of two kinds of individuals in one… I might be misinterpreting what you mean here. So apologies beforehand if so.

    Here’s where I get a little mixed-up or baffled at what Nature is actually like versus human perceptions, interpretations, extrapolations, etc, etc, and our sometimes obsession with categorizing, compartmentalizing, stereotyping(?), or need to have everything perfectly, precisely defined 100% of the time; either or… or A or B, or A, B, or C, but not D. Hahaha! Here’s what I mean…

    In 4-5 different regions of the globe, there is one particular embryonic, natal, and post-natal condition called 5-Alpha Reductase Deficiency, one condition out of many, MANY inter-sexed birth conditions medical and genetic science currently know about and better understand. These many various inter-sexed births are no different than a baby being born with Cleft Lip or Palate, or say Spina-bifida or some heart defect/disorder. However, when thousands or hundreds of thousands of babies are born with 5-Alpha Reductase Deficiency, they are optically determined by doctors, parent(s) and family as female. After all, it is obvious when everyone just “looks down there.” Right?


    As the child grows to the age of 12-years, she (or what was once thought to be she) now has a penis.

    I could down a long list of Inter-sexed birth conditions that simply cannot fit into a rigid (cold?) binary system, or maybe dimorphic system. If there is one thing that Nature has taught me in my gifted 5-decades of life — especially around the world in unimaginable diverse cultures within this endless kaleidoscope of Nature, on just this one tiny Pale Blue-dot of a planet in our entire Cosmos — is that the minute I try to have EVERYTHING perfectly, precisely defined in nice neat boxes of human perception (i.e. subjective perception) and limited understanding… is when Nature usually humbles me in mind-blowing, eclectic, wonderous beautiful ways!!! 🤩

    Anyway, thought I throw that comment in the mix. Hehehe I’m going to finish reading this post, maybe reread it as well just to make sure I grasp it’s full intent. 😉


    • An actual genetic defect in sex chromosomes which I know well exist is an entirely different ballpark than someone with normal biology deciding to live as the other sex…. And why hasn’t anyone pointed out these ambiguities in sex chromosomes in other similar species to us as if we have more than 2 genders so do they. The vast majority have normal XX or XY chromosomes. We don’t get to redefine what’s biologically the norm just to suit some social agenda…


      • Well, I just finished rereading this for a third time — because like me LoR and how I write and tackle subjects that invoke passions, are sometimes (often?) misunderstood or misrepresented, are controversial, engaging, or inclusive — I too write a whole lot! LOL 😛 There is a TON to tackle here, ponder about, agree with and then mentally set aside on a holding-rack labelled Umm, I have contention with that/this or next to it labelled I have MAJOR PROBLEMS with that/this! So like you LoR, I will speak candidly too. I think we both appreciate that honesty and integrity given and received.

        First, what resonates with me; our common ground, common experiences.

        I’m so grateful I was raised by a strong man. A man who can be sentimental, but never carried away in emotion and hysteria! A man who is the rock in his family, whom his wife and children are his priority. Who always wants to provide and jumps at every opportunity to do so.

        My father was this way as well, to the hilt some would say. Mom would say it too. My Dad was from a long family-line of public service, including our military branches. In fact, it is from him and his family that I was raised and taught the value (and honor) of TEAM. That there are some/many things that are much bigger than I/me. Dad was the consummate Cub Scout and Boy Scout, achieving Eagle Scout with a litany of honors/badges. Then it wasn’t any surprise that he enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corp. After all, every single one of his own uncles and his father (my grandfather) served in one of our four major military branches. My paternal grandfather served also as a District and County Clerk in Galveston County, Texas as well as on their small towns Volunteer (Only) Fire Department. He was a life-long Democrat. My Dad was raised and taught by all these principles of TEAM he was taught by his father and uncles. My point here?

        What a “Man” was supposed to be was deeply ingrained in my childhood and child-rearing from at least 3 generations of ancestors — we are 8th-generation Texans; my son is the 9th. IOW, both sides of my family were here BEFORE Texas (or the Texians) pushed for joining the expanding United States of the 17th thru 19th centuries. So people from all walks of life can find threads and themes of the “Traditional Man” everywhere in my ancestors and rich family heritage, AND in my current life and personality. I know to many degrees and depths “What is a traditional man?

        And yet, even all that… above, what I just shared is STILL not completely, with 100% precision, what a Traditional Man is made of or what he looks like. In fact, people who don’t really know me will even have the audacity and vulgarity to say I do not hail from a Traditionalist Ideal. HAH!!! The preconceived notions and judgments are an affront to all sorts of Universal virtues and civilized peoples, but so far off the mark about ME and my family heritage and unflinching honor to serve!!! I should get up in someone’s face, nose to nose and make them retract every single syllable for saying such utter non-sense, but I can usually chuckle at them for a few more minutes. 😉 😛

        That said, not all of my 8th-generation ideals and heritage of “Traditional Man” — also demarcated by your extensive descriptions of what it is not — still do not line up perfectly with yours LoR. But I am not so quick to draw lines in the sand — as to what is and is not, no exceptions, no grey-areas — as this post conveys. Yet, I do appreciate your spunk, candor, and bark. I probably would think twice about pissing you off. Hahaha! 😉 ❤

        Now, for what I take exception to. You wrote in your reply:

        An actual genetic defect in sex chromosomes which I know well exist is an entirely different ballpark than someone with normal biology deciding to live as the other sex…

        For me personally “defect” is too harsh a term while also being falsely superior or elitist. In my mind, my horrible vision I inherited from my Dad is a defect! It is SO DAMN DEFECTIVE that most Eye-glass and Optometrist/Ophthalmologist offices do not even regularly stock my deficiency/defect! Hahahaha! My shit is so badly defective I start getting/demanding Special Attention and Privileges! Yet, I can’t blame my Dad because he inherited it from his maternal side of DEFECTIVE eyes!

        I could go on and on listing all the “defects” I have and yet I don’t feel the LEAST BIT “normal” as you described here, even though I am full-blown heterosexual, white, Euro-American descent with all apparent BEAUTIFUL genital plumbing! 😈 In fact, both of my ex-wives told me repeatedly: “Oh HELL NO you are not normal/average/defective! You’re a freak of Nature!

        Hahaha! So what tha hell does all that mean!? Over here I am pigeon-holed into “normal” because I had this “normal” conventional phalange attached between my legs!? I know that in many, MANY WAYS I am SO NOT NORMAL!!! In fact, it took a clear-cut BRILLIANT writer and one of America’s most prolific acclaimed poet to make some of it make perfect sense to me:

        Do I contradict myself? Very well then I contradict myself, (I am large, I contain multitudes.) — Walt Whitman

        And in his time he (Whitman) was considered (horribly?) abnormal, or what we define today as gay/homosexual. HAH! Yet, I am anything but! So my wonderful LoR, the term “defect” is just as lethal as it is quite inclusive of us all. How did you intend it?

        The vast majority have normal XX or XY chromosomes.

        Yes, but then again, because intersexed-births are so inhumanely stigmatized by “normal” society, can we really know the true numbers? And the phrase “vast majority,” is that perfectly equated to “dimorphic.” I’m genuinely asking because I’m confused as to how they equate, or sort of equate. 🙂

        We don’t get to redefine what’s biologically the norm just to suit some social agenda

        No, that’s true. We simply let Nature, the subatomic to the macro-Cosmic set the definitions, and refined later definitions or redefinitions. Humans are horribly imperfect and defective. 😉 ❤

        There's more I had hoped to get into here, but alas… my valuable finite time has run out on me. Grrrrrrr.

        Thank you so very much LoR for our friendship, even though it is over the aether/cyber-space or virtual world. Best wishes for you, of course. ❤

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  3. I overall agree with your article. There are parts with which I didn’t agree, but that’s the beauty of opinions! 😃 I love traditional men. They are providers, strong, masculine, and SEXY. But, I also love men who aren’t afraid to shed tears or their feelings.

    I have 4 boys and one girl. We raise them traditionally and non-traditionally. We empower our kids as the future, to be themselves, to be intelligent, to respect others, to make a better difference in the world no matter how slight. That slight will butterfly-effect.

    We are also afraid for them. What will those girls think if our boys pursue them in a mannerly, but traditional way? Will they be accused of sexual harassment or attempted rape over them going in for an innocent kiss? Scary to think women have that one-sided power.

    Will tomorrow’s male not cower at our daughter for just being a strong, independent woman? Will she find someone who isn’t afraid of the social backlash of “being a traditional man” by providing for her and their children, but respecting her and motivating her dreams and career?

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  4. It is entirely wrong to deny the natural differences between the sexes and equally wrong to reject natural and distinct gender roles.

    But I strongly believe that it is the feminist rejection of femininity and belittling of the natural role of women which is the greatest evil and the cause of the moral degenerate of society.

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  5. That’s the thing, there’s no balance between here and there! They’re blurring the lines between how a man is wired with how a criminal or a sociopath would behave. And it’s not like women don’t do their fair share of messing everything up. Strippers, prostitutes, abortion, mistresses of married men, um, Andrea Yates; etc..
    I have no issue with the Gillette commercial as they address some true issues that are truly issues to be addressed. I don’t see anything wrong with them showing that bullying and sexual harassment is wrong and we shouldn’t be seeking to normalize anything like that.
    However, like you explained in your entry; it’s the toxic elements of mankind AND womankind that need addressed; not just men for being born men.
    The issues of abuse, the substance abusers who won’t provide, the cheaters, the amoral; what these third-wave feminists should be focusing on along with birth control, child-care, and the failure of Child Protective Services to actually protect and prevent the horror stories we’re constantly reading…

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  6. The ad could be shortened to say don’t bully and then say. Women don’t reward men like this by giving them sex or marrying them.

    The problem is that things depicted in this ad are highly successful ways of getting sex and many women so as long as women accept these things and those kind of men it will continue.

    Men even ones like that ad aren’t stupid. Even guys that just want women as an object will change their behaviour to get sex if the of way doesn’t work anymore.

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  7. Gillette better hope it can survive on selling feminine pubic hair razors, because they just lost their enter male customer base. I’d rather use a sharpened stone over a Gillette razor… toxic masculinity, my ass!

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  8. Excellent points!! Indeed, men and women are different and either God or Nature determined that one gender would be the provider and the other would be the nurturer. If this was not so, we’d all have the same “junk” between our legs and we’d all be the same physically, mentally and societally. As this is not the case, we have to presume that there is a reason why the genders are so different, as you have shown. I, too, had a strong father in my life who busted his hump out in the oilfield and at home on our garden to provide for us. It was important to him that our mother stayed home with us, as well, so she didn’t start work until we went into business after we were all grown and gone. He also was a responsible person who would forego his favourite beer if we were short on cash. He disciplined us fairly, usually after three warnings, and he never abused any of us. I’d hate to think what today’s young men will be like as husbands and fathers, though I understand many are choosing to “go their own way” and eschew female companionship altogether because the hassles involved in pursuing dates and mates today are too many and too scary. Some are even afraid that asking for a phone number will be construed as sexual harassment. So already this constant attack on masculinity is having an adverse effect. This means far less marriages and less children being born. It’s a bad way for society to go and as a woman, I fear for the future. As you said, men in general are not the problem – it’s all the deviants who do the bad things, and you know what? DEVIANT WOMEN DO THEM, TOO. Blaming an entire gender for the mistakes of a few, or putting restrictions on future men based on the actions of men of the past, is just flat out insane and will hopefully end up with good men fighting back. This is all about men voting for Trump, anyway!!! What better way to stop that from happening again in 2020 than castigating, and castrating, them?

    Men, PLEASE don’t give in to this BS. The majority of you are nothing like they try to make you appear. Stand up for your masculinity and tell them A WOMAN TOLD YOU TO!!! 😆

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  9. People are conflating gender with gender roles. It used to be that gender was just a grammatical term referring to the biological sex, but now the things we like and our feelings are considered more real and immutable than biology – and men have really born the brunt of this.

    When we first started having kids (my girls are now in their 20’s), I was determined to raise them “gender neutral.” Back then, this meant not forcing artificial gender roles or culture on them. (I had enough of that when I was growing up – and it was my mother who forced it. She was, and still is, quite sexist.) I didn’t make them wear all pink and pastels or frilly dresses. I didn’t make them learn certain things because they were “girl” things, but because they were useful. I usually ended up buying their clothes in the boys section – especially shoes – because clothing for girls was all about sequins and lace and thin fabrics. Boys clothes were more sturdy, practical and allowed for full mobility. At the same time, I didn’t say they *couldn’t* do “girl” things, either. If they wanted to wear dresses, they wore dresses. If they wanted to climb trees, they climbed trees. And if they wanted to climb trees in dresses, I made sure they had shorts on under their skirts. I even sewed them sturdy play dresses at one point. The girls picked the fabric. One chose pink with little white clouds. The other chose bright green with dark blue spiders. They played with dolls. They built working model trebuchet. They slogged in ditches and played with make up (I insisted it be real make-up, not the cheap toy make up with who-knows-what in it). We taught them self defense and how to throw knives and how to cook. They didn’t have to fit themselves into any sort of gender roles, simply because they were female. Their being female was part of who they were, but no different than having 2 arms and 2 legs.

    As adults, the girls could not escape their genetics. They are physically stronger than most women, and a lot of men, too. They have a healthy attitude towards sexuality and their bodies. One is now a professional artist. The other likes to sew her own clothes and wear make up. They don’t have any hangups about their roles or their gender. They are strong and capable and beautiful young women.

    That’s what raising children “gender neutral” should result on. Not to deny gender, but to accept it like any other physical part of oneself. It’s like our culture went from one extreme to the other, but what we’re doing now seems to be far more harmful than culturally enforced gender roles did.

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    • My dad feels similarly. I never once heard from him, or anyone in my life I couldn’t do or aspire to be anything. He raised me to be independent and think for myself. However, balance is key, and the realities of differences between men and women were also acknowledged. My parents always treated me equally to any man or boy, but not identically. Equal does not have to mean identical!

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  10. As usual, you have really addressed the concerns of mature men & women, as well as parents. It is hard to educate both your boys and girls properly when society demonizes traditional masculinity and femininity. Everybody loses. Thank you for your fight — we need it.

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