A Lady of Reason’s 1st Anniversary: My OWN #WalkAway Story…

Since doing the My #WalkAway Story Series, I’ve gotten a number of wonderful submissions of insightful stories for many different perspectives! While all unique, their common thread was the unity of coming to realize how radicalized the Left has become and have the sense to leave the party and the ideology behind for common sense and reason! That of course, made me reflect on how I became conservative myself, and I’m sure many of my readers and loyal followers would like to hear more about me, so here’s MY walkaway story in celebration of a full year of writing on A Lady of Reason: 

I didn’t have any political feelings mostly in elementary school, and not many children do at such a young age. In middle school I think is really when the first inklings of skepticism arose. See, my parents talked frankly about issues since I was very young. My dad especially talked about political topics such as the Left’s bias and political correctness from early on. At first, I was pretty skeptical of his opinions. I thought they went too far and weren’t open minded enough. I didn’t like his particular brand of patriotism, thought it wasn’t inclusive enough. Didn’t like he was more critical of other cultures, especially regarding his views on the Middle East. However, I started to open my eyes more as now with his take on things, I gradually started to see the bias and political correctness in the school curriculum. Certain words, certain topics were censored or oversimplified and glossed over. We weren’t allowed to use certain terms as they were “offensive” even though none of my peers thought so and used them in jest. Slowly, but more and more as time passed, I started to realize my dad was right in many aspects. I didn’t just take his word for it: I saw it with my own eyes, through my own experience what he was telling me all along.

Another important point that I can’t leave unmentioned is the amazing influence of my uncle. He, even more than my dad, was conservative from the get go, and open about it. Not only that, he had numerous facts and evidence to back up his points. We mainly got into topics relating to conservatism vs. liberalism through history, actually. I loved history, I still love to study it, and we’d talk about what I was learning in school and my own interests in history. As history is often the tale of the victor, the historian has to sleuth around and spot that bias, to get a better picture of both sides. This skill extended, I guess, into contemporary issues. My uncle and I talked in great depth about the bias in schools, as he too did not have a great public school experience 😉 as well as about political correctness, censorship, political bias and why he thought certain ways about certain issues. We didn’t always agree either. Some issues he leaned more to the right of my own view. We debated, I explained my side and he his. But same as with my dad, I eventually came around to seeing more clearly the evidence cited for myself.

Both never once imposed their opinion on me, nor pressured me to be in lockstep with their views. There are still things we differ in to this day. However they both are one of the huge influences on my current views today through talking in depth with them in my childhood about these issues. Without their influence, I honestly feel I would probably be a liberal right now if public school had all the say! It was because of their skepticism and frank discussion of the facts I could look at what I was being taught with a grain of skepticism and look for myself what was credible. Many do walk away even in highly liberal families, but it is much harder when everyone around you you respect holds a certain view. I’m not excusing them for not seeing the facts themselves, and simply going along with the crowd just because their relatives do, but I do admit that the views of the people you look up to do shape your own views for everyone on both sides of the aisle.

Even with all of this influence, I still never really got a more solid political identity, or was even interested in political issues and debate until my senior year of high school. That’s not to say I was naive as a teenager to the public school biases and political correctness and liberalism, to the contrary I was well versed in these issues having talked about them since 6th grade. However, some of my views still leaned Left, so I hesitated to label myself as a conservative. See, I still had what one could call a “soft spot” for other cultures such as 3rd world cultures, immigration, and Islam specifically, while conversely being “hard” on ideas about what I thought was overzealous patriotism, militarism, and cultural supremacy all in ways the Left would agree with. I think that mostly stemmed from my desire, still currently, to seek out objective reasons for my criticisms or support and at that time, I felt much of the issues on those specific topics were arbitrarily reasoned by conservatives even though I was right leaning on other issues such as political correctness, racism and sexism. I felt most of my opinions were conservative, but the few that weren’t held me back from declaring myself conservative.

I think the true walk away moment for me was for like many, when President Trump got in office in 2016. Both my parents supported Trump, but I was still skeptical about him. I didn’t know anything really about the man, and was worried he would make the country look bad being a celebrity and that he wouldn’t care about the middle class with him being so rich. The day he got in, I now admit with much embarrassment, I was not truly, but almost swept up in the panic over Trump! It wasn’t because of any strong feelings about Trump being wrong, but more just absorbing some of that atmosphere of hysteria! However, the story changed one he did get in and started making real change. The improvements our country has seen, and Trump’s fight for integrity in this country has changed my mind about him and alleviated my initial skepticism about him. Not to mention, and this is a big one, the Left’s insane meltdown!!! The Left since Trump got in, has become far more radicalized than before Trump came on the scene! Their meltdowns, vitriol, hypocrisy, and complete brainwashed lunacy came to the forefront in ways I haven’t seen and made me decide I was NOT one of them! By the time a year rolled around, I was confident enough to identify as a social conservative. That is also the time, not so coincidentally, I started A Lady of Reason 🙂

In the interim between then and now, I’ve witnessed the insane denial, hypocrisy, lack of integrity and outright lies by the Left! I now know what it is like to feel like you have to hide oneself in fear of ostracism, even violence. I’ve seen their denial of the dangers of open borders, and cultures that denigrate our values of democracy and equality and the price of tolerating that in our country. The threat of radical extremist terrorism is real, and any religion who is a part of that needs to be scrutinized. I’ve seen how the Left denigrated our military and country and decided it wasn’t fair nor justified. I know now that we can’t be weak anymore, and must have a strong military and assertive stance with our enemies such as Trump is doing. Most importantly the reason why I am conservative about many issues I was left leaning on is that I found objective reasons to feel that way, which back in my teens I didn’t have before. The most recent events leading up to the midterms only solidified my resolve not to lean Left. Kavanugh’s MeToo witch hunt brought out the very worst in the Left. The caravan situation is showing the world the precedent it will send if we let them all in. The internet censorship has gone wild to try to influence the votes. Violent mobs are terrorizing people, screaming in people’s faces, harassing them, sending them death threats etc… That only strengthened my resolve and alienation from the Left. In essence, the Left lost my respect, so their positions are now seen with a heavy grain of salt and much scrutiny!

Since 2016, I’ve only walked further and further away… I don’t think my journey into being conservative is over yet, even now. My views will still grow and evolve with time and circumstance, and even though I was never a strong liberal by any means, nor even identified as liberal, I am proud to say I walked away! 🙂

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  1. Sounds like you are parroting what your dad used to say. With more life experience, you will form your own views. Give it time! What I notice most from your posts is that you lack experience in the greater world. Get out there and expand your horizons, and your views will grow and mature. Best of luck!

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    • Sounds like you were raised in Leftist public schools, and never met a conservative beyond what you read about them in Leftist publications… Not to mention, actually living in the real world. You advocate for illegals, “any family is a real family”, transgender lunacy etc… But haven’t seemed to experience the effects personally such as having to see your hard earned money go to welfare leeches, your neighborhood trashed, your children in school with thugs, you getting laid off and illegals brought in cheaper, your wife, daughter, sister mother etc… risking perverts in their own bathrooms, among countless others. Many who walked away were liberal in their youth, including my own uncle, but expanded their horizons and changed their views as like you said, once they got more real-world experience. I hope one day your own horizons expand too, and if you have seen most of the world and formed your opinions out of genuine life experience, what country/planet/universe are you in?, because it’s not the America I and countless other Americans experience…

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      • Ah, ALoR, do you realize how many times you use the word Leftist as enemy? They are no longer people, but an ideology which you do not agree with, some kind of a conspiracy that is out to destroy your world, in hope of accomplishing what? You accuse them of all kinds of crimes against humanity, without giving one specific fact, though you claim your father and uncle had lots of facts. Do you know, your condemnation of the left is EXACTLY EQUAL to their condemnation of the right? 800,000 people who Trump claims to be rightists are out of work, or forced to work for free, because of Mr. Trump. Is that what a good leader does? Does a good leader give his cabinet members a $10,000 a year raise when he is denying paycheques to those frontline workers who actually work, while these politicians sit around and talk all day? That’s inside the government. Outside the government, how many steelworkers have lost their jobs because of policy decisions made by Mr. Trump and his even-higher-paid cabinet cronies?
        I am not going to say that there aren’t right wing extremists who happen to be Muslim, but what percentage of Islamists are actually terrorists? Try going to a mosque some day and listening to what is being preached. It won’t be any different from the general preachings of Christian’s orJews, Buddhists and Jains. I know religion is as meaningless to you as it is to me, but there are more good people to see than bad. It is the extremists you hear about because that is what your leaders want you to focus on. See the bad people, not the good ones. Your views are being tampered with by your side as much as by the other side. It is called brainwashing, pure and simple, and both sides do that equally too. Close your eyes so you cannot see who is speaking, and open your ears to what is really being said. You may be able to distinguish left from right due to content, but if you listen critically you will notice both sides use the same tactics. Both sides are wrong, neither side is right! Once you get that, then you can start listening to context again. The thing about bipartisan politics is, there is no third choice, no middle ground. And that is dividing your country more than anything else.


  2. Coming from a public school myself, if it wasn’t for my family, I would have probably been a liberal. Most of my friends were the half shaved head, purple hair, nose ring feminists. I got into politics around my junior/senior year.

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  3. It sounded like you were allowed to find your own way to a political view. I think the vast majority of people are just not that political and, if not brainwashed by the left, would remain so. Then something comes along that makes them think about these things, and it’s like a tiny snowball dropping onto a slope of snow, slow and small at first, but building into an avalanche that changes the whole landscape, but it’s your landscape, your thoughts changed it. I feel many people on the left are the non-political types that have just been programmed, like NPC, with other people’s thoughts.

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  4. Well said and well written! A powerful message to say the least. Thank you for sharing your @walkaway story! I especially liked how you saw the bias in the schools! I, myself, went to public school at a very different time. However, my children were subjected to this bias and I worked very hard for them to respect authority, yet, question what they were being taught.

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  5. I love hearing #WalkAway testimonies, especially those that reveal that the angry, divisive, and ugly behaviour of the Left was a factor in their leaving Liberalism for good. I also grew up in a Conservative family, but I flirted with Democrats in the 2016 election because I didn’t think we could trust Trump. I had been suckered by Bernie Sanders, not realizing his vocalized ideas were merely the top of a huge Socialist iceberg. Living in Canada, I’ve seen a lot of reasonably social programs that seem to work well, so I didn’t see much wrong with his platform. Finding out that Hillary Clinton had stolen the nomination from him was the first thing to push me back toward the right. Then I was bitterly red-pilled that these people on the Left are sick. They claimed to be so open and inclusive, yet jumped on anyone who didn’t bow to their weak, unfounded politics. First, I was alerted to what was going on in Canada with unchecked immigration. Then I started seeing Antifa using fascist tactics to supposedly oppose fascism. That really alerted me to the horrific hypocrisy that foments in the hearts of all Liberals. I saw this behaviour and couldn’t believe it when people like Maxine Waters didn’t just approve, but actually openly advocated for it!! She said the word and Berkeley went insane. I saw immediately that these people would gladly shove their politics down our throats by force. Throw in Hillary Clinton getting away with everything she’s pulled and I had to turn my back on that. When I started seeing that President Trump not only wasn’t failing, but was winning for the American people, and saw the numbers getting better and better across the board, I knew I was slowly but surely jumping on the Trump Train. It was just coincidence that this was all happening about the same time Brandon Straka created the original #WalkAway testimony and posted it on Facebook. I saw this and recognized myself in the ideals he set forth, and I joined the movement when there were maybe 500 members. We are now 220K+ strong, with over 20,000 people joining immediately after the Kavanaugh Hearings, and every new member increases our group’s true, open diversity and makes us stronger. We have joined the fight against these fools who wish to destroy America, and it’s good to know you were encouraging people to walk away before the hashtag was invented!!

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  6. I’m happy that stories like yours are becoming more and more common. Politics is downstream of culture, and as more people wake up to the Left, who knows? It’s been appropriately said that a single grain of rice can tip the scale.

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  7. Oh, how blessed you are, to have such good mentors in your life!
    I understand that duality you speak of. For years, I said I was a fiscal conservative, social liberal. But then, that was before the left slid over the cliff. I still sometimes refer to myself as a “classical liberal”; a position that is conservative, today. Remember when liberalism uses to be about liberty?

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      • Canada may be more to the left than the US in general, but we didn’t quite have have the polarization until more recently. What happens in the US does bleed over the border, though. The slide to the left was kept in check while we had Harper as PM. Once Trudeau was elected (with lots of money and illegal influence from US based leftist groups, I might add), that was the tipping point. I am hoping that will change during our election next year, but so many “refugees” are being brought in that will be given the vote by then, it might not happen. We don’t have anyone to be our Trump right now, and there is a recent schism in the party that may split the conservative vote, even though there is still just a party of one as a result of this split. The Libetaks even helped pay for the official party status registration.

        I don’t belong to any party, and there was a time when the Liberals where worth voting for. Now, they are basically the NDP, while the NDP has gone even more extreme than they were. Which is saying a lot!

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      • Re-Farmer, I’m a permanent resident of Canada and oddly enough, it was what was going on with the refugees up here that red-pilled me as to something hinky going on in the government. I thought things were going great till my friend Sara told me to start watching Rebel Media and suddenly I saw all the terrible things resulting from this policy, especially the Muslim men caught sexually assaulting little girls and boys at swimming pools and Jews getting attacked by Islamists. This whole refugees equal Liberal votes idea is a dangerous game to be playing. Trudeau doesn’t realize what he’s doing and I pray someone steps up that can viably oppose him in the elections!!!

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  8. Wow, what a powerful story! Well said and well written!! I really look forward to learning more from you! Thank you for sharing your #walkaway story!

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  9. Walked away from Liberalism and towards conservatism. Me too. But could never make sense out of liberal thinking. But since I was in MA, a liberal state, I just thought I was stupid. Instead, I’ve come to realize I was the only resident of the state with a brain. I’m blessed!

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