My #WalkAway Story Series: Susan

My #WalkAway Story Series is a bigger and more long term project for A Lady of Reason, and it’s all about YOU! This is your big chance at getting your voice heard and your own story out there! For many closeted conservatives, afraid for our livelihood, social networks, family connections, even physical safety now, being stuck in the closet can be extremely isolating and it’s easy to feel like it’s you against the world sometimes! I certainly feel that way! By sharing our stories collectively, I hope to give a voice to you, my dear readers and followers here on WordPress and Social Media, to show each other camaraderie and that in fact, we’re NOT alone, just in the shadows. Well folks, it’s time to come out of the shadows and into the light! The “silent majority” is at least half of our nation, so you’re not truly alone. Come and hear others, and add your own voice, your own story to the mix, of what it’s like being a conservative in an increasingly Leftist country! Send me an e-mail at or direct message me at @aladyofreason1 on Twitter to add YOUR story!!! 🙂 I’ll send you the standard question list, or you can just write it free form as a narrative…

This #WalkAway story comes from Susan, another awesome conservative who reached out to me to do an interview via Twitter!

Tell me about yourself briefly:

Well I’m 50 years old. Caucasian and grew up with a conservative military father and a radically liberal mother lol! I really didn’t think about politics until I was 20 newly sober and a single mother of a half Hispanic daughter. By this time I was living in Anchorage, Alaska and I wanted to help all of the marginalized people I was aware of! So I set out to earn my BA in Social Work at UAA. After 7 years and additionally a AA degree in Human Resources I was absolutely through trying to deal with the crazy professors and bureaucracy. And had started to see a lot of truth in what my fiancé of 4 years had been saying. I graduated went to doing my husbands books and putting our money to work on Wall Street. Oh and raising our (5) kids, 3 stepsons and a boy and girl of my own. My last child was from said husband.

When did you become conservative? If you were ever liberal, what made you walk away?

I still feel strong support for gay men and women but I really worry about children who are confused, how they got that way and why it’s encouraged. Also I currently live from state support because of my many health issues but that’s another story. So I can see where if utilized properly it is an effective tool but let me tell you I think it is a disgrace how many able bodied people with no children are getting handouts. So now here I am in Southern California, thinking it was pretty conservative and alone. Look I’ve been through a lot in my life. Twenty years of emotional, financial and psychological abuse. Rape last summer. Addiction that took me out after 20 years of sobriety and yet here I am in a conservative but great relationship again and having to seek assistance but I am fiscally, morally and by all other norms a conservative. I have a very strong drive to see justice done but I don’t think our president, his family or conservatives in general are getting a fair shake! I don’t believe in blatantly following because he/she said so! I lost respect for HRC when she stayed with Bill!!! And have zero respect for her for many reasons today! I do respect Donald J. Trump and all he stands for. All he has and is doing for our country. I do believe we are a country built of migrants but not one demanding to be let in and supported and certainly not if they are violent on their approach. I do believe that welfare, ugh I cringe at the word, can and is useful but not for anyone or everyone and certainly not for years!!!

Do you feel at all afraid to be openly conservative? If so, how do you cope with being closeted?

So I speak with my boyfriend and I come speak out on Twitter, but none of my family know I’m on there and unfortunately my “mothers” (yes my mom and her partner of 35 years got married) are radically liberal. I’m pretty sure they know I’m not but have agreed to not talk politics with me. One of my neighbors is conservative so I can talk to her but she doesn’t follow everyday like I do. Honestly I thought to myself if that young girl in NY can get elected to Congress surely I can, however, I cannot stand longer than a short line at the supermarket so how would I handle speakers etc. Lol! I guess I can honestly say also that while I feel overwhelmed by the dishonesty and meanness on the left, to try to talk to one of them is really difficult. I have all these well researched facts but immediately when I’m looked at and treated like a monster I fail to be able to articulate a thing.

What advice to you have for other conservatives afraid to speak out?

And last I think your blog about being a conservative at Thanksgiving dinner with liberals makes excellent points on how to handle speaking out. Simply put, know your facts, don’t try to “win” and be willing to walk away. On the other hand I think it’s about time that we follow great examples set by the Fox News team and confront stupidity!!! Thank you for giving me the chance! Sincerely, Susan

Thank you, Susan! Your story needs to be heard too! I’m sorry you went through so much in your life already, but you’re a victor, not a victim as Candace Owens says 🙂 Stay strong, patriot! We need you to speak out and show others we’re not as alone as we think, and of course, you’re always welcome to comment and speak your mind on my blog 🙂

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4 thoughts on “My #WalkAway Story Series: Susan

  1. That lady Susan who was your newest Walk Away post has really had such a difficult life. Life is a bear trap at times. Anyway, she has embraced conservatism and was very honest about her difficulties. You sent her a positive message to wrap it up which was perfect . Cartoon was as usual, perfect !

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      • *L* Good! There was an abrupt shift that made it feel like something got missed while posting (speaking from experience, here. LOL), so I had to ask.

        Her being on assistance stood out to me. I suspect in the US, it’s much like it is here in Canada; people just sort of assume that if you are on some sort of disability, then you *must* be [Democrat/liberal, in the US, or NDP in Canada]. I knew a guy who was running for election. He’s a wheelchair user, which made door knocking impossible at most homes, so he set himself up at a busy intersection to do some campaigning. He was running for a position in a more conservative party, and had people telling him flat out that, because he was in a wheelchair, he should be NDP. As if the NDP somehow owned him because of his disability!

        Sadly, I’ve found that many people on assisted living programs, whether for a disability or on welfare, are often leftists because they feel they are entitled to their handouts, and believe the eeevil conservatives will take away their benefits.

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