My #WalkAway Story Series: Maria

My #WalkAway Story Series is a bigger and more long term project for A Lady of Reason, and it’s all about YOU! This is your big chance at getting your voice heard and your own story out there! For many closeted conservatives, afraid for our livelihood, social networks, family connections, even physical safety now, being stuck in the closet can be extremely isolating and it’s easy to feel like it’s you against the world sometimes! I certainly feel that way! By sharing our stories collectively, I hope to give a voice to you, my dear readers and followers here on WordPress and Social Media, to show each other camaraderie and that in fact, we’re NOT alone, just in the shadows. Well folks, it’s time to come out of the shadows and into the light! The “silent majority” is at least half of our nation, so you’re not truly alone. Come and hear others, and add your own voice, your own story to the mix, of what it’s like being a conservative in an increasingly Leftist country! Send me an e-mail at or direct message me at @aladyofreason1 on Twitter to add YOUR story!!! 🙂 I’ll send you the standard question list, or you can just write it free form as a narrative…

This next #WalkAway story is from Maria, who has bravely spoken out about her story, despite fear of liberal backlash on her business! Here’s her story:

Tell me about yourself briefly:

How about “Rapidly aging research analyst who writes mystery romance fiction as a sideline, just to prove Ocasio-Cortez’ theory about everyone having two jobs.”? 😉 Boring side notes: Married, 2 kids in college, live out in the country (mostly because the city is way too liberal)…

When did you become conservative? If you were ever liberal, what made you walk away?

I flirted with liberalism in college, for the same reason many do–it struck me as the kind, fair, caring political stance. Then I went to graduate school in business and came to understand free markets and how hand-outs tend to perpetuate poverty as opposed to “curing” it. Ultimately, I realized that the political label which fits me best is Libertarian: don’t care how anyone else lives their life, as long as they don’t push it on me and don’t expect me to pay for it!

Do you feel at all afraid to be openly conservative? If so, how do you cope with being closeted?

Yes, definitely afraid to be openly conservative, except among close friends. I live in a very liberal area (Raleigh-Durham area), and I would never wear a MAGA hat or a flag shirt. That’s really sad, but I would be afraid of being attacked verbally or asked to leave a place, as others have been. I felt very alone before the 2016 election, but then my husband and I started finding more and more people on YouTube and Twitter who felt as we did, and I started to realize we weren’t the last freedom-loving Americans around! The election, of course, cemented that. The internet has remained my safe haven since.

What advice to you have for other conservatives afraid to speak out?

I wish I had some. In addition to a regular full-time job, I make money selling books on Amazon. I am terrified that some SJW will smear all my books and leave a million bad reviews for them, because of my views. Sometimes, I think I should go totally back into hiding, so I have no advice to offer!

Thank you so much! It is indeed a shame you and countless others feel afraid to be openly conservative and speak out! The leftist lunacy is rampant, but our voices must be heard, and I commend your immense courage in getting yours out there too! I really hope you don’t stop speaking out, and yes, the internet is a great place to reach a ton of people, and stay anonymous! Ideas are what matter most, and they may silence us in our personal lives, but our ideas live on online 🙂 Keep writing and speaking out! You can do both, you just have to be careful not to overlap the two! Best of luck in your endeavors, and you’re always welcome to speak more on my blog!

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3 thoughts on “My #WalkAway Story Series: Maria

  1. ” I am terrified that some SJW will smear all my books and leave a million bad reviews for them, because of my views. ”

    This part really stood out for me. It’s really the difference with leftists, these days, isn’t it? For anyone else, if there is a disagreement, we might argue, debate, even get mad. But for today’s leftists, anyone who disagrees must be destroyed. They will go after people’s jobs, their integrity, their reputations, their families, including their kids. They will have “protests”, yell and scream and riot. They will bully, either directly or through force of law. They will spread lies and make the most vile threats. And somehow, feel entirely justified in doing it. They have so utterly dehumanized those who dare to hold other opinions and beliefs, that they have convinced themselves that what they are doing is *good*.

    The only consolation, if that word can even be used, that I have seen is that they turn on each other just as viciously.

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