The (New) Modern Woman…

The image of the “modern woman” has pervaded since the rise of all waves of feminism. She may be different depending on the era, the woman who could vote, the woman who could work, the woman who could wear pants, get dirty, own property, choose her husband, plan her family or chose not to have one, think for herself, be heard in the world, have a voice in society, etc..etc… The modern woman was one who could look to a bright future for herself, on her own terms. It’s a vision that all women like to think of themselves being able to be. However, like most idealistic visions, the reality often falls short. Am I saying that the “modern woman” ideal is necessarily bad, in the qualities listed above? No, not really. I want women to have autonomy, to get to choose her life choices, to decide who she deems worthy of marriage, to think for herself and be heard in the world, yes, all of those are not things I’m against. The problem arises though when this vision goes to extremes and becomes radicalized. The “modern woman” of today is not what our grandmothers and great grandmothers who fought for the vote pictured in their youth!!!

The “modern woman” of today is one who embraces vulgarity, loudness, and vitriol over the strength that comes from valid ideas and the feminine softness of ladies past. She is one who embraces sexual anarchy rather than sexual freedom through promiscuity and immodesty rather than tempered choices. She is one who will flaunt that sleazy vulgarity through “pussy hats”, dressing like vaginas, smearing fake blood to mimic menstruation as “girl power”, and shun all aspects of traditional femininity. To her, sex is a handshake not a milestone. A child is a burden personally and professionally to be cast aside and neglected emotionally, mentally, even physically lest it get in her way of being the “modern woman”. Motherhood is enslaving, not her highest calling as a woman. A man is the enemy, a hindrance and source of all oppression just waiting to force her back in the kitchen! Divorce is normal for the empowered woman, and marriage is merely dating 2.0. The honor and privilege of being a wife is now erased through terms like “Ms.”. Feminine dress is seen as enslaving and dis-empowering, as she must mimic a man in all aspects of her life to feel worth something as a person. She must have a career like a man does, earn like he does, dress like he does, think like he does, even talk like he does to feel worthy and empowered. A man in all but name! She must talk back, never compromise or acquiesce to her husband or father’s wishes, even partially least she be oppressed by the patriarchy! Protest male only spaces while entitled to women only spaces. Hate standards of beauty, decry make-up, bras, nail polish, beauty products, as part of the “patriarchy”. Mistakes bossiness and pushiness for healthy assertiveness and confidence. Sees perversion, injustice and oppression in girls being girls and embracing girl things such as dolls, dresses, fairy tales etc… Be the perpetual victim, damsel in distress when it suits them such as the #MeToo card, etc… etc…

That said, many reasonable women who decry the hypocrisy, inherent sexism, condescension, and vitriol of the radical feminist movement would think the notion of the “modern woman” must be thrown out! However I propose the idea can be reclaimed for the positive. There is a way, I feel to reach a healthy middle ground in this desire for more equality, while also embracing traditional feminine virtues and our womanhood as is, not feminist imposed pseudo-manhood! I propose a vision where we can be ladies of elegance and grace, like our grandmothers, while also embracing some positive aspects of the desire for increased autonomy and independence for women of today. Being a lady does not mean you have to be stuck in 1918 in 2018 😉 For example:

  • The modern woman can make her own choices, but chooses them because she should, not merely because she can!
  • The modern woman uses her freedom to enhance her life, not spite others, such as doing something specifically to “spite the patriarchy”…
  • The modern woman has sexual freedom, but not sexual anarchy! She knows with freedom comes responsibility, and embracing hook up culture only leads to danger, unhappiness, STD’s, unwanted pregnancy, etc…etc…
  • The modern woman chooses her partner freely, without being coerced or forced by her father, but honors and cherishes the man she chooses and respects his wishes…
  • The modern woman can embrace a marriage of equals in dignity and worth, with separate but complimentary roles…
  • The modern woman can give her heart and her person to one man in marriage, till death do you part, be “one flesh” with him and give yourself to him without being his “property”, as he ought to do the same for you. She knows that she is forever his, and he is forever hers… She embraces the title of wife (“Mrs.”) as an honor, not a slave-name!
  • The modern woman is not “dependent” on a man, but leans on him, looks to him in times of hardship and vulnerability for him to be her rock and protector, with the knowledge she does so freely and that she will be his rock in his time of need. She knows she can share her sorrows and joys with him, without being “dependent” and “weak”…
  • The modern woman listens to the wise counsel and guidance of her father in her younger years and as a budding woman, so that she will not be lead astray by bad people and tricked by her own naivety to the world, without feeling her father owns her and micromanages her life! She lets him give her away at the alter, in the spirit of transferring the role of his love and support to her new husband, who when he passes, will be her rock as he once was. Not in the sense it is a literal transfer of property anymore!
  • The modern woman can be a leader without leading the same way a man might go about it. She realizes that the strongest people can be the most soft spoken and gentle in nature but rise to every challenge…
  • The modern woman can embrace traditional feminine dress and styles, and live her life unhindered by that choice without the pressure to wear pants just because a man does! Her worth comes from inside her, not what’s covering her legs!
  • The modern woman can be the keeper of the home, nurturer of the family, and be worth more than anything to her family and to a wholesome society of intact families raised in love and devotion.
  • The modern woman can have a career, but values the title of M.O.M. or M.R.S. over any degree or credential or title she might earn!
  • The modern woman can speak her mind and use her voice for the betterment of her society, but does so through facts, logic and reason, not vitriol, shouting and ad-hominem attacks!
  • The modern woman defends the wronged, not as a man should through physical strength, but in her own special way, through using her voice as a woman to advocate for wrongly accused men for example in this #MeToo hysteria, or the neglected and devalued child by the ideology of radical feminism as another…
  • The modern woman can think in a deep intellectual manner, but not forget her manners as a lady in her conduct and get heated and spew vitriol at the opposition!
  • The modern woman knows assertiveness and confidence is NOT snapping orders and domineering over others, rather the persistent, quiet and reasoned assertiveness and knowledge of her skills and her worth…
  • The modern woman is responsible for her actions, and accepts the consequences with grace and understanding, not crying victim, and blaming everyone but herself for her own transgressions.
  • The modern woman is not a victim, but empowered to stand her ground in the face of injustice and unethical coercion. She has the power to choose integrity over the superficial rewards coercion has to offer her.
  • The modern woman has a voice to be heard, but conveys her ideas with elegance and grace as a lady, not a “Nasty Woman”…
  • The modern woman can be a true lady, one of elegance, refinement and grace as her fore-mothers did before her, while also embracing the modern freedoms women can have….

Overall, the “modern woman” of reason, is a lady in spirit and character, while taking the best female empowerment has to offer such as increased autonomy and independence. She is bright, driven, a victor, not a victim, a leader, a nurturer, a devoted partner, a dutiful daughter, a loving mother, a person of integrity and accountability, a deep independent thinker, a person of refinement, has strength in her quietness, embraces her traditional femininity and is above all, a LADY!

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A “Matriarchy” is NOT what I have in mind for empowering women!


  1. Your WordPress piece is lovely! Every paragraph, an inspiration. You give people a vision of what a wonderfully well-adjusted woman looks like when she becomes a lady! I wish your piece could be made into thousands of posters & hung on walls everywhere! 🙂

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  2. Regarding the post from the writer who denies that radical feminism exists,

    Strong Women: My family past and present, includes strong, successful proud women who served on the home front during WWII, ran successful businesses, worked in the medical profession at high levels- all the while, prioritizing the family unit. Real power houses…

    When the rampant radical behavior from the Left’s militant, “women’s movement” becomes the new norm, people like the writer cannot allow themselves a possible moment’s thought that this could be anything but acceptable behavior.

    Either that, or they actually know on some level that “The Democratic Women’s Movement” by their actions and platform are based on divisiveness, irrational fear, and hatred but still are entirely willing to ignore reality and join in as “Everybody’s doing it” and besides, it is acceptable to lie, spread what I might call “revisionist reality” propaganda and to tear down every social construct as long as “our side wins.” Anything to win. This is an imprinting- social- school of fish mind set. Powerful women need not choose this kind of behavior or platform.

    In time, such a person and many others may well come to their senses and ask “How could I have ever signed on/ thrown in with such a group of hostile, vulgar women so obviously driven by our America hating , Marxist Left controlled media and educational systems ? With distance , may come a greater depth of reasoning.

    The Common Man

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  3. The massive potential for women has been forgotten because women have forgotten their role.


    The strong & independent mantra strips them of this…and makes them think more like men.

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  4. Ah that elusive “radical feminist.” In society you might find 5 if you scour the most liberal university campus but peek into the imagination of a “conservative” and “radical feminists” lurk around every corner ready to pounce on any “traditional” value and tear it limb from limb. Your corn crop is safe, LoR, because you’ve erected a skyscraper of a straw-man.

    And if you want to rebut my point, you’re going to have to muster evidence and examples that this “radical feminsim” exists in any but the tiniest sliver of the population. But anyone who actually relies on reason musters evidence to bolster their beliefs–something that I haven’t seen here. In fact, the Ben Garrison cartoons –conspiracy theory and science denialism king of cartoon kooks–adorning every other post should have been warning enough to see there’s no “reason” on this blog.


      • Kellison:

        So I’m a “radical feminist” because I’m correctly claiming “radical feminists” as defined by the fevered imaginations of “conservatives” hardly exist in reality?

        Using that exact same “reasoning”, you would argue that a researcher who claims that species X is not common but rather actually endangered, really is a member of species X.

        I came here with the notion that most “conservatives” cannot and do not reason logically. No one is disabusing me of this notion so far.


  5. There is a lot to unpack in this post! I did have to snort a bit at this, though…

    “Protest male only spaces while entitled to women only spaces. Hate standards of beauty, decry make-up, bras, nail polish, beauty products, as part of the “patriarchy”.”

    But only if you really are a woman. If you are a man who thinks you are a woman, then, make-up, bras, nail polish and other “feminine” things become brave things to wear and use. Because putting on a costume is what “makes” a woman.

    Funny how a group that decries the “patriarchy” can also celebrate men as women, if they cram themselves into the very stereotypes that “feminists” decry. Woman in dresses and make-up = bad. Man in dresses and make-up = good


    Kersten makes some points that are similar to what came to my mine as I read. A lot of the cultural “patriarchy” throughout history really didn’t apply to everyone, but was more a class thing (I am speaking mostly about European culture; I am not as well versed in other continents, though from what little I have come across, most seemed similar). Among the wealthy and powerful, young women – and men – were regularly married off, with no choice in the matter, to forge alliances, secure titles, increase wealth, etc. The average person living in a small town or farm didn’t have to worry about that. Everyone had to bust their butts to survive, and there was no room for women to be delicate flowers at their harpsichords or embroidery hoops. An interesting tidbit of information. It was a sign of success for a businessman to invite his clients into the parlor (most businesses were run from home at the time) and it was filled with items embroidered by his wife. This meant he made so much money, his wife was free to spend her time doing embroidery. The more handiwork in the parlor, the better it reflected on his success as a businessman and provider for his family.

    The average family couldn’t waste time on the niceties (which made what they did produce even more valuable!). Everyone was needed to plant and harvest, milk cows, etc. Age and gender really didn’t matter all that much. Being able to put food on the table and keep a roof over their heads did. Even things like voting restrictions were not just about women. Only male land owners could vote, for example. If you didn’t own land, you couldn’t vote, and land typically was inherited by the oldest son, so male voting was almost a default.

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    • You make a good point about transgender lunacy! In this age of “thou shalt not appropriate oppressed groups”, why can men just decide to be a woman when the Left claims men have oppressed women? Isn’t that similar to appropriating a minority group without having to go through their struggles, and can take off the “costume” at the end of the day, unlike real women??? More Leftist hypocrisy…

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      • We’re not supposed to “appropriate” anything from other cultures anymore – not even their food, apparently – but it’s okay for a white person to claim to be black (two prominent examples in the US right now). Because if a man can claim to be a woman, then they have to accept that a white woman can claim to be black. Or middle ages man can claim to be a 6 yr old girl. :-/

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      • And if you point that out or disagree in any way, then you are a hater, bigot, racist, misogynist [fill in insult here]. It’s gotten to the point, those words have lost all meaning.

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  6. I have to finally agree with almost everything you said today. Hehe
    The patriarchal reign has gone so long now the women want to be like men, and have forgotten the massive potential of the ANY role. Everyone is missing out by allowing this pendulum swing. Matriarchy as you said is not the answer either? But unity and respect working together.

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      • There is some recent info coming to light about ancient civilizations that surpassed us in many ways. It seems this equality is possible be one the deciding factors of enlightenment. Women are not the same as men, but bring the the yin to the yang to complete the whole self—the pair.

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  7. A large amount of the behaviour of men and women will depend on wealth. The poorer woman cannot farm out her children to a nanny she has no choice but to mother them. The working woman uses the child minding facilities and in the UK they are subsidised by the government.
    It is accepted that both the man and woman in a marriage must be earners and the cost of living has adjusted itself to absorb a dual income.
    Many could not consider buying a property on one wage so modern society has pushed women into the work place.
    Children suffer the consequences of working parents some come home from school to an empty house and they are dropped off at school an hour before needed.
    Office course this process was speeded up by the war when women were needed to do men’s work. Even in the richer classes it’s no longer important for ladies to read classical novels and play the piano , the days of Jane Austin are over, and rich husbands may not be as refined as Mr Darcy. The well known Kleenex Tissues can no longer be called man-sized incase the fair sex are offended from now on they will be known as large Kleenex Tissues.
    When I was a snotty- nosed boy mother made sure I had cotton handkerchiefs and they were washed each week. The wet washing was mangled by hand a job I quite enjoyed — ah how the world has improved — or should I say changed.

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