We Need A Strong Defense…

Veteran’s day is a day to remember the valiant defenders of our country! Through their sacrifice and bravery, we can enjoy the freedoms that we as Americans cherish and are able to set as an example to the world! Our armed forces have defended us on land, sea and in the skies to ensure each and every one of us is safe and protected! We must not take that for granted, as in many other places, safety, as we can well see just by turning on our TV’s, is not a guarantee for most of the world!

The have-nots want what others have, it’s just human nature. It’s also human nature however, to take what one wants by any means possible, often unethically and through force. “Might makes right” for the majority of the world is the rule of thumb. However, in countries such as ours and others, diplomacy and democracy are the better path of choice. We strive for peace, but go to war to defend ourselves against others who want what we have. Our riches, our goods, our technologies, our job opportunities, our social advancement etc… but ironically often not our values! No, they seek to impose their own values, ones of “dog eat dog” and inequality and “might makes right”, while reaping in the spoils of what our values enabled to happen such as our groundbreaking technologies, the strong rule of law, our better standards of living, our job opportunities, and yes, annoying to admit: our welfare handouts and resources! The splendor and opportunity, the “American Dream” is seen by some as something not to work for and earn, but to take by force! To reap the spoils without working to sow the seeds (such as democratic values and creating higher standards of living) themselves!

Yep, we are not safe unless we have a strong defense! Something to say to the have-nots “You can’t just come in and take what is ours and spit on our values in the process, you have to WORK to achieve what we have. You have to make your own country a better place, not take ours and what WE worked hard to earn!” A message must be sent that America will not tolerate others just coming in, whether illegally or militarily to invade and leech or destroy us! This is where our armed forces come in: to send just that message! A skilled formidable army with the latest in military technology deters weaker countries and would be attackers to think twice before messing with us 😉

Before you say we’re not being threatened, and not in some major war, just look at what has happened recently! Acts of terrorism, ISIS on the rise and threatening to invade us any way possible! The whole region of the Middle East despises the West and America and couldn’t care less about our welfare, though many Lefties go out of their way to take pity on them! Telling huh? That we’re the ones concerned about the less fortunate around the world, yet they can spit on us and our values the minute they step into this country and no one bats an eye! They can live off welfare, drain our schools, take our jobs, and bringing more 3rd world lifestyles of “dog eat dog” leading to more crime, treating women and children and anyone who is different from their group as badly as they may have been treated back home, demanding their own laws to live by etc… and we’re supposed to tolerate that in order to be a benevolent nation! By being eaten from the inside out so to speak, or that “Giving Tree” in the famous novel that gave its entire self away! Why do you think people could pull off 9/11? The Boston Marathon Bombing perpetrators were on welfare and were given free handouts! Just take a good look at Europe being invaded already by 3rd world migrants being all the above mentioned, plus even more acts of terrorism from groups like ISIS!

Don’t think for one moment we as a country can be complacent! Europe is just like us in many ways! Good economies, good standards of living, good values of democracy and equality as well. Their countries are our allies! But that didn’t stop them from being invaded. Women being raped, jobs being taken, crime up, people stabbed, shot and even run over in many cities across places like England, Belgium, Germany, France etc… It’s no longer truly safe to visit these beautiful countries anymore 😦 They can easily be us in a heartbeat if we do as they did and became complacent in their take over. Our military is on the front lines (literally) watching for and stopping threats!

And I almost forgot, it’s not just little 3rd world nations out for us! Powerful nations, such as Russia, north Korea, China even, are watching us very closely. We’re a “frenemy” at best, and a rival! They may not invade like WWIII, but we grow weak, and they will take advantage. They may not be out for us because they have not, rather they are not democratic, and view us as weak and they can push us and take what they wish from us if we let them! Corrupt dictators and regimes are like that for the most part… If we don’t show them they are meeting their match, that we are their equals, they will not respect us. Trump luckily, is making progress diplomatically rather than military because of this principle! Indeed, showing our strength will not automatically lead to wars, but can prevent them, letting diplomacy take the lead instead!

A show of strength in our military does not lead to an overbearing military state and martial law! No! In just the right amount, not too little, but not too much either, we can show the world we want peace and diplomacy, but will fight the fight if needed and have what we need to crush our enemies! Sadly, some people just understand brute force… Diplomacy doesn’t work and is construed as weak. Negotiation is also weakness and groveling to some. For those narrow minded people who cannot be reasoned with, we must sadly show force to stop force. Luckily, many nations will listen to diplomacy and negotiation as long as they know we are formidable and this is the best, most efficient way to deal with us. It’s when we weaken and feel like we’re too big to be touched, too safe, it couldn’t happen here, does disaster strike! It CAN and DOES happen here! Just look at 9/11!

Those who say our military is too strong, that we must scale back, disarm and live in a pacifist way are dangerously naive to how the world works! Do I want us to be war-mongering militants??? No! Certainly not! I’d choose every possible option for a peaceful outcome to solving disputes over war any day and use war only as the last resort! I’m NOT advocating for a trigger happy country where we push the nuclear button over trivial matters! I agree war is an ugly ugly thing and is a lose-lose for all sides’ people. However, as long as there are war-mongers, who hate us, and want what we have by force, we must be ready to defend ourselves! As we ought to defend our homes from a burglar in the night by any means necessary, why not our country, as is it not all our home collectively??? Empowering our military does just that: protecting our country from those who would take everything we have and hold dear!

My final message to everyone is, never take for granted how lucky we are, and that there are millions who want it and will take it if we don’t stop them! Thank, appreciate, and honor every soldier for their service in helping us stay American! Trump may make America great, but our military truly KEEPS America great 😉

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15 thoughts on “We Need A Strong Defense…

  1. I read your excellent post on the necessity of having a strong US military . All of your points hit the mark. Doubtless, you will receive the obligatory vitriol from the far Left and their misguided , brainwashed minions, but that will certainly confirm that your fact based commentary was spot on!

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  2. Many countries are to blame for their own poverty. Their corrupt gov’t waste and various ideas have held them back.
    I consider it more myth the that all these countries are only poor due to the West. If they copy models of Western success even Russia and China have become stronger from being quite poor not long ago.
    We cant save everyone in the world the social support of the Western economies and the end result would be to make us as poor as them.

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  3. One of the harsher lessons of history is that weakness is hazardous and puts a people at risk of conquest. A strong defense is essential not just to repel attacks but to deter them. Weakness doesn’t only tempt enemies, that temptation creates enemies, As Machiavelli put it “Among other evils which being unarmed brings you, it causes you to be despised.” As another student of conflict put it “if you look like food, you’ll be eaten.” That said, we should be careful that we confine our efforts to actual defense to avoid threatening other countries unnecessarily and thereby creating enemies where none existed before. Too often, countries interfere with the affairs of other based on specious claims of defense. Veterans’ Day was originally Armistice Day commemorating the end of the fighting in first world war. When the U.S. entered the war, it did so claiming that it was “the war to end all wars.” Another tragic lesson of history is that, rather than ending war, the Versailles Treaty was a major cause of the second world war.

    For any nation to survive, it must be willing to sacrifice the lives of it’s soldiers in battle. We honor those who served in past wars, especially those who gave “that last full measure. ” Our soldiers go where we tell them to go and fight those whom we tell them to fight. They depend on us to determine whether that fight really is necessary for the defense of the country. We owe it to them to think through questions of war and peace carefully, to avoid war when we can and to commit our soldiers to war only when it is truly needed. Our troops are too valuable to sacrifice for the sake of specious slogans such as “the war to end all wars.”

    We should remember the wise words of U.S. Marine General Smedly Butler, a veteran of many wars including World War 1. He received the medal of honor twice in service of his country and he wrote a book titled “War is a Racket.” In it, he stated that, based on his experience, any war that the U.S. fought was a racket designed to benefit some interest unless the war was to repel an enemy who was actually invading the country. To some extent, he echoed the guidance of George Washington who advised against foreign entanglements. For anyone considering the question of whether to commit our military, Butler’s book is must reading.

    Not every invader comes as an army. National defense requires a nation to secure it’s borders and to control who enters the country according to established laws and procedures. Control over borders is essential to protect against terrorists, criminals and against the national economic suicide of unrestricted immigration dependent on public largess at a time when the country runs a record level deficit. We can control our borders without going to war but if we fail to exercise that control, we could throw away that which so many of our veterans went to war to defend.

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  4. Indeed, all the good things people love about America are put at risk by a weak military. America is seen as the ideal because of, not in spite of, our military. It makes it possible for us to not just protect our own borders, but to help other countries with theirs. It ensures we’ll not be arbitrarily attacked because others KNOW we have everything we need to defend our country, and not as a prelude to war, but as a PREVENTATIVE. Bullies rarely pick on people bigger than them outright, and that holds here, too. The sneak attacks, like 9/11, are merely like a Chihuahua snapping at our heels – the nipping bites hurt, yes, but we heal and move on in most cases. The fact that Al Qaeda and other groups like ISIS haven’t been able to pull off another stunt like that is directly linked to the response they received from our military! And finally we have a president who wasn’t scared to destroy ISIS and they are now scrambling to restore old leaders because their cause is dying on the vine. Why? Because the military response and sanctions were received by regular people, not just the jihadists. When private citizens in Afghanistan got their hats full of the hell they were getting for allowing terrorists to hide out in their country, they turned against Al Qaeda for the most part and sent them packing. These countries got a front row-centre view of the power of America’s might and decided their best move would be to do whatever it took to make us their friends and ally with us against these groups. If our military was anything less than the well-oiled machine that it always is, we might have been destroyed by groups like these, or annexed by Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia!! It is because of our men and women in uniform that we continue to enjoy our freedoms.

    Which brings me to George Soros and his plans for America, where our police and military are reduced to nothing and we are imploding on the resulting crime and terrorism that had, and would, increase under his directives. The ultimate goal, I believe, is to see America collapse so the United Nations can send their own troops in and force us to bend to the rule of the “New World Order”, where Socialist ideas like Agenda 21 are born and foisted upon the world. Luckily, Americans in the majority see this and are totally against anyone running America except Americans!! And, even more luckily, Americans in California who were presented with the agenda, which would take control of all public and private lands and utilities and stick everyone in apartments like back in Soviet Russia, were immediately alarmed with the very idea of what it presented and vociferously rejected it. No one, who has worked for everything they own, would willingly give it all up without compensation! As long as our police and military are strong and supported, such ideas will never fully take hold in a country full of independent cusses like America. Which is why groups he controls and other Communist/Socialist-goal groups are becoming so loud and violent – their “great ideas” are seen for what they are and normal Americans reject them. Their only option is to create a mob and force their way onto others. It worked at first because people didn’t know how to respond to such an ugly approach, and capitulated quickly, but resistance to the #Resistance is growing and the day is coming when these groups are either disbanded or they will become truly violent and our military will have to take them down. It will be a sad day for America, but also a good one because we have the might and the ability to maintain the status quo of Freedom we enjoy. This all must frustrate Soros to no end, as he recently wasted a great deal of money pushing Socialist candidates like Andrew Gillum and saw most of them fail to get elected. It must gall him to no end that Americans keep rejecting his efforts to destroy us, our economy and our country!! Part of our confidence against him is directly linked to our strong military, under the command of a Nationalist president who sees to America first. With Donald J. Trump in the Oval Office, support and funding will continue to improve and the result will be a stronger, more secure America where the citizens continue to enjoy the Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness guaranteed us in the Constitution of the United States of America!!! If you indeed enjoy those things, thank a Serviceman today!!

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  5. It’s crazy that people think it’s good to have a crappy military. Diplomacy doesn’t always get you places. That’s why Sweden is the way it is. Their are so many rapes and stuff now…

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  6. So much truth and accuracy in what you’ve written here. And I agree with Baroness Mum about Canada, too. We have many of the same threats here, but our current government is not taking these threats seriously at all, and attacks anyone who dares call them threats! It’s amazing how much damage our PM has done in three short years. It’s Remembrance Day here in Canada, and he is once again, out of the country.

    Contact me at 4refarmer@gmail.com I have stories you might want to hear, but are too much for comments sections! 😉

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  7. I wish there were some way to find some middle ground. Part of what keeps me out of politics is the choices that are forced upon us hold no humanity but our own. We want to help, but we want to be safe. Not sure if you’ve seen this but it is worth a look. We need to help them where they live.

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      • It makes it doubly hard to help when sifting through the corruption. It costs thousands to help, adopt, sponsor, and so forth. Most of what we do to help never reaches the intended recipients. But, here we are regulating a stolen land from others who want to be free, while we don’t live free either. Only in words. Ironic how well we’ve been conditioned.

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      • Every land pretty much today was stolen from someone else… Why feel extra-guilt over something literally every human group has done in some point in history? If we don’t defend it, someone else will steal it again….

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      • I don’t feel extra guilt, but I do feel. I normally stay out of political debate because I disagree with both sides. The third way is never an option. We’re so tied to our history that we’re doomed to repeat it.

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      • It is. And the people that truly need immigration the most, will never have access to it. The sheer volume is basically unimaginable. And for every one we let in 100s of thousands are born. UN estimates for 2300 is 30 billion people on the planet. Something needs to change quickly. Religion holds the power in many of these scenarios. Growth through fertility is a practice that needs to end at the pulpits—today!

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  8. Really appreciated this latest piece. Sadly, it really emphasizes how far Canada has moved from America in its approach. We not only stopped fighting jihadists, in some cases we’re welcoming them in!

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