My #WalkAway Story Series: Sonia

My #WalkAway Story Series is a bigger and more long term project for A Lady of Reason, and it’s all about YOU! This is your big chance at getting your voice heard and your own story out there! For many closeted conservatives, afraid for our livelihood, social networks, family connections, even physical safety now, being stuck in the closet can be extremely isolating and it’s easy to feel like it’s you against the world sometimes! I certainly feel that way! By sharing our stories collectively, I hope to give a voice to you, my dear readers and followers here on WordPress and Social Media, to show each other camaraderie and that in fact, we’re NOT alone, just in the shadows. Well folks, it’s time to come out of the shadows and into the light! The “silent majority” is at least half of our nation, so you’re not truly alone. Come and hear others, and add your own voice, your own story to the mix, of what it’s like being a conservative in an increasingly Leftist country! Send me an e-mail at or direct message me at @aladyofreason1 on Twitter to add YOUR story!!! 🙂 I’ll send you the standard question list, or you can just write it free form as a narrative…

This story comes from a conservative outside of the usual box as she is not only a woman, but Hispanic as well! Like many conservatives outside the box of white, straight, and male, in addition to facing the prejudice all conservatives face, she also faces backlash within her own community, as the Hispanic community is very liberal. Let me introduce a fellow Lady of Reason, Sonia! This is some of her insights into being a  conservative Hispanic woman:

Tell me about yourself briefly:

My parents are Mexican. I was born in Houston TX. Just like being Catholic was the norm for his panics, so is being Democrat. The message that was ingrained in Hispanics were Republicans are rich racist politicians who don’t care about the needs of blacks or Hispanics. Working class Hispanics rely on the news for information, so there you go, Hispanics have been completely brainwashed into believing the Democratic LIE they’ve been feeding Hispanics. The sad thing is, many are still blind, including my parents.

When did you become conservative? If you were ever liberal, what made you walk away?

The year Trump decided to run for president was the first time in my life I took interest in the Presidential Election. So, why did I suddenly become a strong conservative supporter for Trump? Simple common sense is my answer. I looked at Democrats and Republicans as teams… I have a choice to be on team D or R. So I checked out the leaders Trump and Hillary. Hmmm… let me do a bit of a background check on both. In my research I found team D had a long history of extreme corruption, broken promises, lies and the list goes on… So for starters, basic common sense tells me tells me NO to team D.

Do you feel at all afraid to be openly conservative? If so, how do you cope with being closeted?

No and yes! I have no shame in being a Latina Trump supporter on social media, but sadly I’m afraid to put a trump bumper sticker on my car for fear of vandalism. I live in a Hispanic neighborhood, but honestly I don’t feel the average Hispanic feels as much hate as the left media portrays. I feel it’s an intimidation tactic on their part. My business owning family members who are now Republican refuse to come out as conservatives. I suggested to my cousin we need to organize a walking group to pass out Ted Cruz fliers in our neighborhood, her response was, ARE YOU CRAZY? We’ll be shot or run over!!!! I don’t feel that kind of fear. Many people I know are still afraid to publicly support Trump on social media in fear of back or being labeled a racist. Small business owners are also afraid of backlash. That only makes me a stronger Trump supporter. (The radical liberals) sound like the modern day KKK to me.

What advice to you have for other conservatives afraid to speak out?

Sadly, the Left’s only tactic to win is through bullying, intimidating, yelling, lying and destroying. Use caution when needed, but DO NOT BE AFRAID, speak up and fight for our country!!!

Thank you so much Sonia! Your insights are awesome, and bring a unique insight from a conservative who is also in a community that is majority liberal! Your determination to think for yourself, rather than succumb to identity politics is a great thing, and this country needs more people like you, ones who think for themselves! You show us that a person’s opinions don’t have to be defined by their race, or ethnicity, but by the strength of their reasoning! You’re always welcome to speak out more on my blog too! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “My #WalkAway Story Series: Sonia

  1. I notice she said her business owning family members are Republicans. It’s amazing how starting your own small business forces you to learn how economics really works. Once you do, almost all progressive talking points are exposed for the lies they are.

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