#NotHim: Kavanaugh Is Confirmed!!!

 Judge Kavanaugh is now JUSTICE Kavanaugh!!! 

This is a huge victory for the common man and woman, to have an honorable man such as Kavanaugh in our judicial branch of government! For a man smeared so vilely, and had his family attacked, it seemed impossible for him to get in due to the paranoia of the Left! The #MeToo hysteria seemed to rage on, but evidence, facts and reason luckily prevailed in the end 🙂 The accusation of sexual assault, even gang rape of women is vile, and must be taken seriously, however, feelings must not rule the day over facts and evidence! Due process is a cornerstone of our democracy, as so many regimes can smear and punish people on whims and made up charges, whereas our nation demands more: solid proof of guilt before declaring it! “Innocent until proven guilty” in a court of law is the law of the land, but so often, it gets obscured in the court of popular opinion and the kangaroo courts of feelings! The Left has shown just how vile it can become, just to get its way, and I think that is why this political miracle, dare I say considering the rampant vitriolic Left, occurred!

You see, this is not just any supreme court nomination. No! I don’t often believe it when people say that an event is the most unique or unprecedented in history to be literally true, but I will say that Kavanaugh’s confirmation IS indeed a historic moment for the political fabric of this nation! Confirming Kavanaugh has shown that we the people, will NOT bow to the court of feelings and popular opinion. We will NOT bow to Leftist lunacy, and no due process for the accused! We will NOT “Flake” out 😉 of upholding justice and the laws of the land, and the values of our democracy! And most importantly, we WILL NOT condemn a man, or anyone without evidence and facts!

This is not just about Kavanaugh either! This was about every father, husband, son, brother, uncle, nephew, male friend, and every man in America! Men who could at the word of some spiteful accuser, have his life torn apart, attacked and decimated! Just look at Kavanaugh leading up to this monumental moment: his reputation smeared, his wife and daughters sent death threats. His 10 YEAR OLD subject of a vile, disgusting cartoon! A 10 year old little girl who was innocent of anything her father ever did!!! THAT people, is what the Left has shown us it is capable of: Attacking not only his wife, but his CHILD! And they say they defend the vulnerable…. (Grrrrr…..) This confirmation sets a positive precedent for all men in this country, one of due process, fair investigations, and FACTS over feelings! We should all rejoice, men and women alike, for you, gentlemen, are safer, and you, ladies, breathe a sigh of relief for your husbands, brothers, fathers, sons etc…. Will this stop every part of the risk towards men? No! Certainly not! We must still fight the fight. This is just one victory, in a larger war! However, we must relish in the victories, and brace for our losses. This vote has sent a message to the country, “We will not tolerate the kangaroo court of feelings and mob rule, we stand with the laws of the land and the values of our democracy”… That, for our men, is a victory! Rejoice!!!!

However, the fight is not over! Our victory must not make us blinded and lazy. We won the battle, but not the war! The Left is going insane as we speak! Just as bad, perhaps, as when Trump got in as president! They will want to impeach him now, but luckily that will be harder to do than keep him out now he’s in! Kavanaugh, although he won, still lost in many ways. He lost some of his reputation to slander. He lost countless hours worrying. He lost having joy in his home since this whole fiasco began. He lost his peace of mind for his threatened wife and children. The children lost their innocence, as yes, they know the truth of all the vile allegations! I’m sure they too, lived in fear of being hurt, attacked, slandered themselves! Imagine being 10 or 13, and having his family be YOURS at that vile time of chaos! His wife had to show an amazing depth of fortitude and loyalty. A TRUE virtuous wife ladies, we must all strive to be! Yes, today, the Kavanaugh family can rejoice with the rest of us, but the trauma they each faced personally, and as a family still must be addressed. They will always carry those wounds with them from the vile Leftist smear campaign! What can we do to help? VOTE!!! Vote for common sense and reason! Get your voices heard! Show Kavanaugh and every other man in your life that you will not stand for what happened these past few weeks, ladies! We walked a thin line today. He only won by 2 votes. A little more push, and the Left could have easily won! Rally the troops for the fight for reason, common sense and justice whenever we can, —and must! Kavanaugh’s confirmation, overall, lets us say with the greatest joy:


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23 thoughts on “#NotHim: Kavanaugh Is Confirmed!!!

  1. I am so glad BK was finally confirmed. We, in Canada, are watching this, because the same far-left hysteria is happening here, too. It amazed me to see people justify how BK and his family were treated, because “even if it isn’t true” he dared show emotion when he defended himself. The cognitive dissonance is amazing.

    Also, Congratulations on having your very own troll! LOL

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    • Ha!!! I agree with you!!! His emotion was normal for a man slandered and his family threatened! They said he was too quiet, now he’s too emotional…. They’re never satisfied and major hypocrites! So glad he’s in 🙂

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  2. A Leftist woman I know who has a twenty-something son who she adores. I asked her how would she feel if something like that happened to her son? Her response floored me: “my son wouldn’t do something like that” meaning her son wouldn’t engage in sexual assault. But that’s the whole point: neither did Kavanaugh! I tried to make her understand that it could happen to her son too – especially her son because he is socially awkward and likely to miss cues. I just couldn’t get it to register. She also said that men must respect women. I pointed out that beyond basic human respect due any human being, respect must be earned. Grrr.

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  3. I think when we laugh at Dr. Ford, and also when we call women “sluts”, this brings us closer to Christ and is godly behavior.


    • Thank you for this article. You’re, as they say, spot on with what is going on and how important this was. Our rights, laws and the very fabric of our country is under attack by a vial left anti everything mob.

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    • What are you talking about. Most of us on the right were sad for Ms ford. We saw a woman Who was in the throes of a breakdown. A woman the left exploited, they used her , they leaked info after she said not to then blamed her for leaking it. A women that has admitted to needing “intensive therapy” we know she might have beem attacked by someone or more in her past just not Justice K, we saw a lady that may have had false mems placed inside her memory. Her lack of self awareness is astounding for a Psychologist. We saw lawyers accept envelopes from hateful, spiteful dem representative jackson lee. We saw lawyers spout privilege for stupid questions like who paid for poly. We saw a women who cant remember most things like when her gma died. We saw facts that she actually lied about flying that she has even flown in a one engine plane, we saw a lady who in my opinion, was naive and could be used by the dems and then dismissed and thrown under the bus. So no we dont call her a slut or laugh at her we hope she finds Christ’s love.

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  4. Women are the weaker sex, but that doesn’t mean we have to be kind to them, or treat them with respect. I think Dr. Ford had a lot to gain by making this whole store up. A LOT to gain. Laughing at her is perfectly ok.


    • Wow that IS a sexist statement. You arr what is wrong with this process. Your statement shows you are unaware of the great things women do everyday. Bet u couldnt make it a month without your spouse. Women are best when they are by our side helping each other as a team not a one sided relationship where the “man is always right” are you a troll that still lives in a basement and momma makes u a sandwich when u tell her?

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  5. He was so rude when he testified, but that doesn’t matter. And who cares if he was a rowdy drunk, he can still be godly. The important thing is, we won. Men who drink a lot are allowed on the court–it is important not to discriminate against them.


  6. Dear LadyOfReason, nice gif (lady in a long lively frock). While there’s something creepy about Kavanaugh, but still, if he did something inappropriate 30-some years ago, the (half-drunken?/barely-dressed?) girl should have reported it then.

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  7. It is great news indeed that the Senate confirmed Kavanaugh and your article is very good. I’m a strong fan of limited government and I believe that our new justice is largely on that side. The confirmation hearings with all their scurrilous accusations were distasteful but perhaps a net positive as well. After seeing so many legislators behave in such utter bad faith, perhaps Mr. Justice Kavanaugh will not be so willing to defer to their whims when he interprets the constitution.

    In the hearings and the general controversy, the left displayed far more acrimony than I have seen in my lifetime and that includes what I saw during the Vietnam war and the ’60s race riots. The court was meant to be a dispassionate, non-partisan body that would issue rulings on limited constitutional questions. With the expansion of government, it’s become a quasi legislative body rather than a judicial one. People support or oppose nominees to the court based on how they are likely to vote on matters about which most people have already made up their minds. Any notion of the actual wording of the constitution and the original intent seem to be irrelevant to them. We have lost any general consensus of what the role of government should be. That means many people no longer believe in an impartial court. I don’t know what that means for the general belief in the rule of law but I suspect that more turbulent times are ahead.

    Here’s hoping that the Republicans retain both houses in November and that some more leftist Supreme Court justices retire in the coming years. The more justices who believe in limited government and the original intent of the constitution the better.

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  8. ‘A 10 year old little girl who was innocent of anything her father ever did!!! THAT people, is what the Left has shown us it is capable of: Attacking not only his wife, but his CHILD! And they say they defend the vulnerable….’

    They defend their agenda…they’ll take out anyone…including the vulnerable…to do it. Just look at what passion they defend abortion.

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