It seems talk about the #MeToo movement has been a really hot topic these past few weeks, especially in light of the Kavanaugh fiasco! My previous post, “The Flaws of #MeToo” has gotten a record number of views! I have touched upon many cogent points in that, and even older articles on the subject, however, I have not gone into greater detail over how it impacts men. #MeToo is a lose-lose for both sexes, and both sides of the political spectrum! The issue is, #MeToo by casting women as victims, casts men as perpetrators, as a corollary. It’s black and white, good vs. evil, quite literally! Any woman is a victim, and any man a perpetrator, leaving out any grey areas, and any nuances. A woman merely has to say “he did it” and is believed without a doubt, without credible evidence, credible witnesses or anything!

While many of us are aware to look our for our daughters, wives, mothers, sisters etc… to protect them from sexual assault, the current danger to our sons, husbands, fathers and brothers is overlooked. #MeToo plays up the risk of a woman being assaulted, but also the risk that any man is an assaulter! This creates an atmosphere of fear and tension between men and women, with women fearful of men, and men fearful of women accusing them falsely. The detractor may say, “but it isn’t a high risk of a man getting falsely accused, and we should focus more on our women than our men…” implicitly saying that it negates looking out for women, by looking out for men too. Both arguments are flawed.

One, many men have indeed been falsely accused, including one who should have been in the Supreme court a week ago!!! More and more cases are coming to light of men being exonerated after decades behind bars after the women admitted to lying. It is incredibly easy for a woman to accuse a man. Literally just say “he did it”, and all is believed! Don’t think for a moment women are somehow more morally upright than men, and would never smear a man for her own unethical gains. Women, like men, are simply human, for good and for bad. To think anything else, is to put women on a very condescending pedestal, treating her as childlike, instead of seeing her simply as a fallible human. A woman, equally as much as any man, could frame someone to gain something, money, notoriety, even absolve herself of personal responsibility if she regretted sex the next morning!

The other argument is flawed as well, because looking after the men in our lives, and standing up for their right to due process and a fair investigation, does NOT negate the fact we also ought to look after the women in our lives and empower them to speak up in case of real sexual assault! Can’t we do both??? Saying, “not all men”, and men need protection too from false allegations is just as valid, as saying women need protection for sexual assault and need to be empowered too. It is not merely an excuse to deflect off the women’s issue of sexual assault by men. The men’s issue of false accusations is JUST as real and has happened in reality, not just in theory! We, as humanity, should look out for our fellow humans, of BOTH sexes, and both measures can be done to help EVERYONE get justice and protection, it shouldn’t be a competition for victim-hood! #HimToo, the counter-hashtag to #MeToo has the right to exist just as much. The original intention of the #MeToo movement has been hijacked by radicals who abuse it to undermine who they want. #HimToo gives a voice to the victims of this radicalization from a more rabid, vitriolic #MeToo that has smeared many an innocent man, even boy!!!

Yes, the #MeToo hysteria has even gone after boys too young to even know about sexuality or even think of hurting any girl or woman! Cases such as a little boy being accused of sexual assault at school, in his ELEMENTARY school, for hugging his teacher, a grown woman!!! A kind, innocent, pure gesture perverted into something truly sickening as to imagine a child being capable of this, by the #MeToo mindset of paranoia against men! Even teenage boys, the same age as a teenage girl, are vilified as predators, instead of young people exploring their own budding sexuality while the girl of the exact same age and developmental stage is viewed as a vulnerable potential victim and damsel in distress! I don’t blame men in the least for being more afraid to hire women, date women, and even casually interact with them alone due to #MeToo! The movement, which was meant to empower real victims against abuse of power, now is vilifying all men as sex predators, from ages 6-60 and beyond!!! Not to mention, men and boys are sexually assaulted too, sometimes by women! Can they say #MeToo as well??? Apparently not by the Left’s double standards and hypocrisy!

We as women, must look out for our sons, husbands, fathers, brothers etc… as it could easily be them next! Don’t fall into the fallacy, ladies, that your men are too upright, proper and righteous to be framed, as some opponents of my view argue. Simply “not raping women” is not enough in this #MeToo hysteria! Even looking at women, complimenting anything on a woman, her clothes, her hair, her shoes etc…, merely being behind a closed door with one is enough! And for some, not even knowing a woman and being anywhere near her, as any woman can simply make up a story and be believed! One woman’s son was framed for assaulting these cliques in high school, and had to go to court dates, even detained in juvenile detention, over allegations the girls later admitted were completely false because they “didn’t like him”! This should send chills over every mother’s, wife’s, sister’s, daughter’s spines!!! Our country is in the grips of witch hunts, hysteria and the court of public opinion, rather than the court of law, due process, evidence and justice! Our men are called upon to defend us in case of assault, why can’t we be there, as only a woman can, to defend them if heaven forbid, they get smeared with an allegation. In this world of identity politics, and not believing someone outside of a group and not being allowed to comment on issues of that group, our voices as women are crucial in turning the tide on #MeToo! We need to show the Left not all women subscribe to demonizing our men and boys, and stand with them, to defend their innocence from the kangaroo courts of popular opinion and emotion. Ladies, our sons, husbands, brothers, fathers, uncles, nephews, male friends, and indeed, any man needs us, the female half of humanity, to say “#NotMe”, before we are forced to say “#HimToo” when “him” becomes “them”: YOUR loved ones!!!

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(The painting “Not Guilty” by Abraham Solomon captures what a relief it is for the women to see the man they care about was proven innocent. In the #MeToo hysteria, such a scene today will be rarer and rarer unless we as women, defend our men!)

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  1. It’s kind of like those boys molested by Catholic priests. Doesn’t everyone laugh at them and question their truthfulness, since they have no proof? Or do people accept their word, because they are male?


    • For many years society maintained that those with a good education and we’ll brought up were beyond such dastardly deeds and to consider priests , who were holy men , capable of such things was unthinkable. Society has learnt a lot by transparency in the last few decades and now we know that all men are capable of such things regardless of background.
      It is estimated that about 40,000 men in the UK are viewing child pornography on line , the police are at a loss as how to tackle the problem.
      Vigilantes have sprung up to take the law into their own hands and administer their own justice an understandable but dangerous precedent.

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  2. I think young men are completely confused as to how to treat and interact with women. Are women strong and independent, able to stand on their own and equal to a man in all things? Or are they damsels in distress who want a man to protect and defend them? The answer is yes to both depending on which is most advantageous to the woman at that moment. And woe to the man who misreads the situation.

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    • Which is exactly why women have a reasonabilty to dress and behave as they wish to be treated.

      If women want respect they need to respect themselves.

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  3. #MeToo by casting women as victims, casts men as perpetrators, as a corollary? No; I’m pretty sure you’ve got their agenda and focus backwards, I think it’s actually: #MeToo, by casting men as perpetrators, casts women as victims, as a corollary.

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  4. We have the fascinating case of the famous Ronaldo a man of excellent means a worthy catch who apparently raped a lady — but hold it we are told she received a large sum to keep quiet ; thank goodness she has at last come forward ( perhaps the money has run out) and now Ronaldo’s sponsors are getting cold feet. Nike are concerned and clean as a whistle Save the Children have crossed him off.
    My old Grandmother used to say ‘ where there’s muck there’s money ‘ but I dont think she had that sort of muck in mind.

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  5. How many men are amazing at reading subtle hints from women. It isn’t a very high number. So other than if all women become the one to begin pursuit of a relationship how could one ever start if even being interested ons woman is seen as sexual assault.

    And why don’t guys have a right to be assulted by women liking them too. It is the crazy scenario of guys are to blame no matter happens and their is no right action.

    Men don’t act interested in women and they won’t man up, they do and they are sexual perverts.

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  6. Agreed. It has become a go-to political weapon; people don’t even consider it strange anymore for allegations to surface “at the right moment”. In my view, when this happens, it should be considered dodgy from the start. A genuine victim of sexual assault would worry about her credibility being doubted as a result of the story being used in such circumstances.

    It keeps happening and it could happen to anyone.

    Though I’m not fond of conservatives in office (not in the slightest), this Kavanaugh business is quite sinister. It’s a sinister way of doing politics – looking into someone’s high school behaviour. It’s making one side (the left in this case) support the allegations unreservedly, though there is no proof.
    What could someone hope to achieve after all this time, by making allegations they know they can’t possibly prove?

    Something similar happened to Scotland’s former first minister this year. Suddenly, a woman came forward to allege he’d proposed sex one night, five years ago, while drinking. Now there’s a divided SNP, half of it too progressive not to believe it and the rest, aware of his achievements over the decades in politics. I hope I’m not crazy by saying that even if he did this, it wasn’t a criminal act, as long as no coercion was involved (and no attempt to coerce her was alleged). Yes, guys get drunk and get ideas about the person next to them, at that moment. It happens. It means nothing. It’s a fluke, probably forgotten by morning. For a small incident of this type to cast a shadow over a long career of basically doing the right thing for his country… I don’t know; it’s just absurd.

    It’s a witch hunt. Soon men will be as wary of women as feminists are of men today.

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      • No, I wouldn’t blame them. This atmosphere of fear is very unnatural.

        The thing is, they now hold men accountable for things that happened way before this culture was instilled, so whatever they do, they can still be hunted down for past “offences”.
        It bothers me as laws don’t apply retroactively and neither should this “he asked me out or proposed sex without my explicit consent” caper. OK, so maybe they think it’s not appropriate now, but 10, 20 or 30 years ago it was, and they’ll still apply the current filter for past behaviour, in totally different times. That’s absurd (provided we’re not talking about actual crime like assault or rape).

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    • That’s certainly one way it could go, and the better of several bad outcomes. Remember though, that fear and hate based stereotypes can, have, and probably will become fact. Hence, another outcome could be men deciding that, since consent is unavailable and can be revoked even long after the fact, consent is no longer needed at all.

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    • Yes I do feel sorry for Alex Salmond , eventually he was forced to resign from the SNP. As for getting ideas I often got them as a young man we must face the fact that we are sexual beings but also moral beings with a personal responsibility . Alcohol is undoubtedly dangerous and loosens our moral resolve : the Mormons have nothing to do with it.

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      • That is true and by and large I’m proud to say we in the western democracies have a pretty good balance . The nation must decide on the seriousness of if we choose to follow a particular religious teaching we must live by its precepts . Among the various Christian groups in my opinion the Catholic comes nearest to our modern what of life.

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  7. ‘While many of us are aware to look our for our daughters, wives, mothers, sisters etc… to protect them from sexual assault, the current danger to our sons, husbands, fathers and brothers is overlooked.’


    I can solve the first problem pretty well but a lot of people won’t like it. Parents and those in places of authority need to quit teaching their daughters that contraception, fornication, and adultery are ’empowering’….they’re not. Sex is for marriage only with your husband. That will protect them from sexual assault more in the long run…because they aren’t getting into risky sexual situations with men they don’t know.

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      • And you know why feminists won’t…they do get their cake and eat it too.

        Illicit sex with ‘hawt’ guys who may or may not actually do physical, sexual, or emotional abuse…and then playing the victim when nobody will want to marry you or you are a terrible wife because of the emotional grief you brought upon yourself.

        If I see another NYT article where some broad glorifies her carousel riding making her a better person or what ’empowerment’ she found from cheating on her husband….

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    • The next step will be to get wives and daughters to wear Burkas when outside and insist they are escorted by men whenever they leave the house. Also you should advocate same sex schools and institutes of higher education to keep the sexes apart as much aside possible.
      In the UK we have a problem in the noble houses of parliament it would appear that those honorable MPs have been touching their female counterparts apparently something that did not happen in past centuries. Luckily we have a female prime minister who says she will not tolerate such practices I think she should consider handcuffing male MPs as they enter the chamber.

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      • ‘The next step will be to get wives and daughters to wear Burkas when outside and insist they are escorted by men whenever they leave the house.’

        The next step for you is to figure out what sin is.

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      • Sin is making the lives of people in the twenty first century so restricted they are unbearable. Sin is turning back the clock to medieval rules and regulations .
        Today in western democracies citizens live lives of great personal freedom , there will always be some who will take advantage of this and break the law. The laws are agreed by the government’s who are elected by the public. Some choose to obey their own sets of rules as laid down in the Bible or the Quran which they interpret, provided those rules do not break the national law that’s fine.

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      • Your definition of sin is an extremely narrow one and no doubt locked tightly into your Biblical interpretation. We humans are fortunate in having a conscience which makes us morally aware of what we should or should not do ; sprinkled among us are a few psychopaths who have no conscience. It separates us from animals , we can commit murder , crocodiles can’t. In modern society conscience is not enough to ensure we treat our fellow man fairly , so we have laws decided upon by those who govern us.

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      • No it’s not. The fall of man was because of disobedience to God’s command to not eat the forbidden fruit. That’s original sin.

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      • I’m not trying to be rude but you must try to think for yourself your answers are so stereotyped I could almost predict them. I don’t know if you believe in free will ( Calvinists do not) but I’m a believer in free will , notice I said free will but not the freedom to do just as we please, since our consciences would prevent that.

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      • And I’m Catholic…so of course I believe we have free will. That’s why we can decide to be obedient to God’s commands or sin.

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    • I completely agree – there will always be evil people and criminal behaviour but the active promotion of immorality by feminists removes the clear boundaries of acceptable behaviour which used to and should exist.

      Teaching girls that immodest clothes, an openness to fornication and the use of contraception are acceptable, in the name of empowerment is wrong, completely at odds with the victimhood culture which seems to go with it and shows a lack of both self respect and respect for the institutions of family and marriage.

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      • Who is teaching these girls ? some might say western decadence . Switch on a television to see western decadence in action night and day boosted by celebrities , boosted again by the soaps and stories we weekday after day: Facebook is brimfull of young girls posing for selfies.
        Can we cut ourselves off from modern society ? Would we rather live in a society governed by sharia law? Have ISIS accessed our society correctly ? Do we deserve to be wiped out?

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      • This hook up culture has misled countless women. The solution is nothing so extreme though! The solution is to raise well informed girls! We should indeed NOT shield our children from the evils of the world, rather, bring them out into the light to expose them for all their vileness! Forewarned is forearmed, and it worked wonders for me in how my parents told me all their lies and dirty tricks….!

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      • I agree to shield a child or even an adult from the world is a dangerous practice. In my opinion it is what some religious groups try to do ; nuns and monks run away from the world , they shut themselves off from the world and in many cases deny their own nature’s , after all did not Jesus Christ dine with sinners.

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    • As a (Catholic) Christian I strongly believe that any sexual activity except that between husband and wife in marriage is sinful.

      But whilst I believe that morality flows from God’s commands, it is the premise of this blog, and a good one that a strong moral compass is not the monopoly of religious women.

      The problem is that feminism has deliberately undermined centuries of morality by promoting immodesty, unnatural masculinity, promiscuity and contraception as liberating. When in reality they are demeaning and undermine the reverence (and protective instincts) that good men have always had for women and girls.

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      • It depends how you interpret feminism , for centuries women have been held in subjection : unable to own property , unable to contribute to the governance of the nation , unable to vote. They are the weaker sex but not in mental capabilities and they possess qualities of thought in some areas that are superior to men. We now know that women can and do run businesses and they are match for men in the arts and sciences.
        My local medical centre has six general practitioners four women and two men and In have never had a problem consulting a woman doctor.

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      • Kersten…we are talking about sexual immorality and how feminism is promoting it to the destruction of women who engage in it. We are not talking about the skills women possess.

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  8. I point out to people too that it has become a witch hunt, and no different than ones of the past which we now mock.

    But future generations will make fun of our every man is a sexual predator attitude.

    Especially if they see what is promoted by popular culture with sexual laced ads and shows that teach you that it is normal to have as much random sex as you can get, go with the feelings

    Only the blinders of being inside the society can keep a person from seeing how poorly thought out this witch hunt type meeto is.

    And it so sad because it could have served a purpose but now it has been perverted beyond redemptive use

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  9. Well said. The hysteria has grown to such proportions that any interactions with the opposite sex can be deemed inappropriate. Teachers can’t be alone with the opposite sex student of any age whether it’s a private music lesson or after school tutoring
    The teacher has to protect him or herself from any potential accusation. It’s gotten to a point where a kindergarten teacher can’t give a consoling hug to a crying 5 yr old for fear of repercussions.

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