My #WalkAway Story Series: Kellison

My #WalkAway Story Series is a bigger and more long term project for A Lady of Reason, and it’s all about YOU! This is your big chance at getting your voice heard and your own story out there! For many closeted conservatives, afraid for our livelihood, social networks, family connections, even physical safety now, being stuck in the closet can be extremely isolating and it’s easy to feel like it’s you against the world sometimes! I certainly feel that way! By sharing our stories collectively, I hope to give a voice to you, my dear readers and followers here on WordPress and Social Media, to show each other camaraderie and that in fact, we’re NOT alone, just in the shadows. Well folks, it’s time to come out of the shadows and into the light! The “silent majority” is at least half of our nation, so you’re not truly alone. Come and hear others, and add your own voice, your own story to the mix, of what it’s like being a conservative in an increasingly Leftist country! Send me an e-mail at or direct message me at @aladyofreason1 on Twitter to add YOUR story!!! 🙂 I’ll send you the standard question list, or you can just write it free form as a narrative…

This first story comes from an amazing young Lady of Reason, who in her immense bravery and conviction, allowed me to use her real name, Kellison. She has a wonderful Twitter page herself at @Kelliso31881807! We communicate regularly via Twitter, and I have known her to be an intelligent, articulate ( I hope that’s not a microaggression to say 😉 ) person who is level headed and open minded to our differences too. She is 18, and a recent graduate from a very Leftist public school! This is what she has to say about her journey, and advice for others who are closeted:

Tell me about yourself briefly: When did you become conservative? If you were ever liberal, what made you walk away? Do you feel at all afraid to be openly conservative? If so, how do you cope with being closeted?

I am 18 and have just recently graduated from a very left leaning public school. I have actually lost many friends over politics. Specifically feminist friends. I became a conservative about 2 years ago. I have never been a liberal nor want to be. Over the last year I have been more involved and outspoken about it. I am not at all afraid to express my opinions to family members or former liberal friends. However at this moment I have chosen not to go to college because I worry about violence being brought against me because I will always openly express my opinions. Mainly I have been trying to find conservative friends or friends who actually want to discuss anything.

What advice do you have for other conservatives afraid to speak out?

My advice for other conservatives, especially young ones, is that even though the left tells you that your opinions are racist, fascist, and every other word in the book, we should still express them freely because that is what the fathers of our constitution intended. Also, read! Opinions are meant to come from our mind, not from those who teach us in school. If you read books and learn history you can form those opinions on your own. In public schools, opinions have become some kind of trend. Like what we see with President Trump, all of those young people are being told that he is a bad person and a bad leader when in reality, he has done more for our country and economy than any other President in our lifetime and those of our parents.

Some follow up questions briefly: Since you chose bravely, to go under your real name, are you afraid at all for lost career opportunities, social shunning, and such? What about your convictions gave your the courage to speak out so boldly, taking all these risks?

I am not worried about those things. I think that our country is worth fighting for. If you don’t want to give me a job because of my politics then not only is that illegal but it shows just how “tolerant” the left is. Obviously I won’t go into an interview discussing politics. There is always a time and place for such things. However, I am not afraid of wearing my MAGA hat to Wal-mart and seeing my boss there. If this country is getting bad enough that I can’t wear a Trump supporting hat or shirt in public because I am in fear of my life, then we need to change something. I will not let the left drown out my voice and those of other conservatives. I just believe in my freedom of speech and the politics that built America. I speak out now because people are being silenced and I will not let that happen. It shouldn’t have to be a risk to say what you believe in.

Some additional things she has given me her explicit permission to share, is that she aspires to run for local office in a few years, and is trying to create a blog of her own, possibly here on WordPress! If so, I will advertise it so all of you can hear her words of wisdom as well!

Thank you so so much Kellison!!! I’m so overjoyed that there are some millennials who do not subscribe to the liberal brainwashing and have come out of public schools unscathed! You’re an amazing young woman, and a true Lady of Reason! Kellison, you are a wonderful ally, and I hope you reach for the stars in your pursuit for office, and beyond! We need more fair and balanced politicians! Also, you are more than welcome to write for my blog anytime, and I hope you do start your own, as you also mentioned to me!

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6 thoughts on “My #WalkAway Story Series: Kellison

  1. Interesting brief memoir, hopefully she continues developing her political perspective. Anyways, as you already know, I mostly agree with the conservative view. During my high school years, I didn’t thought much about politics, but I guess my views were mixed. Still, during my undergraduate years, I became more conservative.

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