“Woke” Or Still Dreaming???

“Often in my dreams I am convinced of just such familiar events – that I am sitting by the fire in my dressing-gown – when in fact I am lying undressed in bed! Yet right now my eyes are certainly wide open when I look at this piece of paper; I shake my head and it isn’t asleep; when I rub one hand against the other, I do it deliberately and know what I am doing. This wouldn’t all happen with such clarity to someone asleep. Indeed! As if I didn’t remember other occasions when I have been tricked by exactly similar thoughts while asleep! As I think about this more carefully, I realize that there is never any reliable way of distinguishing being awake from being asleep.” Rene Descartes, First Meditation 

If you ever had the chance to read some of Rene Descartes, the famous philosopher’s works, he makes the timeless point that often, one’s dreams can mimic the state of wakefulness and reality. Often, when you’re in a dream, and I’ve experienced this too, you feel you are indeed awake and in reality! I’ve even had a dream within a dream, and had thoughts about being consciously aware I might be dreaming! Descartes makes the very insightful point of how do we know we’re actually awake or simply dreaming, since dreams can mimic reality so well? Are you absolutely sure you’re not just dreaming right now, since your dream could seem just as real??? How can we distinguish true wakefulness from dreaming?

Look, I like philosophy, but that’s not the main topic of today’s post. No, what I’m really after, is the concept the liberals have decided was valid was this idea of being “woke”. However, what is being “woke”?

Woke is a political term of African American origin that refers to a perceived awareness of issues concerning social justice and racial justice. It is derived from the African American Vernacular English expression “stay woke“, whose grammatical aspect refers to a continuing awareness of these issues. Its widespread use since 2014 is a result of the Black Lives Matter movement (Wikipedia).

Many radical liberal snowflakes claim to be “woke” in that they, unlike us who are not awake yet, are more keenly aware of issues such as inequality plaguing our society, and that we’re blinded by our “privilege” and lack of experience of their issues. They say we are ignorant, bigoted and will not listen to facts and reason on these issues. The issues of racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia etc… etc… They say our opinions and our facts are merely prejudice in disguise as facts! That we being the “silent majority” is a “racist dog whistle” as someone on my Twitter page commented! However, experience and observation have shown, that many of their suppositions are actually untrue, or over exaggerated, leaving out all the nuance!

I wonder then, if this new “woke” movement of the snowflakes, one of entitlement, victimhood and being “triggered” over “microagressions” is merely in a dream! They may think they live in the reality of the situation, but perhaps they are still being deceived by a very lucid dream! I’ve had many a dream where in it, it made perfect sense, but when I truly “woke” from it, I realized from the moment my eyes opened, it made absolutely zero sense in the rules of logic, (and sometimes physics)!

For example, the dream of open borders, that everyone can just come here peacefully, and we have enough to help all, while an idyllic fantasy, is a beautiful dream. The dream that illegals contribute more than they take, and aren’t bringing more crime and 3rd world values and potential terrorists in through refugees. The dream that welfare is only given to the worthy, and it’s a misconception people and entire communities are dependent on it as a way of life from cradle to grave, and that the only thing holding them back is our prejudice. The dream that it’s the “patriarchy” that accounts for gender differences, and “inequalities”. That the woman must always be believed and will tell the truth in cases of allegations of sexual assault. That transgender people pose no threat to the order of society, and women in lady’s rooms by cisgender men under the guise of being a woman. That established science is incorrect, and there are many genders, not just XX and XY, and that any other genetic combo is normal, not an abnormal pathology. That women can do just as well in the front lines of combat as men.

That a person’s rights can be annulled in the name of female “empowerment”, and women are empowered by acting vulgar and promiscuous. That hook up culture is okay, and isn’t risky, and those who pop out unwanted children are valid to cry for out pity and charity after their little hook ups. “Any family is a real family”. That guns kill, and people aren’t the ones in charge of them! That countless children died in school due to the NRA and guns, not evil people who used them for evil. There is no “liberal” conspiracy in the mainstream media, our schools and elsewhere. There is no censoring of conservatives online and everywhere. That there is no violence against conservatives and the Left is tolerant of their freedom of speech and expression. That no student or teacher was ever retaliated against for conservative views in the classroom. That conservatives endorse hate speech and use it. That we’re racist, fascist, misogynist, homophobic, xenophobic etc… That we moralize too much that is merely cultural and arbitrary. That our current president Donald Trump is dirtier than the dirtiest liberal candidate. I could go on and on and on…

The facts tell a different story, however! Welfare is indeed quite misused! Many minorities have cried perpetual victim and demanded reparations. White privilege does NOT exist. Reverse discrimination is as valid as regular discrimination. It’s all the same thing! Illegals do drain our resources, and refugees bringing in the nefarious with the innocent. We don’t have room for everyone. Terror and 3rd world values in our country are real threats. Women are empowered already, and are now able to do reverse discrimination against men. Both sexes do not have to be identical, to be equal in their dignity as human beings and worth to society. Not all women are truthful about what happened “that night”. The NRA has helped defend children in schools, so does security with guns. An unpopular opinion is not hate speech. Countless conservatives ARE and were shadow banned and censored, including prominent ones like Donald Trump our president, PragerU, Michelle Malkin, and others including me for a time! The data is in, broken homes hurt our kids, and they need TWO married parents or else be at a higher risk for depression eating disorders, promiscuity etc… Trump is making America great again through the economy and social reform. The silent majority WILL speak out come voting time and will continue to fight for the reality, NOT the dream!

So, who’s truly the “woke” side now??? If you open your eyes, and get out of the cave (another philosophy reference) of denial, you will see my statements to hold true backed up with evidence! We’re losing our country to radical nonsense, and look where it got Europe! More crime, more danger, and more terror! Your dreams may be reassuring, and sometimes beautiful and the idyllic scenario. But like most dreams, they mimic reality all too well, and once you wake up for real, you realize how illogical they truly are! Descartes called our reality into doubt, as how do we know we’re not in a dream, but read further in his meditations, and he tells you how he knows what’s real! I think therefore I am! I know I’m not dreaming, and my reality is reality, since I can think, not just go where my feelings take me! 😉

“Like a prisoner who dreams that he is free, starts to suspect that it is merely a dream, and wants to go on dreaming rather than waking up, so I am content to slide back into my old opinions; I fear being shaken out of them because I am afraid that my peaceful sleep may be followed by hard labor when I wake, and that I shall have to struggle not in the light but in the imprisoning darkness of the problems I have raised.” —Rene Descartes, First Meditation

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  1. Many excellent, well presented, rational and logical points made. However, using reason and logic against leftist delusional dogma is like using a granite rock to sponge up water … it doesn’t get absorbed. They tend to believe feelings, opinions and beliefs are facts. Ben Shapiro has some good advice in some of his YouTube videos on how to argue with leftist “thinking”.

    “The Baloney Detection Kit” an article by Maria Popova on BrainPickings which outlines
    Carl Sagan’s rules for critical thinking and offers cognitive fortification against propaganda, pseudoscience, and general falsehood, should be mandatory reading for all College and University students. However, since they are ‘infested’ with leftist propagandists, of course that’s unlikely as everyone would see truths that would reveal the Emperor has no clothes on ; )

    Not sure if links are allowed, so just Google, DuckDuckGo or Bing the article and authors name.
    Link here (may be restricted by website) here goes : https://www.brainpickings.org/2014/01/03/baloney-detection-kit-carl-sagan/

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  2. Hey there! I could have sworn I’ve been to this blog before but after
    reading through some of the post I realized it’s new to me.
    Nonetheless, I’m definitely happy I found it and I’ll be book-marking and checking back often!


  3. I don’t know who you are, LOR, but this was a great piece. I am genuinely sorry that your prediction about the election was only half right. Now we shall see what another intensive two years of being called racists, homophobes, deplorables, and priviledged will produce.

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  4. Love the Cartesian analogy. I think that the self described “woke ” crowd primarily wants to belong to an elite group and uses politics to define that group. That need for definition rather than any logic to their positions is the critical factor for them.
    People tend to organize themselves into tribes or communities. It was easier to do so in earlier times. You were part of a group based on your family or home town. Outsiders weren’t related or were out of towners.

    Modern mobility makes most people out of towners so they feel they must form artificial tribes. Woke politics are a shibboleth signaling tribal membership. Because groups define themselves excluding others, epithets such as “racist ” or “fascist” simply mean “out of towner.” Because the Woke tribe is an artificial grouping, shibboleths are all that defines them. They are strident in proportion to their desire to assure themselves and others of their importance as members. They really just woke to their feelings of insecurity and their need to belong to something.

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  5. Those that deny the failure of all communism and socialism are the ones making up fictitious national plans that day we can feed and give jobs to the world.

    They have no numbers or proof of success only talk and blame of all failure on the existence of capitalism.

    Why has every attempt to the left failed the first existence of another view happened. Capitalism, religious people, fact loving scientists, etc. All of those people had to be the ones that undermined the reality of their left utopia.

    They may think they gave a dream but it lacks facts or reality. And requires people to remain committed for a long time to something that doesn’t work.

    That is why you hear the left talk about how it is isn’t right for their progress to be removed by another government. They don’t want democracy to allow another view, it is really no different than communism with its mock elections.

    The left forgets the power the right has in labeling the left communists. Because they keep moving to the left more and more that way. And that will only increase the right

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  6. Funny you bring up Descartes because I think postmodernism or all of this SJW philosophy has its roots in Descartes’ thinking. Of course, I think postmodernism has its roots in other modern philosophers like Kant, but even then their thinking goes back to Descartes.

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      • Well, you need to read all of Descartes’ (perhaps others) philosophy to get to that point. Descartes epistemic starting point is whether he is certain of anything (How do I know?). As he argues, he is certain that “I think therefore I am.” Implicitly, he ends up dividing reality into two parts, the subjective (mind, consciousness, intentionality, introspection, self, the I, etc) and objective (physical objects, the “outside world,” space, etc.). If you ever read Gilbert Ryle, he calls the subjective vs objective divide the “Official Doctrine.” Now, other philosophers after Descartes hold this “Official Doctrine” assumption such as Kant’s noumenon vs phenomenon. Kant argued that we don’t have epistemic access to the noumenon (thing in itself), so he ends up saying that we “construct reality.” In other words, we make our own categorization system, its all in our heads, “we are trapped in our own minds.”

        As one can see, that’s why SJWs bring up the theory of social constructionism. All so called knowledge is really more or less “made up.” (Heck, that’s why they even reject the empirical sciences as the “white man’s enterprise”) Hence, they attack all western ideas as “oppressive” against other cultures (neo-colonialism, white supremacy, white hegemony, etc). To them its an imposition against other people who don’t hold to such ideas. Let’s also apply such thinking across other SJW schools of thought like feminism (patriarchy, mansplaining,etc) or queer theory (heteronormativity/ gender binary system).

        I don’t know these are my two cents.

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  7. Man in his natural tribal state will automatically arrange his existence into a pecking order and this has not changed from the year dot .
    Religion , political systems , nationalities do not change the pyramid of wealth . This pyramid exists in every country from the poorest to the richest and each layer struggles to climb up to the next layer. The elite are at the top and the destitute at the bottom.
    Because of the brutal nature of this pyramid the modern world has tried to take steps to relieve those suffering at the bottom. This has been most successful in the rich western democracies. After the industrial revolution men ganged together in unions to improve their lot and governments took up the challenge by creating a welfare state .
    I live in the UK and I’m told I’m below the poverty level yet I live quite well and do not lack necessities. Curiously I’m among the world’s top 2% with my income which is the old age pension and a few other small pensions. We are very fortunate in the rich western nations and the standard of living is high along with a high life expectancy.
    The good news is that things even in the poorest nations are changing as pointed out so clearly by Steven Pinker in his book The Better Angels of Our Nature. There is now a middle class of 300 million in China and it’s growing .
    The tendency is to paint a picture of doom and gloom and the media do not help by always giving headlines of disasters.

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