When Denial Turns Deadly: Terrorism

In the wake of the horrors that took place on September 11, 2001, our country’s innocence was shattered for good. We thought such a drastic tragedy could not befall a country like ours, that we were too strong, and had enough of a defense to keep us safe, yet on 9/11/2001, that all changed when Al Qaeda attacked the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. No longer could we deny the possibility of a stealthy deadly attack on US soil. 3000+ lives lost proved that point. We scrambled to find out what to do to stop future attacks. We increased airport security. More places did better checks of people and tried not to let just anyone in. We sent our military over to the countries harboring terrorist groups like Al Qaeda and finally got Osama Bin Laden, who was responsible for 9/11. Our country is forever changed by the events on that day. The lesson learned is we cannot take our relative safety for granted anymore and trust everyone who comes here. We must be vigilant. “See something, say something”.

However, it’s been 17 years since that horrific day as of today. In those 17 years, I’m afraid, we still didn’t let the lesson from 9/11 sink in. More terrorist attacks are plaguing Europe especially with ISIS and even here, with the Boston Marathon Bombing. In the news there’s shooting after shooting, a new nauseating trend for mass violence in recent years. Europe is no longer all that safe to be in, with shootings, bombings, even stabbings abound! As for the US, we claim to be hard on terrorism, yet are in blatant denial of our national security in our new policies on immigration and asylum.

One thing President Trump did during his term thus far was restricting immigration, asylum, and travel from countries with known terrorist groups, like ISIS in places like Iraq, and Syria for some. He, like many, although we feel for the immigrants and refugees fleeing war torn areas, we must put our country’s safety first, and not let terrorists slip through the cracks along with the innocents. Many liberals are now decrying such a move, saying it’s not about terrorism, but racism as he would let Europeans in but not “brown people” and likened it to past discrimination of Eastern Europeans in the early 1900’s. Harsh truth is though, many refugees seem to not be the weak women and children, but able bodied men, and many come from a culture that is hostile to our country. They were taught that America caused their poverty and suffering, so no wonder if some resent us. Also, ISIS threatened to sneak people over here to do terroristic acts. While it sounds harsh to paint all refugees with that brush, the innocents coming simply to flee their own dangers, many are bringing the danger here.

Unpleasant truths include more crime when these refugees and immigrants settle here. They bring their own 3rd world culture over here, of tyranny and oppression and cut-throat survival opposed to US democratic ideals. They live in insular neighborhoods which are unsafe for any outsider to go in, creating their own slums here in the US. Many too, have connections to terrorists back in the “old country” they have incentive to help or protect, or family threatened by terrorists so they’re forced to keep silent. Even if they’re not doing crime or terrorism here in the US, many are dirt poor, have nothing and are unskilled. They have no social capital to give to our country, and are supported by our welfare state. They drain our hospitals, schools, charities etc… with their needs, while US citizens like homeless veterans, children and poor people here are not getting their needs met. Trump was accused of doing a “cultural genocide” by liberals, yet why not bar people with nothing to offer from leeching off our already broken systems?

Let’s not forget the people who bombed the Boston Marathon were on welfare and got free college, medical etc… from us! While many people from these war torn places are innocent of terrorist affiliations, they being a host of other issues, like crime, 3rd world mentalities and drain our systems. Never the less, terrorism is indeed quite a real threat, just look at Europe, who are doing it the politically correct way! Paris, Brussels, Manchester, London, Etc… The question is, do we need to take that risk? Do we need more 9/11’s or Boston Marathon bombings in our future? Which major city will be next, since if the liberals get their way, one of denial and political correctness, it’s only a matter of time…

Look, not all Muslims are Islamic extremists, not all Syrians are with ISIS etc. However, we can’t take that risk when so many are especially coming from 3rd world places into our country. Yes, the refugees have my sympathy and I don’t blame them for coming here to flee their own horrors. But, we need to put our country’s safety first, before protecting everyone else. Who said we were responsible for babysitting the world? Who said it’s all on us to take them in and give them our resources that ought to go to our own citizens? Terrorism is a real threat now and the anniversary of one of our most horrific days ought to be a stark eye opening reminder to protect ourselves first before more 9/11’s occur. How many more lives must be foolishly lost to terrorism here and abroad due to radical liberal denial? Never Forget what can happen when we let our guard down…

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18 thoughts on “When Denial Turns Deadly: Terrorism

  1. Politicians also like ot blame others it doesn’t require a religion. In Canada the French politicians of the province of Quebec blame the evil English people in Canada for all their problems.

    Why is there less money in Quebec than years ago blame canada stealing money. Etc.

    It cant be the in adequacy of their own politicians that run on trying to separate and create divisions with people based upon language spoken as if it is a culture.

    I used it for an easy example because on Canada we have white people with different Christian denominations of choice the t blame another group for their issues.

    There are no different regions or races yet the issues remain.

    The use of race in Islam is only used be sue the colour difference in skin is obvious to a two year old even. And people hate to be called racist so call a person racist and they go on the defensive and you shut down discourse

    The middle East is politically to blame of financial issues. They have incredibly wealthy few controlling the money and wealth and little allowed to go to the rest of the people.

    If we followed the socialist dream we too can enjoy the path of only the lucky Obama Clinton and gore types will be able to guess what companies will get. Lucrative govr contracts in a limited economy. Wealth will go to the top, regulations will keep competition down and of people think a 2008 financial era issues were a thing or was only a hiccup since a free economy corrects quickly

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  2. Islam is being forced to change and modernise even in Saudi Arabia and the Arab spring exposed the desire of many to be religious in a secular state. Those nominal Muslims who live in the west are very similar to those nominal Christians it’s lifestyle that dominates their activities religion is a helpful sideline.
    As for good people — well just what does that mean moral constitution of people varies enormously , maybe you meant to say hardworking people and they may be classified as self- centred by some.

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    • Well let’s see, good people in the context of those who what to participate in what we refer to as the American experiment. I was a little nebulous perhaps but I thought the sentiment was in keeping with the mushy liberal notion of category classification. Being judgmental in the emigration game is also known as security screening. Religion it is said can cause people to act on beliefs that are consequently harmful to others. I have a nose and your fist has no right to injure it. Good?

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      • I’m retired but in my estimate most people participate in improving their lifestyle and I have discovered that is regardless of religion , colour , and political sentiments. It is true those two things we are advised not to discuss ; religion and politics , often lead to violence especially in crowds.

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      • Imagine a world where the state religion directed its followers to purge the world of all that it suspects to be counter to the religions proscriptions and you are witnessing the world at the violent 400yr. calculated murder of the classical world. A Dystopian world that will forever have an effect on the outcome of our species survival. Hyperbole? Probably. That’s just how I see it from this remove.

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      • Well that’s not what Steven Pinker thinks , he lays out the evidence that things are improving in his book ‘ The Better Angels of Our Nature’ it’s a difficult read masses of figures and graphs but many seem to agree with him. We are living in the most peaceful period of human history and life expectancy is very high even world poverty has been reduced.

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  3. Among other things, I am Islamophobic. That is, I believe Islam to be antithetical to notion of liberal democratic governance. I have a different take on the subject of immigration to the United States.
    My extremely limited understanding of Islam is that it is a theology, legal and political construct. Christianity went through the Enlightenment and Judaism, who’s books could have been authored by Lucifer himself, had the Haskalah (Jewish enlightenment). The two no longer conflate the three. Islam on the other hand is still driving the same chariot it rode in on.
    Liberal democracy and Islam are institutionally discordant on the issues of the role religion has with our constitution. Islam’s texts express specific strategies to achieve, the final solution, if you will, one big happy Islamic world by whatever means gets the job done. The end justifies the cost to world order.
    The evidence for this is on display throughout Islamic texts and here lies the problem. Ideas carry no passport. “Ain’t no mountain high enough. No river long enough. No ocean”….
    The best tool we have to effect minds is conversation and to that end we have a fantastic tool called street epistemology. The technique is easy to learn. The app Atheos is the equivalent to a college program on the subject.
    Other than that emigration conundrum the establishment clause is our unique protection. I believe that only people who are willing to join us in our promising fledgling political experiment be welcomed in.
    America needs good people!

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    • kersten, The good Dr. is correct. We have become much more civilized and have let plenty off room for improvement. The distopia I referred to was a product of serendipitous events that elevated a largely unremarkable new savior cult to the status of the state religion. It is the first historical marker we have for the effects monotheism has had on humanity. History is replete with other examples of the one god narrative. In our little blip in history the group of people that self identify as Muslim employ a modality of expression that makes dialogue difficult in the extreme. We need to talk about religion and politics. I want to know why people’s who believe in the god of Abraham see the world as they do.

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  4. First, I want to say LoR that it has been very difficult for me to keep up with all the blogs I follow or have interest, and commenting with significant content makes it more time-consuming. LOL Does that make sense? 😉

    Regarding our nation’s immigration history and policies, I personally feel that we must absolutely employ your safeguards to all who wish to enter, however, it MUST be done in a complicated non-discriminatory way — that requires a SHITLOAD of resources. And typically resources/expenses (taxes) the political Right ultimately never want to foot. I’m speaking in general terms because it’s very late & I don’t have the time to go into further details. :/

    This said, I do want to offer some important historical context to our Islamic issues and old historical dynamics that all too often are NOT disclosed to the American (Christian?) public or taught in our public, charter, and certainly not in private schools. It is my 3-part series The Circus of Recycling, starting with Part I here:


    I share this, with your permission of course LoR, so that American’s might be better informed, more well-rounded in their judgment of WHY the USA has ideological enemies, and so that Americans might be more humble, more understanding and patient as to WHY some foreigners despise us. That’s all. Just examine the FULL historical picture of our nation and what it has supported, and been an accomplice to.

    Thank you LoR. 🙂

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    • I think you will find the origin of the Bible and the discoveries unearthed by endless scholars are a place for the intellectual to browse and ruminate . The average Christian is not concerned with them , and the church has shaped Christianity to suit the unquestioning laity.
      The supporters of a well known football team don’t care where the players come from or how long they have been team members it’s winning that matters.
      We are tribal by nature : when the first settlers arrived in the USA they found many Indian tribes not one harmonious noble Red Man. The three strong tribes ; English , French , Spanish fought to take over the territory of America , and it wasn’t long before the English were fighting their own settlers over money in the war of independence.

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      • Hi kersten,

        While I completely agree with your angle/lens on the subject of knowledge vs. ignorance — or in this case the intentional CHOICE for ignorance by laity or manufacturing of doubt/ignorance — I’m unsure what it has to do with my offering here of historical context of the methods used, events shaping, and the eventual creation of the state of (Zionist) Israel? Apologies, I might be missing something. (scratching my head)

        Due to the West’s horrible, dishonorable treatment of the Arab people post-WW1, and the U.S.’s blind ignorant support for the making of Israel — or rather supporting it as an accomplice in the U.N. — and by default supporting the invasion and continued occupation of Palestine, I think the Islamic people totally have a legitimate beef/gripe with American and Western policies… ESPECIALLY Palestinians! This is not to say at all that I condone the violence or killing of innocent people (anywhere in the world) who are 3-4 generations removed from our American leaders who allowed and/or participated in these criminal, dishonorable actions without Americans knowing the REAL motives and activities. That was the point of my 3-part blog-series I was sharing for LoR and anyone interested.

        Again, my apologies if I’ve missed the connection of the two. Thanks.

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      • Professor the only connection , but a very important one , is that the world does not run on accurate historical facts , or fairness , or logical argument it is largely tribal and that is why power always holds the whip hand . Israel is supported by the strongest nations on earth so there is little hope for the Palestinians. Power is always dishonorable because it gets its own way it’s how tribalism works. You are a man of learning and discernment but such analysis and exposure of motives matters not a jot to the big power brokers.

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      • …motives matters not a jot to the big power brokers.

        Hahaha! Man, ain’t that so very true! Examples of just what you say are everywhere in our hyper-capitalistic Wild West Free-enterprise (often veiled as “deregulation” – LOL!) economy, huh? Nevertheless, I’ll close with this profound and poignant quote:

        To be ignorant of what occurred before you were born is to remain always a child. For what is the worth of human life, unless it is woven into the life of our ancestors by the records of history?— Marcus Tullius Cicero

        In some or many ways we cannot escape our ancestral histories, genetically or otherwise. 😉 But there is still great value, wisdom, and discernment to be learned and learned well by Cicero’s words. One example? Agnotology. This is the advanced form of sound critical-thinking skills, something that seems to be in short supply these decades in America as our greatest institutions are being mocked and dismantled. :/

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    • I agree that the motivations behind terrorism involve what we did to other nations, and that people are angry with the West. However, it doesn’t justify 9/11 or the slaughter of innocent citizens! Two wrongs don’t make a right, only more hatred and bloodshed… They’re jealous of what we in the West have and want to overthrow our way of life. We can understand what motivates them without justifying or excusing terrorism here and abroad.

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      • Slaughter of the innocent is only justified if it is deemed to be essential to overcome evil. Many innocent people are slaughtered in just wars like the last war to eliminate Hitler. The western attacks on ISIS are justified even when innocent people die because ISIS is completely evil in its motives. It’s more than jealousy they detest our way of life which gives freedom to our citizens but worse they know that most Muslims and others in the poorer nation’s would love to live in the west.

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      • Totally agree LoR. But what I’m indirectly stating is that Americans, especially our politicians, need to CHECK our arrogance and self-righteous mentalities about cultures we truly don’t understand… at the door. Humility and patience — and frankly an attitude that WE are part of this global human family, not superior or above it — regarding historical contexts would do wonders for diplomatic peace talks! Thanks. 🙂

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      • True. But you also point out these issues happened in WWI! Would it be justified for angry Americans to fly a plane today into a major building with thousands of innocent people in 2018 for some grievance done in 1918 to the American side in a Middle Eastern country??? We could be mad as hell at some Middle Eastern transgression, but would people feel it was justified for us to fly into the tallest building in the Middle East and kill 3000 of their people and seek to obliterate their way of life? The argument works both ways for cultural tolerance and understanding…

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      • Again, completely agree LoR. That’s why I stated up above:

        This is not to say at all that I condone the violence or killing of innocent people (anywhere in the world) who are 3-4 generations removed from our American leaders who allowed and/or participated in these criminal, dishonorable actions without Americans knowing the REAL motives and activities.

        Hell, if everyone took vengeance on past-life injustices and grievances we’d quickly make ourselves extinct, wouldn’t we? 😛 😉

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