Breaking News! I Think I Just Got Censored on Twitter!

UPDATE: Justice has been served! We spoke out and held Twitter accountable!!! Keep our voices heard! Score one for common sense, reason, and justice!

So, for a while now, Twitter has been a huge platform for me to get my voice out there, but as of last night, my stats have dropped significantly, and I found out no one can see my comments to other tweets, which have gotten many views in the past, including just last night! I don’t know for sure, but I fear the radical liberals on Twitter have come after me now too! I’m asking my loyal followers to please speak out for me on social media and here on WordPress, as they came for Prager U, and they can come for you next! Stay silent, and who will be there to speak up for when it happens to you? I never thought A Lady of Reason was popular enough to even be noticed by their algorithms, but I guess I was, considering no one can see my stuff now! Went down from thousands of views, to under one hundred! Radical liberal censorship is out there because they can’t handle plain facts, and the cold hard truth! Perhaps too, it’s because of the elections they want to stifle our voices before the midterms this November. It’s baffling though, because my tweets seem to be blocked to outsiders on sites like Fox News, which are conservative, so I think Twitter did a number on me, and yet scarily,  ISIS now is posting on their page and has yet to be censored! Even my old posts that got thousands of views are now no longer visible where I commented! Note this happened just overnight last night! Please spread the word, and help keep the mainstream social media accountable! It took many to speak out for Prager U, so it will take many to help me and you too! The silent majority must speak out when our fellow allies are shadow banned and censored! Some other prominent Twitter conservatives have been shadow banned too recently… I wonder if it’s a trend for the upcoming election… I will have to wait and see what there is to be done to resolve this mess! Until then, keep spreading the word, and speaking out! America needs our voices!

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9 thoughts on “Breaking News! I Think I Just Got Censored on Twitter!

  1. A victory good to read you got your account back!

    I got a “QFD” ban which is the lowest level according to that link but mine has also been lifted recently – I think Twitter admitted that a great many accounts had been targeted “in error” (I’m a bit fuzzy on the details of the story). This is a big question for freedom of speech, I plan to write about it when I get my thoughts together – some are calling for an “internet bill of rights” but this sounds to me like big government interference that will have unintended consequences.

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  2. Unfortunately all is fair in love , war and politics and without enlisting the media no political battles can be won. In the UK Tony Blair made sure the press was on his side and New Labour won an impressive landslide victory. Things are different now we have the giant internet players who can swing things the way they wish. In China they have rejected Google but it would appear Google may yet accept their censorship as there is cash to made. The talk of the Russian influence is true but tell me who is not trying to influence ideas? Wise politicians use the circumstances to influence people and win the vote , it’s happening all over Europe there is a swing to the right. Humanity is a tribal beast at heart , first come the close family , then the social group , finally the nation , the rest are foreigners from a different tribe . There are those who reject our animal past but I see it clearly stamped on most of our behaviour.

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  3. Logic and common sense are an enemy of the left. I use the term left mainly because progressive means it is an advance and not a return to ancient ideas that have been proven wrong over and over again through societal breakdown.

    The left wants to give us our own Pravda state controlled media that will only give us the ideas we are allowed to think.

    People aren’t that easily controlled and it is only their simple view of people that makes them think it will work. Your u can steal a few elections on lies but eventually the truth will be found out.

    Keep on making sites only open to the left and some sites with right access will gain prominence and control. It may require a few right tolerant non censoring access platforms to happens and huet the bottom line of the left before they realize you can’t control people

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  4. Total Leftist censorship along with Google and Facebook whenever they can get away with it. All this while they leave up the terrorist sites (these groups are backed by huge middle east expansionist’s oil money plus the left who hate America as did Obama …

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  5. What ever happened to the art of debate, presenting both sides of an issue without hysterics so that the public can decide on their own what stand to take.
    If Twitter bans one side of an argument how are we to make an intelligent decision on today’s current issues?
    Lady of Reason does an excellent job in presenting her opinion without name calling and without stooping to the level of tossing insults. Everyone may not agree with her opinion however she has the right to express her opinion and not be banned from the media.

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