The Right to Life, Liberty and Doing Whatever I Want…

I have written many times before on A Lady of Reason about the frankly “unreasonable” amount of entitlement in our society! From snowflake millennials needing trigger warnings and safe spaces, to wanting to cancel classes for the day because their opponent’s candidate assumed the presidency and many other wild requests, to people demanding we go out of our way to change the words we use to accommodate their own personal baggage, political correctness, ad-hominem accusations, “ownership” over cultural expression, inconsequential protesting etc… it’s safe to say today’s society feels very entitled in demands to have the world adapt to us, rather than us to the world.

Well, there’s another thing that goes hand in hand with a culture of entitlement: lack of any sense of accountability for one’s choices and avoidance of accepting any consequences. You see, when people decide they’re entitled to have the world cater to them and not have to bend to go with how things are, I’ve observed they often don’t feel the need to accept any consequences of poor choices they feel “entitled” to make. There are countless examples of this sad phenomena all throughout our culture now, and I argue this attitude of entitlement and lack of accountability is one of the root causes of other issues I’ve written about.

The first major example I’ve got much to say on revolves around the radical liberal and feminist views on sexuality. Our “hook-up culture” has much to do with the sense of entitlement to just pursue what makes us feel good, regardless of foolish choices and outcomes. “Sex feels good, why not just do it with anyone any time we feel like it?” is the order of the day, and traditional values of waiting for the right person, being faithful to one partner, and accepting the consequences, such as STD’s and pregnancies are all labeled as too outdated and “prudish”. The radical feminist movement has been teaching young women and girls to be “liberated” and have bodily autonomy not to guard their sexuality and simply go and be promiscuous like men. “It’s all relative, and a subjective opinion” they say about the traditional view of waiting until marriage, and treating sex as a milestone and not a handshake. In fact, we are entitled to fling ourselves at any one, regardless of the dangers, then not take any blame for a mishap like sexual assault or “bad sex” you regret the morning after. No! Just accuse the man of rape after the fact to absolve any responsibility for your foolish choice. Speaking of, now, you don’t have to be responsible for sending out signals that you actually wanted sexual attention such as dressing provocatively and flirting. That’s “blaming the victim” and “slut shaming”! People can tell you to lock your doors or you’ll get robbed, but heaven forbid they tell you to carry pepper spray, not go alone in seedy areas, and cover up! Bottom line: one is entitled to fling themselves at whoever they want consequence free and play victim then it doesn’t go their way…

On a related note, another example revolves around family choices and planning. People feel entitled to just hook up, then pop out kids regardless of ability to provide for them. Even some conservatives feel this way, that families are entitled to have kids they aren’t able to provide for properly and reproduction is a “human right”. Now, I’m not saying there should be an actual government law on people’s reproduction, I mean, I’m no fan of “Big Brother” and how would one honestly enforce it before the “deed is done” so to speak?, but this issue is a more of “just because you can, doesn’t mean you should” variety. People will cry “eugenics!” if we say we ought to control how many people we bring into this world, and if those people ought to be healthy and fit for our next generation, but honestly, why shouldn’t we?

It’s amazing to me how families with multiple kids already decide they can’t afford a pet, but don’t think twice about popping out yet another mouth to feed! If you can’t afford the care of a pet, why on earth do you think a child is any less to care for financially and emotionally??? So many parents, or “parent” as many are single moms now, pop out kids they can’t afford, derail their prospects of getting a future like higher education or a better paying job,  then ask us for our pity. Now, while my heart goes out to the children, the parents? No way! They chose to get knocked up, regardless of the pregnancy being planned! So many are on welfare and public assistance, draining our tax money and using the children as sympathy bait. Popping out kids who will grow up in poverty and a lack of attention they need in my book can never be morally justified as a “human right”. However, just as many feel entitled to consequence free sex, they don’t want to owe up to needing the self-control to plan better as a family! Don’t cry to me saying you need pity and charity because you got yourself in a no-future situation because you popped out kids and the baby daddy took off! Just passively giving into your baser urges then saying you and your partner(s) “can’t help it” and pop out kids, is the pinnacle of entitlement and lack of accountability! A disgusting one at that considering the real victims: your children! Not to mention all the resentment many seem to feel towards their kids, like in many parenting articles on how to cut corners without feeling guilty, and condemning any “judgement” calling out their sub-par parenting. In fact, many parenting articles embrace mediocrity and bare-minimum effort!

Speaking of children, what about the poor relationship choices you made and now the kids are in the middle? Many adults care more for their own egos in spiting their ex, than the trauma the kids feel. They feel they can make whatever choice they want, becuase they’re the adult, and it’s their life, despite the deep emotional scars of powerless vulnerable children. They can just up and move the family and pull out all the roots and security their children build in their home for no good reason other than they want to, then expect the kids to be happy and never feel any emotion other than what’s convenient for the parents. They expect the kids to treat the new boyfriend or girlfriend like their “new” mom or dad, giving no respect to a child’s bond with a parent. No, it’s all about their life, children are just the third wheel being dragged along! Heaven forbid the children actually question that, as we aren’t “accountable to them”, as the therapists say. If you go to family therapy, many will indulge the parents’ poor choices and apathy towards their own children’s feelings. These so called “therapists” tell lies that help make no accountability for the dissolution of the nuclear family, and help made it permissable to believe the “any family is a real family” lie, and are little better than dog trainers in helping the kids cope. The kids are brainwashed to be content in the parents’ selfishness or else they’re “bad kids” or “damaged” and need to change, as if they have zero right to their own feelings! No one ever says, “you made a poor choice, and now your kids are suffering.” It’s always “They’ll bounce back, and you just put them in their place.”.

Some lesser yet still very telling examples are what many feel adulthood entitles them. Adult privileges such as drinking, gambling, smoking and more freedom to make stupid choices, many actually feel are blind and should be arbitrary simply on the fact they surpassed the magical age of 18 or 21. In essence, they feel entitled to do all of those poor choices simply because they can! Many adults such as parents and teachers, will preach until their face turns blue all of the detriments of drinking, smoking and such for youth underage and cite all the relevant statistics and studies saying it’s stupid and will hinder one;s growth and futures. However, at age 18 or 21, somehow this magic coin flips and now it’s all “a-okay” because “adults get to make stupid choices becuase they’re older, or have more responsibility”. It’s just an arbitrary privilege of adulthood. But at what cost??? Smoking can give you all sorts of cancers, lung cancer, emphysema, heart failure, etc… drinking leads to addiction and liver problems, horrible ones where you die in pain and discomfort just as much as smoking.

And what about the people around you? I think, by the logic of adults have more responsibilities towards others, they are in a worse position to make any poor choices! The family that you will need to care for, your own parents, children for instance, will be affected by your poor choices. If you go to jail, who will be there for your elderly parents, spouse, or kids? What about your kids getting second hand smoke, then watching you die a premature death down the road for a horrible affliction? What about your poor parents, spouse, and kids seeing alcohol consume your life and who you were? When people depend on you, my family taught me you look out for them, and that means making wise choices for yourself because it will affect the people you love and depend on you. Why aren’t we telling our youth certain choices are bad for one’s development and future, period? Why when they reach the arbitrary legal age, does society give them free rein to make poor decisions without other’s judgement and condemnation? Sure, laws are in place to impose consequences, but we too often excuse others and ourselves of the consequences we are morally accountable for, not just legally.

The whole “addiction is a disease” movement is a prime example of this! I do not deny the biological changes in the brain that make addiction a physical thing. However, the word “disease” carries the connotation of something beyond one’s immediate control. The vice itself is not an illness like diabetes or heart disease! Addiction may be biochemically carved in the brain at a certain point, making quitting more than will power alone, but it started with the choice to take drugs or dink in the first place! The rhetoric of the disease based model takes away any personal accountability and blame and casts the addict as the “victim”. Devastated families write in obituaries how their loved one “succumbed” and “lost their fight” and make excuse after excuse as to why they’re still a decent human being after hurting their family and friend in countless ways. All the let downs and broken promises are all excused away under the guise of this “disease”.

Overall, there are countless examples not listed too, but these are major ones I’ve observed. The common denominator in all though, is the attitude that we’re entitled to make poor choices consequence free and not be held morally accountable by society when we do slip up. The person who made poor choices like getting in debt, being broke, having no-future or barely scraping by to pay college tuition then decides to have a fling, get knocked up then cry out for pity and charity when the baby daddy leaves and they’re stuck with a child. The “victim” who dressed like a hooker, went down an ally way and didn’t say “no” is to be given sympathy and condemnation of anyone who points out her part in the situation. The divorcee who has scarred her children for life and made them jaded towards men and family but whose therapist says “do what makes you happy”. The addict who overdosed is remembered as a “great family person” when they left their son or daughter behind because they chose drugs over their own children. And yet, our society will make excuse after excuse and demonize anyone who doesn’t join the pity party! It’s a sad state of affairs when crying victim is in, and responsibility and accountability are out and considered “old fashioned”. When will we have had enough, and push ourselves and our society to higher moral standards?

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15 thoughts on “The Right to Life, Liberty and Doing Whatever I Want…

  1. Dear Lady of Reason, You have clearly thought these things through to the point of being able to wax eloquently on many topics. Unfortunately, this post sounds like someone writing about the sinking of the Titanic while watching from its deck. Clearly, our society, in general, has serious issues, but most can be explained away due to (1) government getting in the way, (2) Leftist education and influence, and (3) the loss of conservative Western religion in people’s lives. Reverse those three trends and our economy and our society succeed beyond our wildest dreams. Of the three, promoting the morality of orthodox Western religion resolves over at least 90% of the issues in your blog post. It is the nihilism from a lack of meaning and purpose that promotes drug experimentation & then regular use, as well as the dangers of moral relativism. As a self-declared atheist, I have no doubt that you disagree. I want to hear more why. Throughout history, stable atheism seems to be a luxury of the middle-income and wealthy sophists. Where does society find the meaning of life to fight nihilism if atheism is to be mass endorsed.

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    • I agree with much of what you have to say about the Lefist influence dragging society down. I will just add though yes, I do believe that the better society was the more traditional one that does line up with Christian morals, hence a lot of followers of faith who can agree with my blog, but I don’t believe only a god can right the wrongs or be the sole moral compass. I have a post listing various secular reasons for agreeing with much of Christian values.

      Also, God exists or he doesn’t. If he doesn’t, we might as well find out how to decide what’s the most moral course of action for ourselves. The inability to think for ourselves as to our morality is not the basis for deciding to believe or not…. Facts and evidence are. I do however, wish more in the secular community embraced conservatism and I think my blog is it’s own bridge in that gap.

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      • Once again, there can be many good atheists. However, I’m talking about society as a whole. If everyone held X, would X cause society to be better or worse? If everyone was an atheist (and not an unsure agnostic), there is every reason to believe that the ultimate result would be comparatively more nihilism and more moral relativism. In the meantime, at least we can agree that we must promote less government intrusion into the lives of the average citizen and attempt to minimize Leftist influence on culture and education. It is clearly an unyielding uphill battle, especially without the obvious third component.

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      • I know it’s a year later, but I was thinking more about what you wrote above (and a message let me know that this page was still active).
        Let’s be clear: Morality is not something that can be typically determined by science, facts, and/or data. As Rev. Martin Luther King observed in 1959, “Science investigates; religion interprets. Science gives man knowledge, which is power; religion gives man wisdom, which is control. Science deals mainly with facts, religion deals mainly with values. The two are not rivals.” And you cannot use one to prove the other. Science cannot be used to prove values and morality, nor can morality be used to prove science. Without religion, morality on a personal level is usually relative to who is involved and how important the issue is. Generally, morality can be societally determined only by accepted wise and experienced leaders, not simply intelligent or political elites. Perhaps, values and morality can also be imposed through government or peer pressure, but it is usually imparted by a recognized authority. Otherwise, I just don’t see how that functions. As an important aside, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution seem clear that our rights (backed by morality) precede government. I’m not sure how that works logically without a recognized authority. That could explain why most Leftists believe that rights come from government. Anyway, I hope you are doing well and staying safe.

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  2. I can see the points you’re trying to make, but this whole post is very judgemental, and much of it is based upon pure assumption. You’re not actually trying to help anyone, you’re just ranting about topics that anger you – topics you clearly haven’t even tried to understand. If that’s your goal, then by all means, keep doing what you’re doing. But it’s not kind, sympathetic, or understanding. All in all, it isn’t biblical. I don’t say this to provoke or anger you, I say it because I truly believe that learning to understand why people behave the way you’re describing is the key to helping them. Quite aside from that fact that many female victims of sexual assault are actually dressed very modestly (a little research will tell you this – many women are assaulted by men they know), perhaps volunteering to work with people on welfare might give you a little insight in to how or why they’ve ended up in that situation? Remember that the Bible encourages us to help others, rather than judge them. Be kind.


    • Number one, I’m an atheist. As for the rest, you’re right not everyone fits the mold of the entitled person, or the unjustified victim, but enough do to prompt my opinion on the subject. Thanks for writing in none the less.

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      • Ah well that does surprise me – much of what you’re referring to is in keeping with Christian values. Nevertheless, I do feel as though you could afford to be kinder. Everyone is out there trying to lead a better life – no one wants to be miserable, on welfare, or with more children than they can afford. Think about it. I would actually say many people are victims of circumstance – once you’re born into that situation, it can be very hard to change the way you think and turn your life around. People are also far more likely to respond positively to helpful posts, rather than judgemental ones. I found your blog via The Transformed Wife and, while I don’t agree with much of what she talks about, she frames her topics in a way that helps and encourages others. Food for thought.

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      • The issue is those who cry “poor me”, but their circumstances are due to bad choices, not purely out of their own hands. Choices have consequences, but many don’t wish to acknowledge that, instead having a pity party for themselves. Many do things like welfare cradle to grave than try to break out of the cycle, like some have, and done commendably. Many choose to have sex to “feel good” yet cry out for sympathy and charity when they pop out more kids than they can ever handle or care for. Many women do embrace hook up promiscuity culture and get negative attention when they send off signals. Many don’t too, as you mention, but so much more do. I don’t completely blame them, it’s human nature to blame the world, instead of facing your own mistakes and owing up to them, me included. But the strong person is one who tries to instead of crying victim of circumstance and blaming everyone else. I agree you can catch more flies with honey, but sometimes a frank eye opening truth is needed over more diplomatic platitudes that only make you feel good. It’s hard to hear criticism, I know for sure! It was hard to hear you criticize my post. But I didn’t censor you now did I? I listened to your points, and do think about what you say. Frank criticism has its place too, as well as more diplomatic platitudes.

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      • Charlotte,

        “I found your blog via The Transformed Wife and, while I don’t agree with much of what she talks about, she frames her topics in a way that helps and encourages others.”

        Your comment fascinates me in light of the vitriol that was directed at Lori Alexander just shortly before you wrote it. She was deluged with negative responses to a post about the type of women men prefer. If she wasn’t said to be a tool of the devil, I’d be surprised.

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  3. Imagine men wanted to do whatever they want? I bet there will be no school going guys anymore. Only playing, fighting each other, joining war, vodka, champagne and women.

    This modern society has been engineered for suiting women. See for millennial men, they have 4 times less testosterone just in 2 generations gap, they have lesser sperm counts than previous generations, they are soft , cheating within a commitment doesn’t shake them off anymore , they are conditioned. Ask a man with a desk job, did he really want a shitty sitting down job to make money?
    What a boy wants in life is redefined by the society, which is AGAINST biology. Boys are discouraged to be playful even in the classroom.And after all BBC says that kids are gender stereotyped! Women slaps men in public nowadays with confirmation that men won’t attack back.
    Probably the third world war will be a gender war . Feminists already gone too far.

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