The White Man’s Burden: White Privilege

This month, I want to shed some light on a huge issue dividing conservatives and radical liberals: race. Many liberals accuse us of not wanting to and avoiding frank discussions about race. I say “challenge accepted! ” I’m going to try to write some articles on different issues involving race this month as an overarching theme…

Many liberal snowflakes accuse conservatives of trying to avoid the topic of race, as it is highly charged and emotional, and skirt around it for their own comfort instead of just talking about racial issues frankly. However, I find the opposite to be true: many are indeed willing to discuss race and inequality, but feel intimidated to out of fear of saying the “wrong thing” or are being silenced and shot down for any honest critique. What most white conservatives are most afraid of, is not talking about race, but being branded a “racist”. There’s no denying that actual racism and prejudice existed and still exists. Yes, there are people who most reasonable people could call close minded bigots and bias still exists. The problem is, in trying to right the wrongs of the past, many have swung the pendulum too far in the other direction! You see, the “dialogue” the liberals supposedly want of discussing race in a frank and honest manner has been turned into a “monologue” by the snowflakes and SJWs.

White privilege is perhaps one of the most inflammatory terms on both sides of the debate! The basic idea is that white people are privileged by their skin color and don’t face the same obstacles such as being keenly aware of their race or feel constantly dehumanized or vilified. They claim white people enjoy far better housing, neighborhoods, schools, jobs, etc… due to their skin color alone. However, they seem to forget that white people weren’t always so prosperous throughout history, and there are plenty of disadvantaged white people in America today. Many white Americans came from impoverished immigrants who came with nothing. They faced prejudice from the people already here, and had to build themselves up from the ground. No handouts, no welfare, no leg up in society to achieve. However, many did through their own determination and grit, not crying victim and demanding to be accommodated. The “privileges” their descendants have were earned through honest hard work and sweat. Not to mention also, poverty devastates white families the same as any other family. One could argue many of the inequalities are less to do with skin color, but more to do with economic privilege. One could argue more minorities are poor due to lack of racial privilege, but I raise the question how much of their straights is truly out of their control, a topic I want to explore later…

The liberals, once faced with this backlash as many were offended and perceived the concept as belittling of their hardships and as a personal attack, decided to change the story a bit. Now, they try to make the nuance that it isn’t so much that white people have never faced any hardship or had obstacles to overcome in life, but simply that their skin color wasn’t one of them. They may have been poor, or unable to find decent work, for example, but skin color wasn’t a factor unlike people of color’s is. On its face, that idea of the concept of white privilege sounds more sensible, it’s not a lack of hardship, but the idea skin color doesn’t contribute to it directly for white people. However, I find a flaw in that line of reasoning involving the definition of “privilege”. To me, and most people, a privilege is something that is added to give one a leg up, not simply the absence of something weighing you down or the absence of explicit disadvantage.

Their definition of white privilege is based on the simple absence of whiteness being a disadvantage to white people, as opposed to darker skin being a disadvantage to minorities. This I feel, is too passive a definition for an explicit “privilege”, especially one to accuse someone of being unfair because of it! It’s like, “you may be poor and grew up in a lousy neighborhood with few opportunities to break the cycle, but your whiteness wasn’t one of them, ergo, you’re privileged!” The thing is, we all do have “privilege” in our lives that we haven’t earned, such as a good family, a stable home, your family’s means to give you a leg up such as higher education, job connections, social connections etc… But these things emphasize their presence in our lives, not simply the observation they’re not weighing you down and holding you back. They are additions, “bonus perks” if you will, whereas white skin not begin a factor in why you didn’t get the job isn’t a privilege. It may not have been a disadvantage, but it’s not like you would get the job simply because you’re white. With this logic of the absence of something weighing you down automatically being a “privilege”, does that mean I have “health privilege” over other people by the simple absence of a disease or illness? Does this make me somehow unfairly “extra special”? That’s what they’re really trying to say after all. One can acknowledge their race being one less burden to carry in life, but also not feel guilty or ashamed of the mere absence of a burden.

Which brings me to another point: no one can control the race they were born as. Even if there are racial inequalities that benefit white people, can you actually place blame for “white privilege” on white people due to a thing they had no control over? It’s not like white people said “please, make me white, I want special treatment!” anymore than a person of color asked to be a race that is disadvantaged. Snowflakes decry the idea of discriminating against people of color for a thing they cannot control; their race, yet are all too keen to do it to white people albeit being unable to choose to be white. Placing the onus on white people to dismantle a “privilege” they had zero control over inheriting is unfair and hypocritical in itself! Even if this “white privilege” does in fact exist, by definition, white people have no control over it since it’s simply what they were born with. Demanding people take blame and fix what they never chose to have in the first place is extremely unfair. I mean, what realistically are white people expected to do? They can try their hardest to treat all people equally, and create opportunities for others to succeed and achieve too, not just white people, but by definition, that will not erase their “white privilege” as it simply exists by them being white. Even the most strident white SJW has as much white privilege as the bigoted racist. The only way to stop white privilege is to not be white, which is an impossible task! Now, someone will say, “but they can use that privilege for good”, but that begs the question too, is there actually privilege now for white people?

I would argue, not much anymore! In an effort to right the wrongs of the past, we have swung too far into reverse discrimination! Policies like affirmative action bar white people from positions not based on talent or merit or qualifications, but on skin color: their whiteness. White people are now forbidden to dress up as people from other countries, ethnicities and cultures for Halloween, forbidden from using words other races can, like slurs such as the “N” word, even trying out different fashions, hairstyles and material culture from other cultures or else they’re accused of “appropriation”. Being white means you can’t tell certain jokes, say certain things, do certain things, wear certain things etc… You can only have the “right” opinions, or else you’re labeled a bigot and a racist, or even white supremacist. Your culture is viewed in a more negative light now, to “deconstruct” its former glory based on the subjugation of other peoples (of course). White people nowadays have to walk on eggshells not to “offend” anyone basically! White people are supposed to ignore race in judging people, yet are racist for saying “I don’t see color”. Yet truth is, white people are judged all the time by the radical liberal snowflakes for just that! All in all, “white privilege” is having the “privilege” of being the only acceptable group to be racist toward!

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3 thoughts on “The White Man’s Burden: White Privilege

  1. I see. Well, I think that this whole idea of “privilege” has something to it. However, I would extirpate this concept from its postmodernist/ SJW roots and implement it in a more “sane” or more plausible framework. As far as I know this idea is based on a unsound framework that many leftists unquestionably hold and wield around. Additionally, this gets me to my next point.

    Of course, when it comes to having conversations about race and similar issues many leftists already rig these “conversations” by holding on to their theories without willing to question them. If you question their theories or narratives then you know the answer. If you don’t question then might as well become a sheep. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t, which sound like re-education tactics.

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  2. As you point out, many whites avoid discussions of race with the left because they don’t want to hear a lot of accusations of racism. I agree with you that actual instances of racism existed in the past and continue to do so. Many on the left define “racism” as something that whites do. That ignores the words and deeds of non-whites that count as racist when we use an objective, non-whites only, definition of the word. I do not see how a person of color making derogatory remarks about the white race is less bigoted than comments by a white person about another race. By co-opting the language with political correctness, the SJWs try to control the debate. Such tendentious definitions turn any dialogue into a monologue.

    The term “White Privilege” is another example of the practice. When we point out to the SJWs that whites underwent great hardships and many continue to do so, the very term “Privilege” changes definition. It no longer refers to an advantage in general but rather to one’s race regardless of whether or not a white person is better off than someone who is non-white. When someone changes definitions in the middle of a debate, I suspect that they are changing the facts to meet their predetermined conclusion rather than forming a conclusion based on the facts.

    You also make a good case regarding the disadvantages to those who believe in the notion of white privilege. It provides an excuse for failure and a reason not to put in effort to succeed. That notion can make white privilege a self fulfilling prophecy. If I don’t try because I believe whites won’t let me succeed than I have already failed. Thomas Sowell tells of his professor at Howard University in the 1950’s who would rail against white racism. However when Sowell transferred to Harvard University, that professor told him: “Don’t you dare come back here saying that the whites wouldn’t let you succeed.” That was in the day of segregation in public schools, restrooms and water fountains and well before affirmative action.
    If you don’t believe that you can do it, than you can’t because success requires committed effort. White privilege is also a pernicious mask for some of the real causes of blacks’ and others’ problems.

    You make a very good point where you discuss the importance of a good family and a stable home. Those along with a respect for learning and education constitute in modern society what economists call “Social Capital.” That is those cultural traits that facilitate success in a given situation. The fact that the majority of black families are single parent households and that black school performance is abysmal cannot be ascribed to white privilege. According to Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams, those figures do not reflect black families and black school performance in earlier time when prejudice was common. One example Thomas Sowell mentioned is New York’s Stuyvesant School. That is a high quality public school that admits students based on competitive examination. He attended it over 60 years ago when he was a boy. He says that today, less than one tenth as many blacks test well enough to attend. Are the New York Liberals who have run the city for decades more racist than the city administrations were back in the days of segregation?

    Another change that the SJWs had to make to the term “White Privilege” is that is now includes many people of Asian descent. Apparently those past subjects of prejudice have now been accorded white privilege retroactively. The forerunner of the U.S. Border Patrol was created to enforce the Chinese Exclusion Acts preventing Chinese Immigration. Japanese Americans were placed in concentration camps and had their property confiscated during WW2. Although they are not white, those victims of past prejudice have registered higher academic performance than whites and, according to Walter Williams, are turned down for mortgages less often than are whites. Those embarrassing facts about non-white groups have made in necessary for the SJWs to make them honorary whites for the purposes of forwarding the leftist agenda. Even more embarrassing is that many West Indian blacks have registered similar success in the U.S. because they tend to have intact families and a regard for education and hard work that whites and Asians do. Also, it is interesting to note that in England, white lower class welfare recipients have low intact families, academic performance and unemployment levels about the same as American Blacks while West Indian immigrants to England outperform them. Given those factors, it appears that white privilege is actually within everyone’s grasp regardless of race.

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