“Who’s Your Daddy?”: The War on Fatherhood

I have mentioned before in A Lady of Reason about the disintegration of the nuclear family to make way for politically correct “any family is a real family” propaganda, and mentioned the importance of a strong father figure in the lives of girls, but I wanted to devote more into elaborating on some specific issues regarding fatherhood.

The traditional two parent family, married mom and dad is unfortunately a rarity these days. Barely a quarter of people I knew in school had a stable two parent household with an active father figure. Perhaps many of the PC liberals grew up in the divorce generation, spanning from the baby boomers up to now. Since the sexual revolution, the traditional two parent home, and the value of marriage gave way to hook ups, flings and an attitude of non-commitment and disregard for the fallout. In many households, the fathers were absentee and walked out, or were simply “baby-daddies” and sperm donors. I theorize many of the liberals grew up jaded and cynical since they had no real father figure or strong man in their lives. Those kids then went on to have more kids and perpetuate the same cycle, with the same non-committal attitudes. They have told themselves and their children lies about how you don’t need a father, and a woman can raise kids all by her lonesome and be equal to a two parent household. The radical feminists keep telling women and girls that they shouldn’t depend on a man and that having a man around signals oppression. This all lead to cynical attitudes about men and fatherhood. Even in families with dads still around, the radical feminists prefer them to be weak and subordinate to the female members of the family, rather than take the lead in the household. Paradoxically, the liberals whine that too many men don’t step up and take care of their families, and just walk out, they attack any societal expression of the fathers who are in the picture. This I feel, is a “war on fatherhood”.

Examples of this war are everywhere! A major example is simply the downplaying of the father figure in children’s lives. The liberals want us to believe that fathers are inconsequential, and single mothers can do both jobs just as well. However, this is a politically correct lie, simply to soothe some whiny, bitter single mom’s hurt feelings. For all the things a mother can give to her children, she cannot give the perspective a man can for their children. Children needs both parents in the picture to get a more well rounded upbringing. An issue plaguing our society today due to lack of father figures are boys growing up to be weak and hyper feminized, instead of learning how to be strong men. Single mothers paranoid to simply let “boys be boys” are raising a generation of emotionally fragile, weak young men who cannot take charge like their grandfathers did and be the rock in the family. Men were once raised to honor, protect and respect the women close to them, but now chivalry is labeled sexism, and “respecting” women means being a mindless lapdog for a “Nasty Woman”! Men who would have gone off to fight and protect their women are now in need of safe spaces, trigger warnings, and flinch at the thought of a bruise! A father knows what is was like to once be a rambunctious spirited boy, and would raise his son to become a strong and capable man from a man to man perspective. As mothers relate better to daughters, sons relate more to their fathers, being the same gender, one day filling that role themselves. A single mom can devote her entire life to a son, but she can never give what a man can give in terms of becoming a man one day.

Daughters too, need a strong father figure. The PC liberals hate this point even more, as it reinforces notions they have decried as “sexist”, but the point still stands. Daughters raised with involved fathers are far less likely to become at risk, and promiscuous, have body image issues and of course “daddy issues” later in life! Many young women I know without dads have become victim of the PC radical feminist “Nasty Woman” and hook up culture, distrusting of men and committed relationships. The traditional role of the father as his daughter’s protector, guarding her from unwanted advances by manipulative boys and seeing who is worthy of her in relationships, and marriage, is decried by the PC liberals. While it was true fathers had ownership over daughters, to marry them off historically, fathers today covet the role of protector and guardian over their daughters. A father knows what men are like, being one, and what sort of man is good for his daughter. A good father helps his daughter choose wisely in relationships, and models what a man should be like in her life in how he treats her, her mother and other women. Also, he models what men should expect of her in return. Fathers that expect their daughters to have standards and conduct themselves as ladies raise girls to attract gentlemen who want well bred ladies, not vulgar “Nasty Women” of the radical feminist era. He also models what a strong man is for the family, and not some hyper feminized boy like single mothers raise all too often. A single mother can teach her daughter about womanhood, but she cannot teach her about men like a man can. Anyone who cries “sexism”! is mistaken, as it is not about anyone being inferior, but a question of insider perspective. As the PC liberals hate it when outsiders talk for minority groups, because they’re not insiders, they ought to realize a man’s and a woman’s perspective on the world are going to be different, and a child needs both to grow up well rounded. A man cannot have the same deep experiences of a woman, and vice versa. Mothers cannot do it alone, fathers have to be there too in a balanced family.

This is why it incenses me when the PC liberals try to stifle the role of a father in an attempt to be “inclusive” to the “any family is a real family” lie. Many schools have banned the father-daughter dance becuase it might hurt someone’s feelings that they don’t have a dad and can’t go, or reinforces the value of the traditional family. Butt-hurt whiny single mothers complained, and ruined it for everyone! Who says the girl can’t go with another male family friend or relative? Why ruin it for everyone who does have an involved father in the picture? A believe an involved father, standing up for the traditional family is a rarity now, and should be celebrated! I wish more schools had the backbone to send the message that a father figure is important, not just for individual families, but society as a whole. The father-daughter dance is an expression of the value fathers should have. It’s still amazing in the hostile PC climate, women are still letting their fathers walk them down the aisle, and give them away during their weddings! I fear in another generation or so, that will be gone too…

More slights against the father figure are embroiled in controversies surrounding the funny prom photo of dad between the girl and her date, holding a shotgun! What was once all in good humor, and not serious, is now an atrocity! “How dare a man have a gun in the presence of children!” “How dare he not let his daughter have sexual agency!” etc… What was once a joke in a nod towards the father’s role as his daughter’s protector is now construed as a violent patriarchal threat! I mean though, who should let their sixteen year old sleep with whoever she wants and get knocked up on prom night? Is it wrong for dad to forbid her to fling herself on any guy she wants and get pregnant as a teenager? The radical feminists envision weak dads who have no say in their daughter’s lives, while they go out in their pussy hats and feel vulgarity is empowerment, sleep with any guy to be “liberated” from the patriarchy and want weak men! Any dad who wants to raise a lady of standards is now demonized and called sexist and patriarchal!

Lastly, but certainly not least, another war on fathers is an attack on Father’s Day. Single mothers want two Mother’s Days, one on Father’s Day for their extra hard work, but why not just celebrate it all on Mother’s Day? Fathers deserve their own special day, just for their hard work. Mothers already have a day too, and single moms replacing Father’s Day is only a way to feel better about the gaping hole not having a father in their children’s lives is. Why not let dad have his day? The father is downplayed now so much in society, Father’s Day is a way to stand up for fatherhood and the nuclear family. Erasing fatherhood from our cultural memory and acknowledgement is a politically correct tyranny to soothe many bitter single moms and fatherless children. The truth hurts sometimes though, and it is a truth that fathers matter in the family unit and in our society! We need to fight back the PC notions of ” any family is a real family” garbage! If you stand for the intact stable family, of mom and dad, thank your father πŸ™‚

Related image
Back in the day, this is how the ideal family was once portrayed, not just “any family is a real family” PC propaganda!

9 thoughts on ““Who’s Your Daddy?”: The War on Fatherhood

  1. I’m really, really enjoying reading your blog. This blog encourages me. I’m going to bookmark it.

    I’ve been struggling recently with this whole Politicising and gendering of sexual assault and abuse. I’ve experienced rape by women, I’ve experienced manipulation & abuse by women, but I’m not silly enough to think it’s a culture, or something that’s predefined in every woman’s mind. Abuse is done by people. Not just one gender.

    I’ve wrote for years on how men can get closer to their emotions and masculinity by self-reflection and self-love. Yet over the increasing hostility with #metoo (something I stood up with and was quickly told to sit down because my issues were unimportant, and not relevant), and being told that I couldn’t possibly know what racism was as I was a white, male, I’ve recently moved conservatively to the right with this whole Political debacle. I’ve now, recently began to explore my masculine. Something I always thought was there, but as I step into it more and more, and mixing with more men I’m actually realising there’s an all out war on the masculine.

    I’m not here to speak for anyone else but I’ve always known women to be bright, strong, and amazing people that can accomplish anything when they put their minds to it. I have no idea who these frail, weak women that can’t even make decisions for themselves these people speak of. The more I step into it, the more threatened I feel. This may also be because I’ve mixed with a lot of Feminists over the years and my feeds are full to the brim of man hating.

    I’ve lost a lot of friends over the last few weeks. I’m sick to the back teeth of hearing “white men” all the damn time. It’s like a cop out from looking inwardly and facing their own damn problems instead of blaming everyone else for their failures.

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  2. I agree with the fact that there is definitely a war conducted by feminists on the nuclear family; it has been going on for decades.

    However, things are a bit more nuanced, as we’re talking about individuals, not groups, and every individual is in a different situation.

    Families break up all the time, for a multitude of personal reasons. Feminism, for all its awful ills, has not been the cause of pregnant women being abandoned by men since times immemorial. It has also not been the cause of fatherless families during and after wars, and so on.

    I also think that in very religious communities where divorce is frowned upon, tolerating spousal abuse is encouraged, resulting in misery and hopelessness, especially on women’s part. People should not feel obligated to remain in toxic situations, should they be able to get out (it’s true enough that some simply can’t get out and that’s a major problem).

    It’s not a black and white issue.

    However, what feminists do nowadays is conduct a crusade against people who choose to engage in traditional family dynamics, labelling them as upholders of the patriarchy, even when all parties involved are happy with that arrangement. And that is insane. Anyone should be able to choose what to do with their lives and which arrangements to enter into.

    They encourage open relationships almost as a matter of duty to “dismantle the patriarchy”. They encourage egg freezing for women to conceive later in life, with obvious difficulties. They also promote abortion as if it had no consequences whatsoever on women, and that is very inaccurate.

    I’m going to do some research on whether vocal feminists have ever spoken about the women being trapped in unwanted marriages due to the culture or religion of their families or being born into cults. All I hear in popular discourse, from them, relates to trifles, but not the actual oppression and brainwashing of genuinely vulnerable women.

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    • True! It is far more nuanced than can be conveyed in one post. But it is true many bitter single mothers resent fathers and thus go to ban things like the father daughter dance and raise bitter women who distrust men… Also, divorce culture is rampant with no thoughts of how it hurts the children! By the way, your comments somehow ended up in my spam folder! I apologize for not getting back to you sooner! Email me at aladyofreason@outlook.com if this continues and I don’t approve your comments within a day! Thanks so much for weighing in!

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      • Thank you as well for responding and please don’t worry about that.

        I do see the war on men in general, and whilst I deplore the extremist reactions (MGTOW, the Red Pill, PUA etc), it’s definitely happening. But it’s from the top down, in order to advance an agenda, and it’s not coming from ordinary women who just want to exist and bond with men naturally. I think the whole scene, feminism vs these people, is extremely sad and detrimental to our species. The sexes would get along naturally if it weren’t for the propaganda coming from both sides, instilling bitterness and entitlement.

        I also think there is a genuine case to be made for the fathers of children (conceived in a consensual manner; of course rape is a different issue) otherwise lost to abortion, should they legally commit to raising them after birth. It seems cruel that anyone, male or female, should lose a child based on someone else’s decision. Men simply have no say and some of their testimonies are heartbreaking. Women, in turn, are often coerced into abortion and it really should not be allowed to happen. There is unfairness and oppression on both sides, on an individual level.

        Perhaps my biggest gripe with feminists is minimising the suffering endured by women who are pressured into abortion, as if that never happened and it was always the woman’s choice. I thankfully haven’t been through it myself (I would have reacted forcefully to even a suggestion), but I do know many women who have. These activists are detached from reality and painting an unrealistic picture of an extreme and often coerced act. If they wanted to talk about the genuine oppression of women in western countries, they should start there – plus all the issues I mentioned above. But that will never happen as their goal is to paint abortion as something entirely positive.

        Sorry about the long rant; it diverged from the initial issue.

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      • That’s fine! Speak the truth! I agree and your raise a good point! It’s not fair men have no say in what they had 50% responsibility in creating! It’s only what the woman wants, if he doesn’t want the baby, he’s a jerk, yet if the woman doesn’t want it, it’s a-okay! Radical feminism has created a war on men! They also turn a blind eye to REAL oppression, as you said, and only focus on small petty things!

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  3. Your detailed and spirited analysis of this subject is long overdue. The forces that drive 95% of our news outlets and entertainment media venues simply avoid the facts surrounding this subject. This in my opinion, is driven by their priorities of building ratings through viewers and customers for the advertisers who sponsor all of it. These backers are liberal political parties , special interest groups and manufacturers and merchandisers.
    If anyone adhering to reality, logic and common sense, researches the physiological results and consequences of the breakdown of the traditional one women one man parented child, the results are far and away less likely to produce a balanced, well rounded and well adjusted individual.
    I encourage readers not to take my word for it but to do a thorough analysis of the history and science of childhood development and psychology for the realities of the subject. As a parent , and teacher of 41 years, working with students K through adult, I have experienced first hand, the myriad of negatives that the breakdown of the traditional family has produced.
    Thank you for speaking the “unpopular” truth with your article. Be prepared to be attacked and shouted down for shedding light on this largely censored subject.

    The Common Man

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  4. Hi
    You are right, feminists for some time have tried to destroy the family by attacking the male figure. They attack the whole “boys being boys” as “toxic masculinity.” As far as I know, they don’t like anything that resembles the “masculine figure” and they are trying to extirpate it from our society. (As a side note, I would love to see those loser feminists work in the garbage or in construction, landscaping, chopping trees, and all of these jobs that are considered “manly.”) However, thankfully, the “masculine figure” is far from gone even Hollywood has made some movies that still have this image. For example, the remake of Overboard and A Quiet Place, still have this “male archetype.”

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    • I’m glad we agree on these important topics! Keep speaking out and letting others hear your voice πŸ™‚ I agree, the traditional masculine figure, and the importance of the father in the family unit are being devalued and underappreciated nowadays. It’s a shame, I hope there’s a “silent majority” out there that will help fight against the prevailing attitudes,


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