“Mind The (Age) Gap” Part II: A Trip Down Memory Lane!

I made this point in part I of this series: it’s not just millennials who are radical snowflakes, and they didn’t get these ideas out of thin air! Nor, did a lot of these PC liberal ideas start with the millennial generation either! The “elders” of today came mostly now from generations of the post WWII era, starting with the boomers from 1946 to 1955, going through Gen X from the 1960-1980’s before the millennials. While many remember a simpler time in their youth, than the media crazed era of the digital age of today, and the radical snowflake agendas, it only takes a history book or some memories to realize the world from 1946 to 1980 or so was just as tumultuous in its own way as today’s issues!

The dowdy old “fuddie-duddies” of today seem to forget, they were in the generations that had the hippie movement, the sexual revolution, draft dodging, the new era of divorce and the broken home, racial tension in the civil rights movement and more! The baby boomer generation from the post WWII years, were in their teens and 20’s around the late 1950’s to 1960’s. During this time, were the civil rights movement and the hippie movement! Issues of racial tension are not new to the BLM movement of today. Race riots were being fought, protests were being done, marches for racial equality and desegregation were afoot. The hippie movement was very controversial with the older generations of the era, and many saw it as the disintegration of the old family and community values, and an “anything goes” movement of promiscuity and drug use. Sound familiar? The elders decrying millennials in their late 60’s and 70’s were peers of those at Woodstock! The promiscuous hook up culture of today for example, is not a millennial movement! The hook up culture of today had its roots back in the sexual revolution in guess when? The 1960’s to 1980’s! The advent of the broken divorced homes started with the boomers and Gen Xers. The Gay LGBT movement had its beginnings in the 60’s with things like the Stonewall riots in 1969 and overlapped in time period with the civil rights movements and second wave feminism. These are only some broad examples of how these “elders” decrying millennials today were the generation in the middle of multiple counter cultural revolutions themselves!

Now, I’m not saying everything about those movements were bad. Prejudice and segregation, or inequality for women were bad then as now. I’m not saying let’s go back to when people of color, women and gays had zero rights. However, many aspects of these movements did have detrimental messages, like the militant black power ideologies, the advent of promiscuity, disintegration of the traditional family and militant feminism, as well as a more militant LGBT community. The culture of the “proper” traditional 1950’s, while having it’s flaws that did need to be challenged and changed for the better, had elements the more counter cultural 1960’s ought to have kept, like traditional family values for example. The counter cultural movements of the 1960’s sowed many of the seeds for the contemporary radical liberal agendas of today. The radical boomer snowflakes probably grew up involved in and around those movements and only embraced it as it got more radical in the 1990’s to present. Third wave radical feminism was founded on the second wave radical feminism of our elders’ youth. Also important to note, much of the liberal movement apparently led by millennials, like the Parkland movement, are actually being supported, funded and goaded behind the scenes by adults with their own agenda to play, using and exploiting the young people for their own ends. Teens and young adults generally don’t have much say, so much of their power is probably being funded and promoted by older adults! The Women’s March, as another example was being funded by other groups, like Muslim groups and BLM.

Now is a tumultuous very counter cultural time, but so was the days of many older adult’s youth too. Even before the boomers, think of the revolution post WWI. The prim Victorian traditions gave way to more relaxed standards of the 1920’s. Think of your great or great-great grandparents being of the “flapper” era, one of jazz, promiscuity, radical vulgar dance moves and too short dresses! Point is, counter cultural tendencies among youth are timeless! The issues may have changed, but the attitudes have not.

Which brings me to an important point though. Just because stuff was going on “back then”, doesn’t automatically mean it defined you! Not everyone who was in their 20’s and teens in the 60’s were at Woodstock or promiscuous drug addled hippies! Not every young woman in the 60’s was a bra burning feminist who advocated for promiscuity! Not every person who was young in the 20’s was a flapper! Yes, many movements were iconic of their respective eras, but plenty of people were not defined by those movements, nor a part of them. There were plenty of mainstream, regular Joes who lived conservative lives like their parents. The same realization should be applied to millennials today. Not every millennial is defined by the new snowflake era of today. Many are simply living modest lives and not preaching on a soapbox in a pussy hat with a picket sign! Not all are kneeling for the BLM movement, or doing inconsequential protests against gun ownership or Trump. Many indeed, are quietly more moderate or conservative like myself, and simply stay out of such heated topics day to day with others. I am very critical of the radical liberal snowflake youth, as much as many elders, but I ask you to please not forget the tumultuous times of your youth before you automatically judge all young people as the nutty revolutionaries of today! Many are simply trying to survive in this time of upheaval and tumult in our society just as it was before. While many movements have become much more extreme now than back then thanks to millennials, the seeds were sown in the youth of our elders, not the millennials! Before you judge an entire generation, please take a trip down memory lane yourself 😉

2 thoughts on ““Mind The (Age) Gap” Part II: A Trip Down Memory Lane!

  1. Hi A Lady of Reason
    You do give some interesting historical insights. Nevertheless, I would like to add my two cents. A lot of the post modernist or SJW philosophy has been taught for decades by these leftist professors, so this militant “snowflake” or SJW culture has been confined within the universities. However, from what it seems, this “snowflake” culture is trying to spread and become more “mainstream.” After all, a lot of these so-called “snowflakes” or SJWs are determined to push their agenda.

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    • Very true! I see many of them in the mainstream media being represented as the “correct” and “normal” view, and it is becoming more mainstream now. Major movements like the Women’s March, BLM and others are becoming more radical! Political correctness has reached new heights now, and everything under the sun could be a “microaggression” in need of “trigger warnings” and “safe spaces” among the snowflake contingency. Even major search engines like Google are unabashedly Liberal and censor many conservatives. It’s becoming a snowflake world out there!…


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