“Mind The (Age) Gap” Part I: Not all Snowflakes are Millennials, and Not all Millennials are Snowflakes…

Millenials: also known as the narcissistic, entitled, disrespectful generation. Always on their phones, tuned out of the world, feel entitled to “participation trophies” for just going through life. The generation that refuses to acknowledge the dedication of their elders, or the values that kept society together such as family, work ethic, even simple kindness, and then has the audacity to say the world is flawed and do inconsequential protesting. I don’t blame any older people who do have a negative image of millennials, it is true many are on their militant soapbox, preaching for causes they know little of, and doing inconsequential protests or disrespectful things such as interrupt opposing speakers and laying siege to college campuses and schools! Many millennials are more superficial, and more into their phones or celebrities than real world issues, or building a solid future. I’ve personally known those types too. Many millennials do show ageism, and belittle the older generations as useless, past their prime, and inept and unworthy to be heard. The “triggered” snowflake generation is a real thing out there!

However, many forget their own youth, and the issues of their generation. Ageism goes both ways, and as many millennials are guilty of being belittling towards the elders, many elders are guilty of stereotyping all millennials. The millennial generation spans roughly from the 1980’s to 2000’s. I was born within those years, and personally know many millennials, including myself, who are not in fact, rabid liberal snowflakes. Related imageConservative millennials are rarer, or at least, not “out of the closet” due to the vitriol of their fellow snowflake peers, and even teachers, and employers, but they are out there, as a more moderate majority. People like us are not the stereotype of the entitled, shallow, narcissistic millennial who only cares for themselves and takes everyone else for granted, and high on dope! We are the ones trying to grow into adulthood, one of stability, security and a functional place in the world. We are the ones trying to take the values our parents gave us to heart, the ones who want to wait for the right person instead of a hook-up, the ones who instead of taking booze and dope, are studying towards good schools and fruitful careers. Many of us are bright, driven, determined and want to earn their place in the world the honest way. Millenials, like myself do not appreciate the vocal loudmouth snowflakes who want to represent what my generation is all about. There is a silent majority of young people who uphold traditional values and conservative viewpoints.

I find it a shame many seem not to remember their younger years, or idolize their youth as a utopia where there was no wrong. I’m not making excuses for the militant radical snowflakes by any means, but for millennials in general, we aren’t that different from you when you were young. Yes, plenty of millennials focus on inconsequential issues, like peer groups and celebrities instead of real word issues, but what were you focused on at 15? Did you have all your priorities in order in your teens? Can you honestly say you are the same person at 50 as you were at 20? Maybe young people are more idealistic and naive to the world, but who has the knowledge of an elder who’s had decades of experience in their 20’s? The point is, there are some traits all youth have regardless of the era. Young people naturally want to make changes in their world, right the wrongs of their parents, clash over cultural interests and differing ideologies from their parents and elders. Young people can also be very naive and too unrealistic, or more radical in their opinions, but often simmer down by the time they get a taste of the world! What you care about is what affects your life. It may be peer groups today, but politics tomorrow as you become the one paying the bills or raising a family 😉 Think of an issue you changed your perspective on as you aged…

Another important point to make too in all this millennial bashing, is that we weren’t the only generation that ruffled a few feathers! These radial snowflake ideas, while many are more recent, didn’t come out of thin air! Where do you think these millennials have gotten such radial snowflake views from? It’s not just my generation whose been espousing these ideas, like political correctness, sexual anarchy, “any family is a real family”, trigger warnings, safe spaces, just do what makes you feel good etc… Think of it: these ideas are being taught in schools across the country, to the next generation of snowflakes. The mainstream media is full of news organizations with a blatant liberal bias, even major social media platforms and search engines like Google are blatant liberal, and will even censor conservatives! Now, one may argue many of these people behind this could have been some of the earliest “millennials”, but a lot of these new radical ideas like the transgender thing or safe spaces are more recent, and the bulk of the criticism towards millennials is directed towards teens and college aged kids. Adults control these major companies like Google, or CNN, not teenagers still in high school! Millennials are getting much of their liberal propaganda through the adults in their lives in school, and in the media such as news, TV shows and movies.

And it’s not just 40 and under people feeding the liberal agenda to our youth today! I know personally several people past their 50’s and 60’s who are radical snowflake all the way, including several friend’s parents, teachers, even older college professors! These people are no better than any militant millennial, one mother in her 60’s I know went to the Women’s March in DC when Trump was elected, and wore a pussy hat and had a sign with the middle finger that said “Now you p*ssed off Grandma!” There was another example in the recent news about a retired English teacher, who rudely “corrected” a letter President Trump himself sent to her personally addressing her concerns, and resent it back with the corrections in red pen! I don’t know about you, but that is just as petty and insolent as any teenager could be! With examples from “elders” like these, how would they not turn out to be radical snowflakes? These “elders” don’t seem worthy of any respect by any one, much less impressionable youth on how to act!

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Millennials are certainly not the first generation to clash with their elders or hold extreme views! While many young people are indeed all the detrimental qualities people think of, there are many others who are the opposite, and are morally upright people who just want a future for themselves and a better world and are willing to work honestly to make that happen. Plenty, like me, do not identify with their snowflake peers who are entitled and militant and intolerant of any dissent. Nor, are all adults, especially older adults representative of a more virtuous bygone era. Many have embraced the radical liberal side too, and are teaching our youth to become snowflakes like them. It’s not just radical peers parents must watch for now, but the conservative parent now must also be weary of their child’s school, academia, the mainstream media, and even respected organizations in the community and country! Stereotypes often have truth in them, but there are always exceptions to the rule! Belittling and stereotyping millennials and youth in general as negative, only alienates allies in the fight for common sense, virtue and reason like myself and other millennials, and may even drive young people on the fence on these issues over to the radical liberal side due to them thinking that all adults are “anti-them” but the liberals hear their voice and embrace them. Please “mind the (age) gap”, and be a bridge, not a wall between you and young people in your life.

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6 thoughts on ““Mind The (Age) Gap” Part I: Not all Snowflakes are Millennials, and Not all Millennials are Snowflakes…

  1. You are so far off base thinking people of faith want you to impose theocracy on you. Typical hippie baloney! Typical liberal atheist crap I’ve heard for years. Most people of faith want to practice their faith and be left alone.


    • True, but the loudest mouths get the most attention. Even if they’re in the minority. You see this with the radical liberal snowflakes. Theology aside, we’re probably on the same side when it comes to radical liberalism. Many people of faith are just normal people, I know plenty. But I also know many examples of more strident people who want the world to be in line with their theological rules. Keep in mind, while plenty of Christians take “love thy neighbor” to heart, some see it as their prerogative to convert the world to worship their god and be like them. Sometimes loudmouth minorities try to overshadow silent majorities. Apologies if you thought I meant every single person of faith was a militant proselytizer. Unfortunately, they seem to be the ones I hear most often.


  2. I agree wholeheartedly that much of the chagrin for the next generation has to do with forgetting the transgressions of the former generation. On that, I believe you are spot on.

    I disagree on your assessment of the media in this role. Conservative media is not only alive and well, but flourishing, and it has been for quite some time. College professors are not all liberal hacks, either. I believe blaming the media or college professors for a child’s political views is fairly dishonest.

    Having said that, however, merely understanding and experiencing different viewpoints and cultures and meeting people with completely different beliefs is one of the greatest things about college. Sometimes, students may drift from or completely change some of the beliefs they were imparted with as children. This is part of the process of learning, and we shouldn’t chastise them for it. We all had to learn once upon a time as well. 2-year olds don’t walk very well. 16-year olds don’t drive very well. And 18-22 year olds don’t process complicated political subjects very well. But I would rather they give it a go than not at all.

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    • I agree one should be exposed to other viewpoints, surely. But a lot of colleges have an obvious liberal bias and many professors do too. Other than Fox News, there aren’t nearly as many mainstream conservative channels and websites, at least in Google search engine. I have grown up in an area with a liberal bias, from my peers, to my teachers at school, an the mainstream media I’ve been exposed to. The only real conservative voices around me are mostly my family and very few friends. Many young people do indeed think for themselves, but one must not forget the influence of our families and the wider world in shaping our views. When young people start to develop their own identities, they look to the outside world, that is, peers, teachers, the news etc… If every mainstream organization and authority figures and mentors are all liberal, chances are they will be too if people they respect hold those views. Not all liberals are radical snowflakes, but the loudest are, and are getting their voices heard above everyone else’s. It’s hard at least where I live, to be openly conservative and not face social and even career repercussions. Many young people are not able to give political subjects an honest try, since they’re only being fed one side and the other is deemed “the bad guy”.


      • Sure, but this works both ways. I’d much rather have reason prevail over emotion any day of the week. But if you think the conservative voice is being missed, remember that Donald Trump is president. He’s unqualified, ignorant, and a compulsive liar. But he said he’s a republican and that’s all the further many of his voters think. No, I do not feel that the “liberals” are taking over, and his presidency is exhibit “A”.

        People that don’t accept evolution voted for Donald Trump. People that think the world is less than 10,000 years old voted for Donald Trump. People that think the entire world’s population comes from an incestuous family….. twice…… voted for Donald Trump. They might not be all his voters, or even a lot of his voters. But they’re double digit percentages his voters. And they think god deemed him to be the president. For god knows what reason.

        Conservatism that I grew up with is not conservatism today. Conservatism today is just…… dumb. Conservatism when I grew up was at least in principal about care and restraint with the budget, and solving problems not with money but with solutions. This is not the GOP of today at all.

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      • I’m not on board with the extreme far right wingers either! There are aspects I criticize of conservatism too, namely their idea of nationalism and the religious conservatives wanting to impose their theological worldview on everyone else. I agree with other aspects of the conservative movement such as more traditional social values which is why I identify as conservative, but each issue must be on a case by case basis. I disagree with both sides on the take a knee issue for instance! I disagree with the BLM movement, but I also disagree with fellow conservatives that are making such a fuss over kneeling as a peaceful protest. As you remind me not all liberals are radical snowflakes, please be reminded too, not all Trump voters are ignorant religious bigots that reject science or progress… I personally know people who voted Trump, but are no different than any other average Joe you encounter day to day and you couldn’t tell unless they told you they voted Trump.

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