Just for Laughs :)

The absurdities of the radical liberals and radical feminist movement have become more unhinged nowadays than in previous generations! From extreme paranoia and hysteria over smaller issues, inconsequential actions, ridiculous political correctness, “safe spaces”, “trigger warnings”, (insert your group here)- phobia etc… more and more people are speaking out as the pendulum is swinging too far. Even though the majority seems to be with the more radical liberal crowd, with control over most of the mainstream media and social controls such as jobs, schools, and such, there is a silent majority who are more moderate, and acknowledge even their own side as having gone too far off the deep end! More optimistically too, although many conservatives still face stigma in openly expressing their views, there has been a conservative backlash against some of the more radicalized parts of liberalism. The issues we face and fight back against are heavy, and have wide reaching social implications. However, this does not mean we can’t get a chuckle out of issues at hand in their complete and utter lunacy! 🙂 Many braver conservative voices than I have made some hilarious cartoons lampooning our current society’s liberal bias! Have a laugh, (and possibly cry at the same time at the state of our society too…)!



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A Modern Update on Plato’s Allegory of The Cave


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Image result for safe spaces cartoon


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3 thoughts on “Just for Laughs :)

  1. It’s getting normalized over time. You can compare it with Teen shooters mindset. Teens (male) are more frustrated nowadays for the Feminine Imperative.

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    • I know. It’s a shame. I think our society is becoming more I can do whatever I want, no accountability, no responsibility or reality checks! It’s disgusting these teen shooters have cropped up since our society became more liberal. Bullying has been around since school has, but how many school shootings were there in our grandparent’s generations?


  2. The cartoons depicted underscore today’s reality so effectively ! You selected subjects that cover the whole spectrum quite accurately. You are right that while being funny initially, these point out the reality that common sense, thinking, logical individuals must continue to listen to it all while solidifying their commitment to vote against the radicals who have hijacked popular media and sadly, the Democratic party.

    Your open minded , balanced views are desperately needed in this one sided media driven society/country. Never let them shout you down . We are out here in great numbers -make no mistake.

    The Common Man

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