The Power of Words

Catcalls: Every woman’s fear. Imagine walking down the street, and men whistle and shout lewd things at you. If you are like most women, this intimidates you and makes you feel scared. Catcalls are degrading and disrespectful to women, and most people can agree that they would not want it to happen to any family members or friends. However, some blow it out of proportion. To some, such as many radical feminists, cat calls are right up there with an actual sexual assault! This however, goes too far. While cat calls are indeed quite disrespectful and should not be tolerated, one cannot compare it to a physical act of aggression. The reason why is that cat calls are words, not deeds. Unlike a man grabbing you and not letting you go, you can walk away from and choose to ignore words.

In the politically correct world, words have been given the power of real punches and assaults. Words can crush your soul and demoralize you, make you feel small and intimidated. What ever happened to the phrase “sticks and stones will break your bones but words will never hurt you?” I’m not trying to say that certain words are not meant to be very hurtful and degrading, but words are what we make them to be and nothing more. Ever heard of ignoring the bully takes its power away? All those mean girls who insulted you, calling you names, their purpose was to hurt you by using their words to wound your psyche. If they realized those words would have no affect on you, and you didn’t care, then they would stop, as it takes away their power. Words are what we make them to be, we decide how powerful a word is. Technically, all words really are is a bunch of sounds given a meaning in our brains. What we make them to mean, and the power we give words is what makes words have such sway over us.

This does not justify cat calling in any way. Men do not have the right to make women feel small and insecure and fearful. No respectable man would harass a respectable lady. Men who catcall are like the bully on the playground. He is taunting your womanhood, making you feel less then as a human being, degrading you to your sex appeal. The question is, will you let him? Will you let his lewd and indecent words into your head and erode your confidence, or just shrug them off as words from a very insecure bully? Will you let those words cut into you, or walk away knowing they come from ignorance and insecurity? What is a lady to do in the face of such ungentlemanly behavior? I propose we ignore it. Take the power back and silence the bully by making his words meaningless. I think the true fear, in catcalling, in fact, is not what is said, but what might be implied. Why I fear cat callers is because, a man so ungentlemanly and blatantly disrespectful of women to cat call could easily move into the physical domain. The bully who calls you names is just as easily likely to slam your head in to the lockers, an an analogy. A man who makes lewd remakes to women could easily grab her and assault her. Since we’re not mind readers, we simply don’t know if he will end at words alone, or have even more sinister intentions.

However, I still propose we ignore the catcalls. We just pass by with our heads held high, and ignore the words. This does not mean we can’t keep an eye out in case he makes a move, to defend ourselves, but most cat callers are too cowardly to actually do much of anything. Scarily, the quiet ones seem the most likely to be the real threat. Cat callers are insecure bullies, and we mustn’t cater to them. Ladies; we are not damsels in distress, having to be rescued from mere words. We can ignore what is thrown at us, as the words are meaningless if we make them to be. Indeed, it is noted that the worst insults men hurl at us mean simply to be a woman. Ladies of Reason take pride in our womanhood, and are not afraid to stand up for it. We do not shrink from being women, but embrace it. Not to mention, do not forget our own actions and what they tell others, (i.e provocative dress and actions of our own) . Many men who justify cat calling like the power it gives them. Shall we let them have it over us? Those ungentlemanly men are not worth a lady’s time nor thoughts.

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