“It’s That Time of The Month…”

A somewhat stranger position the feminist movement has taken up has to do with none other than women’s periods. Why this topic is one of contention seems to have to do with an alleged double standard between men and women’s bodily functions, in that women’s bodies are taboo, whereas men’s bodies are celebrated. Their main issue with women’s periods: It’s taboo to talk about them in mixed company. They claim that men can talk about all their bodily functions, such as getting erections and ejaculating and it’s looked upon as good, whereas women’s menstrual cycles are disgusting and off limits. I would argue that both topics are off limits in mixed company though! The radical feminists who bring up this issue think that being able to talk to men about their periods will be the egalitarian solution to this problem. However, I counter that notion with how many men openly brag about their erections in mixed company and women. For most women, talking intimately about their periods with men is seen as awkward, and for most men, talking about their erections and wet dreams with women is equally if not more awkward. In my opinion, this whole issue is one of the most superficial issues the feminist movement has come up with! The ability to complain about your periods and how unfair it is that men don’t have them too is in the larger scheme of women’s issues, pretty inconsequential.

However, I think the reason why it is still talked about so much is that the issue runs deeper than periods. It’s really about women and womanhood being seen as taboo and shameful, and men being seen as ideal in the minds of the radical feminists. They claim that stopping talks about periods with everyone around them is a “war on women” and the “patriarchy” at work. The biggest argument I can counter such an idea about periods with is that yes, it is considered a private matter between women. Also, like other intimate bodily functions, such as urinating and defecating, it is impolite to talk about in mixed company. The same for men’s special body functions. Periods are a part of womanhood, and are unique to women. Why do we need to try to bring men into the picture and experience of women’s periods at all? Ladies, do you really need your husbands and boyfriends to know all the intimate details of your period and its irregularities? How much do you want to know about his inner workings? All the indelicate things unique to the male sex? It is not misogynistic if your husband feels uncomfortable buying you menstrual products. You should be able to buy yourself such intimate needs. Adding to that point to be fair, you shouldn’t need to go out of your way to buy your husband’s viagra or whatever else… There are some things that are better off not shared between the two sexes! Men who are uncomfortable talking about women’s intimate bodily functions are no more misogynistic than than you are misandric for saying “TMI” (too much information) to a guy sharing the inner workings of his nether regions with you! While men and women can share many experiences, some are best left separate! By far, this is one of the most superficial and ridiculous topics covered by A Lady of Reason. Ladies, let’s be reasonable.

(P.S. For those who disagree, might I suggest it’s that time of the month again…)  😉

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