College Craziness

The hallowed halls of academia: where young minds are shaped into more critical thinkers, and young people go to better themselves. College was a place where young people could go out and discover themselves, gain priceless life experiences, form life long friendships, and learn things they will carry with them forever. However, in this “anything goes” society, so is academia! What counts now as “critical thinking”, “life experiences” and “learning” includes ad hominem attacks on opponents, hypocrisy, unruly even violent protests, and indoctrination into “politically correct” virtues. Gone are the days where people from different backgrounds, with different ideas and perspectives, could “debate it out” in a reasoned and civil manner. Now, it’s an “us vs. them” mentality, with good on one side and evil on the other. The “enemies” are now “racists”, “misogynists”, “bigots” etc… Life experiences go beyond the fun memories of innocent college antics, and friendships, to disrespectful disruptive protests, some even turning violent! “Learning” in the classroom is now “indoctrination” into politically correct dogma, such as white privilege, Title X witch hunts with no due process, you can be any gender you want, everyone can come here indiscriminately etc… None of these points, are debatable anymore as they ought to be in a college setting. Instead of the pros and cons being put before the student body, colleges are now enforcing these “official stances” as the correct thing, and anything else is heresy and a “bias incident”. Like in the wider world, the radical PC liberals have invaded academia, and brand anyone who does not agree with their agenda as anti-intellectual.

What has gotten into college nowadays? Since when was a topic too taboo to debate in the supposed intellectually free and diverse halls of academia? Why are students and faculty being persecuted as “heretics” if they criticize a liberal stance on something? Now, we have “bias incident reports” in case any “microagressions” are done, such as having the audacity to ask someone “where are you from?” or saying “America is a land of opportunity”. When I was in college, one of my professors felt the need to apologize for the fact that many historical scientists were male! I mean, how well would it have gone down if he apologized for all the prominent historical figures, such as Einstein or Freud being Jewish? How is one able to “think critically,” in an atmosphere where any criticism or critique is banned outright? Or, what about the values of evidence and due process such as in sexual assault cases? The “1 in 5” crowd keeps pushing their own dogma regarding sexual assault, and demonize any man accuse of such acts, without evidence or due process. The only lesson being taught, is not to not sexually assault people, but that it’s perfectly okay to go on vigilante witch hunts fueled by mass hysteria! Conservative professors and students are constantly bombarded from fellow professors, peers, the administration, and stifle at every opportunity to present their case. The only intellectual freedom, is the “freedom” to agree with the PC snowflakes!

Not to mention, the “life experiences” that now are part of a conservative college student’s college experience such as getting demonized be fellow peers, professors and administration! Other experiences could include being caught in the middle of some rowdy protest such as occupying buildings such as the library or the academic buildings when just trying to do assignments or get to class. Some of those protests have even turned violent, and even went so far as to end in physical assaults on conservative students! One wrong thing said in an assignment could lead to getting in trouble over a “bias incident”, or even a debate with a professor or classmate could lead to a call to the dean’s office for conservative students who speak their own minds! While the PC liberals can spout off whatever they please in college, their conservative classmates feel the need to hide their own opinions and watch everything they say. Even professors are attacked who speak their mind, with PC snowflakes calling for their firing from the college itself! In the case of a biology professor who didn’t comply with a “no whites day” at school, police told him not to come on campus in fear of his physical safety! There was even the infamous incident where a bunch of snowflakes yelled over a commencement speaker they didn’t like, ruining their one and only graduation ceremony and painting all their classmates with that brush! Was that fair to the other students who didn’t want politics in their graduation ceremony? The ones who weren’t part of that protest can never get that day back again…

The perpetrators of such a liberal “Reign of Terror” then go out to claim they need “safe spaces” from any ideas that aren’t their own! Firstly, since when did college students need “safe spaces” from controversial ideas, and also, what about safe space for conservative voices? Conservatives on campus, whether they be students or professors, are belittled, marginalized, and demonized inside the classroom and out, yet have no recourse. There are no “bias incident forms” to fill out for them, no “safe spaces” where they feel comfortable to be themselves. Both are censored, threatening jobs and tenure, or grades and opportunities. College is the perfect place to learn what it is like to be marginalized and silenced when you’re a conservative.

In the classroom too, where one is supposed to learn and get an actual education, is also being invaded by PC propaganda. Racial dogma, such as white privilege, microagressions, and promotion of the welfare state and affirmative action are all taught now as facts in class. Gender wars are stirring up again, with you can be any gender you choose, “anything goes” and everyone has to accept it a a society. Transgenderism is an identity, not a mental illness. Social dogma includes “any family is a real family”, and hook up culture is promoted as liberating to women. Speaking of women, women in college are being taught that all they need to do is cry victim whenever something goes wrong, and anyone who disagrees with the radical feminists are misogynists. Classes being offered are now social justice course, such as subjects having nothing to do with being gay being interpreted through a gay lens, or rewriting history to take emphasis of white people, i.e. “decolonizing”, to even a major in “gender studies”! One of my professors was even paranoid about calling female students in his class “girls”. I mean, really?… Conservative viewpoints presented in classrooms are often dismissed as antiquated, or used superficially, to appear balanced. One professor of mine in college even told another student that his view on feminism made him “part of the problem” of women being assaulted, and that he threw his female classmates under the bus, simply when he was debating him!

Colleges shouldn’t take sides in many of the issues listed, and let the students think for themselves. However, that’s not the case for many of the liberal infested colleges. Some are pushing back, but many are succumbing little by little, to the pressures of the liberal administrator and benefactors, as well as radical liberal students and families! There are so many examples, it will take many posts to address each one thoroughly, but the overwhelming evidence for college craziness is all there. One helpful website I’ve read on much of college craziness is called The College Fix, written by millennial college students about the issues conservatives in college face every day. College used to be a place of learning and open minds. Now, it’s a hotbed for radical liberals to indoctrinate their own agenda into young minds. What a shame…

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3 thoughts on “College Craziness

  1. Hmmm, true, virtually all public colleges and universities (even some private colleges) are hotbeds of modern liberalism. Also, true that they have pressured, silenced, bullied, and harassed people with conservative viewpoints.

    Nevertheless, when I was in college back in 2012, my then English professor told us to write an essay on a controversial topic, argue for one’s position, and make a brief oral presentation. I argued that homosexual behavior shouldn’t be practiced because of its unhealthy effects. When I turned in my final copy and got it back, the professor told me that she didn’t agree with me, but the essay was well made and she gave me an A. Also, when I gave my oral presentation, none of the students got mad or anything.

    Finally, I became more conservative during my college and university days. Even when I took classes that reeked with postmodernist/ SJW philosophy, I believe I came out stronger in my views.

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    • I had good professors in college, albeit liberal ones. I never stirred up too much controversy, but there were times I pushed back intellectually to some of their liberal views and liberal authors we read. There was one other conservative student in one of my classes I remember who was much braver than I in defending conservative views against political correctness!


  2. I appreciate that you back up your personal opinions in your postings with intelligent, pertinent facts . Such a pleasure /relief to read level headed , fact based discourse on the troubling state of education on all too many of our nation’s college campuses. Any truly informed , non-biased researcher can prove that the legion of far left, liberal professors have shaped a nation of young people into the close minded , extremists that all of us must now suffer.

    You put it all out there , plain as day in your dissertation. This is no small thing in today’s social climate which encourages attack on any presentation of facts and opinions that challenge the radical left’s interests . Bravo !

    The Common Man

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