On The Women’s March…

I wish I started A Lady of Reason last year, because there was so much going on in the world of the radical feminists! The Women’s March in Washington after last year’s election was both amusing and an embarrassment to all Ladies of Reason, elegance and grace. Regardless of President Trump, or whether or not you support him is beside the point here. My problem with the Women’s March was it demonstrated an unladylike vulgarity and crassness unparalleled by the feminist movement thus far! Women came to assert their version of dominance, “I am woman, hear me roar” sort of mentality. The protesters showed up with vulgar slogans laced with profanity and indecency, and things such as pink “pussy hats” and some even going as far as dressing up like a giant vagina!

It was clear from the start that those women who were there protesting in such a manner were immune to any reasoned and civil discourse. Indeed, many more moderate and mainstream women were turned off by the level of vulgarity and ignorance from this new feminist movement. Many may argue that this assessment is biased in that if men did it, they’d be seen as empowered and that women aren’t allowed to act as assertively or brazenly as men, but I digress. What they did went beyond mere assertiveness, and crossed many lines into vulgarity and unprofessionalism . If men did such a protest, I’m sure many would have called in the riot police to shut it down, as it would have came off as dangerously threatening if men had done it the same way those women were! Not to mention, some women, prominent women, like Madonna and Ashley Judd incited violence such as wanting to “blow up the White House”, in Madonna’s words. It is beyond me why that was even permissible, as it was a direct threat, and even if not, adds no argument whatsoever about women’s rights or Trump. That is a key problem too. Not only were the women in that protest unladylike, vulgar and rude, they made no points whatsoever for the validity of their position, only inciting frenzied passions and hysterics.

It honestly pains me that so many women feel that the behavior at such events was justified or logical. Young malleable girls and teens were present as well, being brainwashed in such tactics as acceptable in a society of intellectual freedom. This event truly showed how degraded standards of ladylike behavior has become in society, with women trying to imitate the assertiveness of men, but only succeeding in imitating an unruly rabble. When did women decide that being a lady of elegance and grace was obsolete? When did shouting vulgar slogans, dressing in vulgar outfits and threats of violence as well as unhinged rants, like Ashley Judd’s speech, become a valid way to be taken seriously by anyone? For Ladies of Reason, that was all quite unreasonable! Any women who did not like Trump, but condemned how the protesters in the march conducted themselves were then alienated from joining their movement. Overall, the Women’s March did nothing for women, nor the points they tried to make, if they had any beyond getting hysterical and frenzied. I’d be a Lady, over a “Nasty Woman” any day…

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6 thoughts on “On The Women’s March…

  1. Funny, the “Women’s” March were outraged because Trump said, “Grab them by the p****.” Yet, many of the second wave feminists promoted “sexual liberationism” and implemented such view into society. Unsurprisingly, we see its bad effects, like sexual objectification of women, and they are complaining about it? Also, why didn’t they protest against Bill Clinton, and believed his victims? Interestingly enough, even the New York Times admitted Bill’s sexual crimes, after what? 20+ years?

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  2. A Message from The Common Man regarding the Women’s Protest Marches:

    Any important message regarding the necessity for society to be more cognizant of the need for equality in the work place and society in general for women was crushed in the haze of Mrs. Clinton’s post election loss and resulting anger and frustration . Call it it what it was-full on adult tantruming and venting gone well out of control. When the women’s movement presents factual, logically presented arguments for their case, I applaud them. I am not applauding here …Nor are moderate Democrats and fair minded women’s advocates everywhere.

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