Just Because We’re Women, Doesn’t Mean Everyone Else Has To Be!

The masculinization of women is a problem in society, where women are seen as lesser than and must become like men to be empowered. At A Lady of Reason, we can embrace traditional femininity and womanhood. There is the reverse problem, however, with men these days! Men and boys, are conversely being trained to be more feminine instead of embracing the uniqueness of their own sex. Masculinity is being seen as threatening by many of the politically correct crowd. Little boys are being raised by parents, such as liberal single mothers, who do not know what it is like to be little boys, and wish to turn them into feminized men. Gone are the days of boys playing soldiers, and exclusive “no girls allowed” tree houses and rough housing and doing what boys like to, now it’s about embracing one’s inner feelings like women, and play fighting is a sign of a psychological problem. Parents are trembling in fear of their “little Johnny” becoming the next school shooter all because he wants to play Cops and Robbers or Cowboys and Indians! Boys only games? Sex discrimination!… Gone are the days of dad showing their sons how to wrestle, or use dad’s gun one day, or the art of being a man. Now, boys are raised to be just like their mothers and sisters, but not their own sex. While girls are masculinized conversely, it is not threatening for a girl to be feminine in the same way as a boy being a boy! Even the phrase “boys will be boys” is now sexist and justifies rape, in the minds of the radical feminists!

I feel that all of this social conditioning of boys and men to be feminine takes away the unique aspect that the male gender provides that the female one does not. Women and men are complementary to each other, with different perspectives and outlooks. Neither sex has all the answers to being a well rounded society. We are raising a generation of boys and men who are becoming more and more wimpy and not like the strong men of generations past. Ladies of grace and elegance men of strength and courage are going away until both genders are “neutralized”, just as one would titrate an acid with a base until the solution is neither! Image result for titrationIndeed, the metaphor is made all the funnier by the fact that when the solution is neutral, indicators turn it bright pink! “Titrating” the manhood out of men does nothing but make a generation of weak men who cannot stand up for and defend their women. Masculinity is not a psychological condition! Trying to make either gender what they are not by nature, has made women who use vulgarity and promiscuity to imitate men, and men who are sheep that are afraid of their own shadow! Each gender can have traits of each other in small amounts, and not go too extreme either way, but there is something special about the “force and firmness of a man and the gentleness and sensibility of a woman” that compliment each other when used by their own respective sex.

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(You don’t need to speak German to get the message!)

Inspiration in Conservative Dress: Just Long Enough?

Inspiration in Conservative Dress is a reoccurring series of posts of various modest and feminine outfits to inspire other women to dress modestly and resist society’s pressure to dress provocatively and subscribe to “hook up” culture. Through conservative dress, A Lady of Reason sends a message of resistance to the “sexual revolution” and radical liberal feminism, and the upholding of feminine virtue. Arguably, this could also extend to the support for social conservatism in general. How we dress signals who we are in society. I also want to state that this idea is not mine originally, but done on another religious blog called The Catholic Lady. I was inspired by hers to make a secular version for A Lady of Reason. 

In this installment of Inspiration in Conservative Dress, I ask the question, are these outfits still modest, or on the edge of immodest? I’ll make an important note too, this is NOT about bashing and tearing down other women’s choices as I believe that each individual women can define her own modesty standards, it’s the spirit behind it that counts the most. I ask this to make everyone think about evaluating their own choices in modest dress, and to support and provide gentle and lady like critique of clothing that might be in the middle ground between conservative and indecent. Not so immodest that it is provocative, but not so conservative that immodesty can be ruled out.  All examples are from generic models, or myself. Like I said before, this isn’t a place to tear down and bash other women’s choices, but to give everyone a new perspective.

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(Personally, I think that all can be made more conservative with tights and cardigans on the sleeveless dresses. The teal dress looks the most conservative paired with a cardigan and tights! Maybe even without tights as it is just at the knees.)

Teenage Girls: Just Because Someone Pressured You, Doesn’t Mean You Aren’t Accountable…

It’s all over the news: vulnerable teen girls pressured by older boys or men in authority to have sex. From scumbag boyfriends who trick teenage girls into thinking they love them and want a relationship, when they only wish to use them then dump them one they get their fix, to men in authority, such as teachers, coaches, bosses, even a few presidents, we can all agree that in both cases, there is no justification for such behavior. Whether it be simply unethical, or a blatant abuse of authority, no one should be misleading anyone or coerce them to give them sex.

However, I find that in many of these cases, when they come to light, the “victim”, the teen girl in question, is infantalized, and it is made to look like it is incredibly easy to mentally overpower young women. This is not to say that the perpetrators of such unethical coercion had any right to mislead young ladies into disgrace and seduction, but that these young “ladies” should have known better than to fall into those predators’ traps. “But you’re blaming the victim!”, “These are vulnerable young people!” etc… many detractors would say. What I have to say to that is this: consider a situation where unethical coercion happened in a non-sexual way. Her friends pressured her to shoplift or else she’s out of the friend group. Her boyfriend said, “hey, let’s buy booze and drugs and get high!” In both cases, people are pressuring another, to do something they know is wrong, and the consequence is a lost friend, or a breakup. Would you let your teenage daughter use “my friends made me do it!” or “He’d break up with me otherwise” as a valid excuse to not accept the consequences of those actions? Would you, as the parent, say “Ok, sweetie, that’s fine. We’ll just take your friends to court and press charges on them because they victimized you, it wasn’t your fault you shoplifted, you were coerced…” I sure wouldn’t!

Unlike many seem to believe, teenage girls are not as incapable of having high standards and unwavering integrity as many think. They are not small children, naive to what sexual coercion is, or what should cross the line. Many teens are indeed well aware of the ins and outs of sex, and I believe many do choose what they know is a lowering of their standards and what their parents taught them to rebel, and get whatever the coercer promises them in exchange. Many counter argue, “but many don’t!”. True, many teen girls are indeed quite gullible and seem to be unaware of when they might be vulnerable to sexual coercion. But whose fault is that? Parents who don’t teach them one, standards/integrity, and two, to be aware of the red flags and be empowered to say “no”. I was a teen once, and my parents always talked to me about the potential dangers and traps I could have fallen into. Forewarned is forearmed. I was taught that I should have standards, and not give myself away to every man who asks! I was taught that yes, there are boys who do not want to love you, and only use you for sex. That healthy relationships aren’t about pressuring you for sex when you’re not ready. I was taught that no authority figure should ever ask you for sex in return for something, and to not fall into their trap. If I can be taught that, and be empowered to identify those kinds of things, and say “no”, why can’t all teenage girls? If a girl, who was taught that from an early age, who knows the red flags, gives into the pressure to “put out”, is she not somewhat responsible for her choice? Coercion still gives you the chance to say no. “No” will come at a greater cost, but the doing right thing, making the right choice, can come at a greater cost in life. Saying “no” to shoplifting and drugs might alienate you from a friend group, but is that the group you want to be in? Saying “no” to sex might mean no boyfriend, or no job opportunity, but are those things worth your standards and dignity? I would argue the only time a woman truly cannot say “no” is when she is being physically restrained or passed out!

Some may argue, the cost is too great to say “no” in some cases. I digress. I ask again, is a job, or promotion, worth your standards, ladies? Is it worth giving up your personal integrity and making you “cheap”? Should we tell our daughters that bending in the face of such pressure is okay? What about other decisions one could bend to, such as the pressure to do drugs or drink? Not to mention, since we all agree abuses of power are wrong and unethical, there are many protections in place now for women unduly coerced into the indecent. In the face of a predator who would do such a thing, we have a duty to report him so he cannot get away with such things. Our teen girls need to be taught the same. Stand up for yourself and other women, don’t just fall into the trap! “I was only following orders” is no longer an excuse, at least not since WWII 😉 Same for boyfriends who push you into sex. Is having that sort of boyfriend worth your integrity and standards? Why sleep with such an unethical monster? These girls who are “vulnerable” and fell into these predators’ traps are gullible and fools. Plain and simple. Teen girls need to realize, their standards and integrity are worth the fallout.

This does not excuse the perpetrators of coercion in any form. They are wrong and should be punished by law for such unethical, and unprofessional behavior. No respectable man should ever pressure or seduce a women into doing the indecent and disgraceful thing. However, they are out there. Should we let our teen girls be sheep though? Should we let them fall into their trap, then cry victim, or empower them to fight back with morals and integrity? Just as we tell our girls about peer pressure, and that doing something they know is wrong to get what they want, such as popularity, is wrong and that if done, their actions have consequences too, we should apply the same in these cases. Let’s hold our teens accountable too. Let’s not excuse gullibility and foolishness on our teenage girls’ parts, as parents or society, even though we can acknowledge the perpetrator’s wrongdoing too. We can acknowledge both wrongs. The double standard when it happens to boys tells all as well. We send a message to teenage girls that they and other women are basically children in the face of sexual pressures by treating them as if any man could seduce them for a dime.

Teenage girls and women are more capable and empowered to say “no” than we think. Let’s not excuse their foolishness and gullibility when they walk right into the traps we as parents and society have warned them about. Yes, punish the perpetrators so they can’t lay their traps for women to fall into, but hold accountable our teens for stepping right in! Are our young women to be considered brainwashed sheep, able to be “groomed” to do whatever a man says, no matter how indecent? My future daughter would not be raised to be a victim, a sheep in the face of coercion, will you let yours?

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(Back then, there was less opportunity to say “no”. Today, however, there are protections in place for women to do so. Shall we let history repeat itself in this case?)

Inspiration in Conservative Dress: The Wonders of Second Hand Stores!

Inspiration in Conservative Dress is a reoccurring series of posts of various modest and feminine outfits to inspire other women to dress modestly and resist society’s pressure to dress provocatively and subscribe to “hook up” culture. Through conservative dress, A Lady of Reason sends a message of resistance to the “sexual revolution” and radical liberal feminism, and the upholding of feminine virtue. Arguably, this could also extend to the support for social conservatism in general. How we dress signals who we are in society. I also want to state that this idea is not mine originally, but done on another religious blog called The Catholic Lady. I was inspired by hers to make a secular version for A Lady of Reason. 

Second hand stores are a great place to find modest clothing! Many have the reputation for being frumpy, and some can be, but many stores, such as Savers and Goodwill, for example, sell more recent styles at a fraction of the cost in a department store! Many items including good brand name dresses, skirts tops, and cardigans for under $20! Many even under $10 in the case of cardigans, skirts and tops! Modesty doesn’t have to be expensive 🙂

Here are some articles of clothing found at Savers 🙂

Image result for garnet hill grey floral cardigan B.Moss Yellow Polka Dot V-Neck Dress     Lauren Ralph Lauren NEW Black Women's Size 14 Sheath Floral Dress

Where’s My Safe Space?

“Safe spaces” is a politically correct liberal term for “no one who disagrees allowed” zones. They claim that safe spaces give a voice to those who are marginalized, and where they can feel welcome and a sense of fellowship. However, it mainly is used as a place where any critique is not allowed, and intellectual vacuums for outsiders. There also is the fact that the hypocrisy is, conservatives aren’t allowed one! Anyone in the majority, be it white people, men, straight people, etc… can’t form one, since that’s “discrimination”.

I personally feel incredibly angry and frustrated that the wider world seeks to silence conservative voices, or any voice outside the popular opinion. Certain topics, covered frankly on A Lady of Reason are basically heresy to the politically correct! Even “minorities” with dissenting views are silenced, and considered inconsequential. For example, my views on provocative dress and sexual harassment/assault are still labeled as hate speech and victim blaming, despite being a woman myself. I admire my male counterparts who are brave enough to voice their opinions on the subject, as they battle being dismissed on another level as a male. This hypocrisy basically makes conservatives everywhere a marginalized group now. We are attacked, hated on and labeled as bigoted, primitive and closed minded simply for debating the liberal side’s points. Why are we the ones told to not talk about our sides of the issues at gatherings, while we listen to PC liberal snowflakes spout off their ranting and raving unimpeded? Why must we go anonymous, like I must unfortunately, while our liberal bloggers can show their face and not risk jobs and friendships? I would so love to let people know who I am, write a bio about myself and pics of me in my favorite conservative and feminine outfits with my face in the picture, like some bloggers do. However, in this PC climate, I’d be labeled a pariah. Some crazy liberals even go so far as to try to “out” conservative bloggers and ruin their life from online. Is this fair? Is it fair that when I debate points, I get a knee jerk reaction that does not take into account all the nuances in my views and am labeled a bigot? What kind of democratic society are we in where no one else is allowed freedom of speech and thought without being demonized?

Another thing about it too is that I do believe there’s a liberal agenda. It sounds like an irrational conspiracy, but think about it. Businessmen who would usually be neutral are taking political stances on the liberal side to the exclusion of those who think differently. Many news and media outlets are blatantly liberal, not just in the content of the majority of their articles, but even state it outright on their websites! They won’t even hide the fact that they’re biased! Not to mention schools, which only teach the liberal side of issues and frame conservatives as backwards or an afterthought, just to appear to be fair and balanced. Conservative students are punished for having conservative views, and even given “interventions” by psychologists who pathologize conservatism. Colleges label conservative views at hate crimes and “bias incidents”. Politically correct liberalism has even crept its way into academia such as the sciences who now do biased studies to “prove” the liberal agenda, such as gender fluidity, or that broken families don’t affect kids, or that men and women have no innate differences, for a few examples, just like how science was misused to prove now outdated racial theories, for instance. Conservatives are labeled also as anti-intellectual, which I know I’m the opposite of!

The most unnerving thing to me in all of this, is evidence of blatant censorship by the left. It has come out that search engines such as Google, and social media like Facebook and Twitter have ways to relegate conservative perspectives to hard to find places online. Blogs like this one could be pushed into obscurity whereas liberal sites are promoted. Some can use their policies against genuine hate speech and appeals to violence to silence legitimate free speech and reasoned debate. A harsh critique is not hate speech when evidence is involved and not just arbitrary pronouncements of hate. One site even said that it was told to remove an article or else Google would not give ads on their page! All this honestly, is scary. It’s scary to think how powerful the PC liberals are getting in society that they control almost all the mainstream media, the internet, our schools, our government, our scientists and academia, and our lives. They say that hateful bigots are plenty, and they’re outnumbered, but by the looks of it, they’re the ones with all the power! This major conservative oppression of liberal voices isn’t anywhere I see. Indeed, I know plenty more outspoken liberals than conservatives, and have not seen conservative voices featured in the media, or school, or in society other than as “trolls” online or bigots in the world.

Where is our “safe space”? Where do we get to feel safe to voice our own views and enter reasoned debates? When do children in school get to see the views of their conservative family members highlighted and debated reasonably and not just dismissed as primitive or inconsequential? When can we too, come “out” to our family and friends and not be turned away and ostracized? When will our family and friends who are near and dear to us stop being labeled as “bigoted” and so immoral that it should be impossible to disagree with them, but still love them as family or friends? Why do I and many others feel forced to do this anonymously in fear of losing or not being able to get jobs? So many people have had their livelihoods derailed due to one conservative comment, whereas liberal minded views are overlooked, even when the person saying it shouldn’t have said any political views at all from their job position. The PC liberals believe that they are persecuted by conservatives where as I’d argue that all of society is their safe space! When do we get ours? When do we get to feel we belong in this “diverse” society as well? All conservatives want is what you claim to want: a society where everyone is valued.

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Here’s another great article: Are Conservatives Becoming Snowflakes Too?

Dear Fellow Women: Society is Not to Blame for Your Insecurities

Admit it: Every woman has something they’d like to change about their bodies. From being taller, to bigger breasts, to a skinnier frame or smaller waistline, hair color, eye color, anything really, we all have something we wish to have instead of what we do. The key to having these normal human insecurities is putting them in perspective. We can all acknowledge them, and it’s okay to not like 100% of your body. No one does, but it becomes detrimental when we let it affect our lives and debilitate us. Even though we wish to look a little different, this does not stop the level minded woman from going out and living her life. The problem with insecurities start when they overrule us and we find ourselves doing unhealthy things to remedy them and don’t go out into the world in fear of them.

There however, is much criticism in society, such as in the media and elsewhere that pressures women to be incredibly skinny and have other achievable traits. Big sex appeal is often advertised by the media and consumerism to pressure women to buy products such as makeup, face creams, hair dye and other beauty products. The media and society is also blamed for eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia. My argument is though, while the media does send negative messages to women about sexuality and appearance, we should not blame the media for everything wrong about women and their body image.

First of all, every culture has a cultural ideal of beauty for women and men. These ideals are different with every culture, but the key point is that they are merely an ideal. No actual man or woman will completely embody the abstract ideal of beauty, as it is an ideal, not something real people can be fully. Our culture is criticized for having a beauty standard of our own, with the politically correct movement saying that no ideal body should exist since there are many body types. That is true, but the issue is that other cultures are praised for having beauty standards opposite of us, and apparently we aren’t allowed to. Why can’t we have a beauty standard too? What’s wrong with idealizing thinner women? It must be equally as bad in a culture that idealizes more plump women to be skinny.

By far though, the biggest argument is that the media provokes eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia. This might be the case for very unstable women and girls, but does this mean media messages about thinness should be banned for everyone else of a more balanced mindset? Anorexia, for example, is known historically from a little over a century ago! This is not a new disease, and is consider by experts to be a deep set mental illness. A psychological abnormality. Also, consider how many women aren’t anorexic. Millions of women are bombarded by the same messages, but only some develop eating disorders. A tiny fraction overall. Blaming the modern day media and society for some women’s deep set biological mental abnormalities ignores the individual factors, such as the propensity towards eating disorders innately, and how easily influenced the individual is. It seems to infantilize women to censor the media due to some unstable women, just as we might prevent a child from viewing something. Blaming society and the media alone for such issues completely erases the individual responsibility to put their insecurities in perspective. Women who often cannot, and go to extremes such as eating disorders have deep set psychological problems, which the media and society provoked, but did not cause.

Another issue is that some women, due to the media and society literally feel that they must buy beauty products such as makeup and hair styling to be able to get careers and other things. They claim it is because of the “patriarchy”.  They feel that it is men who are pressuring women to look nice and forcing them to buy expensive products and do time consuming beauty regimens. To me, it sound more like being a victim of consumerism. Think of it: Businesses know that women feel obligated to buy their products, so they can name their price and make it expensive, knowing women will be gullible enough to buy it. Sure, men like beautiful women, but women who feel they need to go to extremes in budget and time to look good or else they can’t go anywhere in life are taking it too far. I myself, wear nice clothing and jewelry, but have never personally worn makeup. This never stopped me from being complimented, or getting good jobs I wanted. My skills and resume took care of that. Now, this is only me speaking to that point, but it serves as an example of a woman who is no different from other women, but somehow the effects of the “patriarchy” escaped her? When I buy beauty products, clothes or jewelry, I do it because I like to look pretty, not be cause I feel a literal obligation to buy expensive stuff all the time to feel worth something. Buying beauty products out of obligation, to me does not make you a victim the patriarchy, but a victim of consumerism.

Lastly, the media should not control your lives! The media is entertaining, and can be enjoyable when put in the correct perspective. I see the same billboards of skinny women, and hyper sexualized women as much as other women do. That doesn’t mean I feel the need to emulate them! We are not children who need to imitate everything in our favorite TV shows, books and movies! We are adults, who can understand fact from imaginative fiction. As for the argument that not everyone has had a balanced upbringing and was raised by the media, that’s no excuse. Let’s not be so infantalized and gullible! The media also targets men but it is less of an issue by the politically correct crowd. My theory as to that is we’re seen as vulnerable women, the perpetual victim. Let’s defy that stereotype and show the world we can put our human insecurities in perspective.

In essence, society and the media, while can promote more detrimental messages to women, such as being sexualized, or unhealthy, is not solely responsible for women who take their insecurities to debilitating extremes. We must also acknowledge our part to play in having a healthy body image. Insecurities have existed since the beginning of time, for both women and men. They did not start with the modern day media, even if it is more accessible and widespread than before. Psychological conditions, like eating disorders are biologically in the diseased brain, and have existed for centuries before the modern media hype. Buying expensive beauty products and wasting time on tedious regimens makes you a slave to consumerism, not the patriarchy, as remember, men also are pressured into looking young and muscular just as much as women are to be young and feminine. It’s a two way street. Ladies of Reason realize that in all things, we must be reasonable. Insecurities are human and everyone has them not matter what the outside world says. It’s up to us to be accountable and not let them debilitate us, not to blame and censor society and the media to cater to the minority of women who cannot.

Image result for woman in mirror edwardian era painting

Yes, Men Are Allowed Opinions Too…

Throughout the feminist movement, and others in the politically correct world, they claim that if you are not a member of their group, whether it be race, gender, sexuality, etc… then you have no right to comment on the issues they face. Their argument is that since you cannot experience their issues through the lens they can, any opposition to their views is done from ignorance and “privilege”. This often comes up when men try to criticize liberal feminism, and debate women’s issues. While it is true that an outsider cannot experience the same things people in the group can exactly the same way, such as men and women having different experiences only they can, I argue this does not exclude the outsiders from making valid critiques and insights.

Within the context of the women’s movement, issues such as sexual assault, anything having to do with women’s bodies whatsoever, and what women think of men, are all examples of topics declared “off limits” to men. Any man who speaks his opinion on the issue is labeled as a “misogynist” and bigoted. If a man dare speak about abortion, if he is pro-life, is labeled as wanting to control women’s bodies, and his actual reasons are ignored. If a man speak up about accountability on women’s part in how they conduct themselves with men, it is heresy! Women in the workplace? Off limits too… These women argue that since a man has not experienced their struggles, he has no right to speak. However, this silences any dissent, since the only permissible opinion-holders come from women who agree with liberal feminism! While like I noted, it is true that men do not experience the world as a woman, many of the arguments made in the women’s movement for various issues by women are not so specific that they can only be critiqued by one gender! While the experience of certain issues are gender specific, arguments made for various positions transcend gender. No one can argue that certain women don’t feel a certain way about something in their personal experience, but factual evidence concluding that problems must be handled this way or that is open for anyone to debate. My view is, if the evidence is not gender-specific, then neither is the argument! Men who hold opinions about abortion, for instance, will never experience an unwanted pregnancy, however, arguments for or against abortion are often from an ethical standpoint involving the woman’s right to her own interests, and her unborn child’s as well, and can be argued by everyone. One does not need to have direct experience of an issue to argue a point.

Conversely, there is a double standard where women can criticize men’s issues and men albeit never having the same experiences of a man. Women do not know as a man would, the immense pressures of being a man in a world where traditional manhood is demonized as being sexist and misogynistic. They do not know the newfound pressures for every decent man who respects women to have to walk on eggshells to not offend women over innocuous words and comments. Women also do not know, as a man, the pressures to be “the man”, a heroic ideal of courage and physical strength that no man actually possesses. women are allowed to be vulnerable and emotional in ways men still cannot. While women have many issues they face in this life as women, we forget the many issues men face as well in society. With the politically correct logic in mind that one cannot argue a point outside of their direct experience, women should not be able to say anything about what men feel are issues for them in life!

Another thing of important note too, is that often arguments from personal experience are inherently biased, and mostly are just anecdotes to play on emotion, rather than the facts of the matter. No one can argue you do or don’t feel a certain way, or the validity of one’s inner emotions. Telling your own story of what happened to you personally, appeals to one’s emotions and sympathies, not one’s sense of reason and logic. A woman who shares an experience of being wronged by a man will gain sympathy, and many will not contradict her out of fear of being rude and insensitive, and “agree” to be sympathetic. Quantitative evidence, such as hard statistics speak better to validating a claim. One college student saying she was hurt at a party does nothing overall to the validity of the amount of danger of sexual assault on college campuses, for an example, but if she cited a source for that alleged “1 in 5” statistic, she might have a more solid foundation for arguing that claim. “I was victimized” is not an argument, it’s an appeal to emotion. Saying “1 in 5 women experience sexual assault, and here are my sources a, b and c…” is a valid form of evidence. Using appeals to emotion to silence others from making objective arguments with objective evidence, such as men, is flawed on many levels.

Having others critique your position, outside your own narrow group, adds new perspectives on issues. The problem is, is that it’s threatening, as now you are exposed to critique and criticism that was never brought up before, but for an intellectually democratic society, it must be done. Men commenting on women’s issues have the same right to an opinion on the topic as those who are affected by it. Indeed, everyone on all sides are affected in some way, men are quite affected by the new liberal feminist movement. Ladies, don’t dismiss an opinion just because it came from a man, or anyone else who doesn’t experience your issues directly. Arguments for a position can be made by anyone, as evidence is truly indiscriminate. It sees no gender, or race, or anything else. As factual evidence for any point is impartial in itself, in that valid evidence is not given a bias by someone, I argue anyone can use it! I will say this again: You don’t need direct experience to argue a point! 

Lastly, I will say one thing from my personal experience, as while it does not validate my argument, I covered that above, it makes me feel strongly about this issue. Men like my own father, and others near and dear to me in my life, are often demonized by the radical feminists, for speaking their minds and are afraid to openly express their side of the story too. I argue to the politically correct people who think in these terms of silencing outsiders, you’re an outsider to my family. You do not know my male family members and close friends who have controversial opinions on a personal level. You claim they are bigoted, sexist, misogynist and have a contempt for women, but you yourself have no knowledge of their characters, and other dimensions to their personalities, and evidence from knowing them suggests, they indeed are not sexist and misogynistic human beings, but well reasoned and logical people. To say men like my father or uncle, or male friends are sexist for not being silent, offends me the same way they and I speaking our minds without knowing your issues personally may offend you. Ladies of Reason: Stand up for the men in your life. Let them have their voice too.


(“Nooo! You cannot have your own opinion, you sexist pig!!!”)