Just Because We’re Women, Doesn’t Mean Everyone Else Has To Be!

The masculinization of women is a problem in society, where women are seen as lesser than and must become like men to be empowered. At A Lady of Reason, we can embrace traditional femininity and womanhood. There is the reverse problem, however, with men these days! Men and boys, are conversely being trained to be more feminine instead of embracing the uniqueness of their own sex. Masculinity is being seen as threatening by many of the politically correct crowd. Little boys are being raised by parents, such as liberal single mothers, who do not know what it is like to be little boys, and wish to turn them into feminized men. Gone are the days of boys playing soldiers, and exclusive “no girls allowed” tree houses and rough housing and doing what boys like to, now it’s about embracing one’s inner feelings like women, and play fighting is a sign of a psychological problem. Parents are trembling in fear of their “little Johnny” becoming the next school shooter all because he wants to play Cops and Robbers or Cowboys and Indians! Boys only games? Sex discrimination!… Gone are the days of dad showing their sons how to wrestle, or use dad’s gun one day, or the art of being a man. Now, boys are raised to be just like their mothers and sisters, but not their own sex. While girls are masculinized conversely, it is not threatening for a girl to be feminine in the same way as a boy being a boy! Even the phrase “boys will be boys” is now sexist and justifies rape, in the minds of the radical feminists!

I feel that all of this social conditioning of boys and men to be feminine takes away the unique aspect that the male gender provides that the female one does not. Women and men are complementary to each other, with different perspectives and outlooks. Neither sex has all the answers to being a well rounded society. We are raising a generation of boys and men who are becoming more and more wimpy and not like the strong men of generations past. Ladies of grace and elegance men of strength and courage are going away until both genders are “neutralized”, just as one would titrate an acid with a base until the solution is neither! Image result for titrationIndeed, the metaphor is made all the funnier by the fact that when the solution is neutral, indicators turn it bright pink! “Titrating” the manhood out of men does nothing but make a generation of weak men who cannot stand up for and defend their women. Masculinity is not a psychological condition! Trying to make either gender what they are not by nature, has made women who use vulgarity and promiscuity to imitate men, and men who are sheep that are afraid of their own shadow! Each gender can have traits of each other in small amounts, and not go too extreme either way, but there is something special about the “force and firmness of a man and the gentleness and sensibility of a woman” that compliment each other when used by their own respective sex.

Image result for frauenstaat cartoon

(You don’t need to speak German to get the message!)

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