Modesty and Medical Exams

Most women do not think much of medical exams, but women concerned with modesty often worry about how exposed they are though medical exams. Unfortunately, that makes many women reluctant to get the medical attention they need, or that could save their life if something bad is found early enough. While many women feel it is of great concern, especially with male doctors and nurses, I’m going to go out on a limb and say it’s not as big a matter as we make it.

Through A Lady of Reason, I have emphasized that modesty is an important value for women even today. Through modest and feminine dress, we present ourselves to the world as respectable ladies of elegance and grace. As ladies, we also must guard our modesty and standards to make sure we uphold our lady like virtues. This is key in many situations, where lines could be crossed into the improper with the other sex. However, I do not feel that the female body needs to be sexualized in a medical or scientific context. While a women in lingerie on a magazine is indecent, in my opinion, parts of a woman’s body in a medical diagram or journal is not the same as a pornographic display. This is because the body in that case, is being viewed for strict academic study, and not sex appeal.  I believe the same goes for medical exams. The doctor or nurse is not there to view you as a sexual being, but to examine parts of the body for health reasons.

Now, it is of concern to make sure that no impropriety is allowed, as unfortunately many have abused their doctor-patient relationship in the past. I would suggest that women ensure that only the areas strictly necessary be exposed and nothing else. Seeking out other female practitioners help alleviate some of the concern, but in some cases, a male doctor might not be able to be avoided. In those cases, while of greater concern to ensure no lines are crossed, it is not worth ignoring a serious problem. Some things can wait to be seen by a female doctor, but more urgent and serious cases should be treated regardless. While Ladies of Reason are careful to guard their modesty, they also acknowledge that there are cases where modesty isn’t as much of an issue, such as medicine, as the body is not being sexualized. Social situations are different, because in hanging out with the opposite sex, it is temping for people to “make a move” and initiate improper relations, but I find the sexualization of the human body in science, medicine and the fine arts to be more detrimental than beneficial.

The female body should be able to be viewed in an objective and scholarly light as the male body is. While ladies must be ever so cautious about the signals we give off to others in our intentions, the only intention in seeking proper medical care is, to preserve our health.

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