Women in Science

In previous articles, I expressed that traits such as intellect and reason should not be owned by the male sex alone, but belong to all of humanity. This is why I feel that women who want to express traditional femininity in the sense of embracing womanhood and not being masculinized can indeed pursue the sciences and be in academia. A Lady of Reason is modest in dress and behavior, elegant, graceful, chaste, and lady like in all things, but she can also be a man’s intellectual equal. Equal does not mean identical! Men and women can dress differently, behave differently, desire different things in life, and even think differently, but that doesn’t mean that to be lady like, we have to possess the inferior position in all things compared! A lady can be as intellectual, and even challenge a man intellectually, as long is it is done in a manner of professional courtesy, as well as our unique feminine grace and elegance. Think of great women such as Abigail Adams, who in all respects was a lady in dress and disposition, but also spoke to her husband as an intellectual equal in more traditionally masculine topics such as politics. I don’t think her unladylike for her strong opinions. Unfortunately, the radical feminists who purport to enjoy both womanhood and intellect degrade women through vulgarity, rudeness and aggressiveness unbecoming a lady, and in the process, are not intellectual either!

Ladies of science can be like men of science in that their minds are intellectual. The key difference is that in all her pursuits in life, a lady will always present herself as a lady. Conservative dress and feminine virtue is not mutually exclusive to a curiosity about the world we live in. We are Ladies of Reason, intellectual, and ladylike.

(I love this image! It portrays science as a lady of elegance and grace, exploring the world around her. Personifications of things as women denote a sense of elegance, and nurturing quality to it, while personification of things as men denote their awe and power. I feel that science nurtures humanity’s curiosity and intellect, so Lady Science is perfect for the role!)

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