Can Pants be Lady-Like?

Pants: a huge point of controversy for a lot of modest feminine women. Many say that a lady should shun pants, as they are a traditionally masculine garment. However, many of those viewpoints come from a traditionally religious perspective in that one’s scripture told them pants are off limits to women. In a secular context, are there arguments to avoid pants as feminine women? I propose yes, and no:

On one hand, I wear skirts and dresses for the huge majority of the time in everyday life. I believe that skirts and dresses are more ideal for femininity and women who wish to express more traditional femininity. I personally find them comfortable to wear, and more free than having my legs confined in tighter pants. I wish more women would wear dresses and skirts to take pride in their womanhood and show “conservative dress” in fighting back against the masculization of women in society.

On the other hand though, and this may be controversial for the most hard-core dress enthusiasts, pants do have a certain practicality for certain situations. If you’re in a job where dresses and skirts would be unsafe, or a great hindrance, then a pair of pants might be the answer. Also, certain sports and hobbies might require pants in order to be safe and more modest, as there would be no chance to see up your skirt or dress. Same for girls playing. In the past, girls who would wear nice dresses and skirts always to school and church, were allowed to play in overalls as to not ruin their nice dresses and it wasn’t considered indecent. Working around the house, painting and anything that would soil a nice dress or skirt may be best done in pants that can get dirty. Some women could argue that ladies should not be doing activities requiring pants, and while I agree in some cases, I believe that women should have the freedom to do some activities and be in some careers where pants are better suited.

The question then is what sort of pants should women wear to preserve their feminine nature? I think there are certain styles of pants that are designed with a more feminine look in mind, and would look inappropriately feminine on a man! A nice pair of black dress pants that are tastefully loose actually look quite elegant and conservative on a lady. Pants for more nitty gritty stuff obviously should be more plain and durable, but also not too tight to be sexualized. Then again, paint covered overalls aren’t what I’d consider “hot”! 🙂 Professional women could look elegant and modest in a nice set of dress pants with a modest top.

That being said, if the activity you’re doing doesn’t require pants to be safe or practical, I’d venture towards skirts and dresses first, and pants as the necessary alternative. As mentioned before, I personally wear dresses and skirts except on rare occasions, such as going horseback riding as I did in the past, or in a science lab when they required it. Many pantsuits and outfits with pants can be conservative and lady like, but I’d encourage the women who wear them to try more skirts and dresses to draw out their femininity even more. It’s too bad, I think, that younger girls aren’t being raised in more feminine clothing, so that when they grow older, they’re not used to the look and how it feels on their body. I could be mistaken, and women who prefer a nice pair of pants can weigh in here, but I think that’s part of the reason why some women feel insecure and uncomfortable about wearing dresses and skirts. My stance on the matter is that while dresses and skirts should be worn for most occasions, pants do have a place in a lady’s wardrobe.

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2 thoughts on “Can Pants be Lady-Like?

  1. A few observations from someone who has worn only skirts and dresses for over 15 years:

    The biggest problem is that for many women skirts and dresses have become ‘occasion wear’ or are seen as ‘dressing up’. Thus the skirts / dresses we own are often quite un-comfortable and impractical -because they are for ‘dressing up’ and often are uncomfortable – whereas in fact for 95% of daily life an appropriate skirt / dress is perfectly comfortable and practical, if worn with appropriate underwear etc. Perhaps not sky diving, but women who lived much harder lives and crossed who continents managed perfectly well as do most women in Africa today. Basically a short, tight skirt is not practical (or modest in many cases) and a floor length chiffon gown is not good for walking the dogs but the right skirt / dress is fine.

    Secondly (and rather sadly) we do not teach our daughters to wear skirts, its not hard to be aware and sit appropriately or to smooth a skirt behind as you sit down, but girls not in the habit don’t get the habit and feel self conscious.

    Finally in winter wear tights (pantyhose), stockings or even long socks, if you are cold, wear a slip if the skirt is clingy or see though. If its raining wear a longer coat that keeps your skirt (and you) dry, in summer a loose longer dress etc – it’s about being appropriate and it’s all stuff our mothers knew but we have forgotten and don’t teach our girls.

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    • I agree! I’ve been fine wearing skirts and dresses only every day for a while! There are few occasions for me pants are needed, and I don’t like wearing them! Dresses and skirts feel much more feminine! 🙂 I embrace my femininity, not shun it! It’s a quiet way of saying, like I write in my “Inspiration in Conservative Dress” posts, I stand for traditional womanhood!


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